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— in which the ‘youngest’ hargreeves is in love with a shape-shifting mannequin. strnqer ©

Romance / Fantasy
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𝐅𝐈𝐕𝐄 𝐇𝐀𝐑𝐆𝐑𝐄𝐄𝐕𝐄𝐒 hurried down the stairs behind his siblings for supper, each one of them stood behind their assigned seat with a bored look on their face. The low hum of the radio playing in the background, Sir Reginald walked in after them straight towards his seat and stood there for a second watching them with a hard glare.

"Sit." He ordered, pulling back his chair and allowing everyone to sit on their own, the children began to eat quietly, knowing better then to talk while they were eating, each one was doing their own thing- wether it be flirting with their eyes, reading, rolling a blunt, carving on their chair with a knife or not doing anything at all. But not Five, no.

Number Five watched his father with hard eyes, he paused momentarily re-thinking what he wanted to say before abruptly slamming the knife that sat beside his plate on the table. Everyone's heads turned towards him quickly while
Reginald Hargreeves gave him a glare, "Number Five." He demanded,

"I have a question" The boy gave his 'father' a sarcastic smile, the older Hargreeves man sighed, "Knowledge is an admirable goal, but you know the rules." He replied, reminding him of the very long list of rules every single one of them had to follow.
"No talking during meal time. You are interrupting Herr Carlson." Sir Hargreeves further continued, it was quiet for a few moments before Five dropped his knife on the plate "I want to time travel."

"No." His father responded, "But I'm ready. I've been practicing my spatial jumps, just like you said." The boy continued. He was getting more agitated by the second, he stood from his seat and spatial jumped towards where his father sat, "See?"
"A spatial jump is trivial when compared with the unknowns of time travel. One is like sliding along the ice, the other is akin to descending blindly into the depths of the freezing water and reappearing as an acorn."

Five gave his father a confused look, "Well, I don't get it." He mumbled, "Hence the reason you're not ready." Fives gaze grew hard, Number Eight sensing his discomfort from across the table shook her head at him softly- already knowing the outcome of this argument.
"I'm not afraid." Five replied, "Fear isn't the issue. The effects it might have on your body, even on your mind, are far to unpredictable." Reginald sighed in discomfort placing his utensils down, "Now, I forbid you to talk about this anymore." He brushed off Number Fives look, going back to his food.

Five growled in anger before swiftly turning towards the door, "Number Five!" The Hargreeves man yelled, "You haven't been excused!" The children watched as Five walked out of the door without being able to do anything about it.

The young Hargreeves boy smiled as he looked around before spatial jumping towards the future, he smiled in excitement looking at all the people wearing bright colored clothes, "Not ready, my ass." He grumbled, he began running faster an spatial jumped once more, the scenery quickly changed around him, he seemed to be in winter wonderland, everything looked brand new and snowy. The boy chuckled in glee running once more and jumping even further in time, next was an era not much of a difference from his, everyone was wearing bright colors- all holding a smile on their faces. Five remained still for a second, watching a young couple blush at their conjoined hands. He’d never admit it to anyone but he really was just a lonely boy who acted like a hard headed dick.

The boy cleared his throat before continuing his run, deciding that one more jumó wouldn’t hurt, boy was he wrong. Everything around him was shit. Everything was destroyed, buildings were torn down and on fire- there also seemed to be a thick fog surrounding the earth.
Five gapped; he took a few steps back before rushing back to where he came from towards the Academy. He paused as he neared the place, it was destroyed just like everything else was. "Vanya!" The young boy screamed, "Ben! Dad!"

"Anyone!" He yelled once more,
He tried and tried but couldn't make his powers work, finally he gave up. Tears formed in his eyes as he fell on his knees in defeat.

An old man walked down the road with a small red wagon behind him where the top half of a mannequin sat, both bickering back and forth, "Yes, yes. I'll rest soon enough. We've just got to find a nice place to settle." The man, Five, replied to Delores (the mannequin)

'That was not our deal Number Five. You promised you'd rest, old man.' The mannequin replied- her answer only truly heard in the fifty some year-old mans head. Five rolled his eyes "Just like I promised I'd go on a 'no Twinkie's diet.' See where that's got me." He responded sarcastically, the mannequin sighed, the red wagon was basically filled with the expired food and some other strange variety of his findings.

'Sometimes I want to choke you.' Five rolled his eyes once again, "Try me." He grumbled,

'Cranky Asshole.'

Years had gone by, and still there had been no sign of human life on earth, Delores and Five had finally found a place to settle- the mannequin always shifted at night when Five was asleep, she'd figure out how to do it a little after Number Five had found her in an old clothing store that was long gone.

Soon enough a lady by the name of The Handler had come in and swept five into her games, he left- sadly leaving Delores behind to fend for herself. After that- she was never able to shift herself into a human, even with the thought of Five in mind.
The mannequin waited, and waited until she couldn't wait any longer for her lover to return.
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