𝓤nchained melody, the umbrella academy



𝐅𝐈𝐕𝐄 walked towards 'The Gimbel Brothers' store unaffected by the rain that hit harshly against his skin, more or so focused on getting Delores back into his arms.

He spatial jumped from the outside of the store to the inside and glanced around the small area searching for any sign of mannequin displays,
he spotted Delores who was already looking at him, her gaze straight at the door. Delores' breathe would have hitched and her heart rate would have sped up if she were in her human form.

She smiled internally eager for Five to finally grab her- she didn't know how but somehow she remembered everything from the future, she remembers the gentle touches and the way Five talked to her or how she would shift at night just to be able to touch his skin, she remembered everything and was excited to experience it again with her lover.

Five went ahead and grabbed a flashlight, his feet carrying him all the way to where Delores stood, he paused a few feet in front of her- a soft smile made its way to his lips as he saw what she was wearing, she looked breathtaking. He then proceeded to walk towards her finally stopping right in front of her before sighing "Delores." He whispered, the smile still displaying brightly on his lips,

"It's good to see you." He mumbled quietly, "I missed you.." Five continued, 'Really?' Delores whispered in Fives mind, "Obviously." He chuckled with a shake of his head, loving to hear her voice in his head once again. 'How've you been?'
"Well, I... it's been a rough couple of days." He mumbled, eyes shifting towards the floor in shame, 'Oh, Fivey..'
'Don't Stop Me Now' by Queen blared from the speakers of the store,

Two armed people with masks walked up to where Five was with Delores- He didn't notice though, too caught up with Delores' presence. But once he did it had been too late , "No!" He shouted, jumping out of the way which caused the bullets to hit Delores chopping her right in half, Delores let out a breath of relief knowing that she couldn't die, she wouldn't know what to do if she did end up dead before she could show Five her human form.

"Oh shit, it's them." Five mumbled as he recognized Hazel and Cha-Cha with the masks, he observed them a few seconds- calculating the areas they were mainly focused on shooting before taking the risk and rushing for the mannequins aid, Five took ahold of her before sliding behind the rack of clothes for protection, "I've got you. I've got you." Five whispered, he rushed over towards a small display of mannequins and leaned her against it. He cradled her face softly "I'll be right back for you." Five whispered, placing a quick kiss to her forehead before running off,

The two people began to shoot at Five as he jumped from area to area to for protection of the bullets, one bad move and he'd be dead. Once he found an area to hide under he ducked his head and leaned against it "Do you see him?" Cha-Cha questioned, pointing her gun at every direction "You said he was special. So now what?" Hazel sighed, "You start over there. I'll go to the other end, we'll meet in the middle. Shoot anything that moves" Cha-Cha commanded, Hazel nodded.

Five grabbed a knife throwing it at Cha-Cha, it slit her arm and caused her to fall, He quickly spatial jumped towards where Delores was and grabbed her gently, dragging her along with him to keep her safe while they shot at them. Five quickly placed her into a bag muttering a soft 'sorry' before running off with her on his shoulder. He groaned as he tried to spatial jump- already exhausted he could barely do it alone let alone with Delores.

He groaned louder glancing at Cha-Cha and Hazel who were looking for him, "Come on!" He grumbled, he tried once more then ran when he failed, jumping over a display, "Got him." Cha-Cha mumbled as Five stood beside the cash register, suddenly police sirens were heard and and the two faced the door, The young Hargreeves boy took this to his advantage and hid behind the station, "The bastard jumped again." Hazel mumbled, "Come on, let's go." Cha-Cha grumbled.

Five let out a sigh, pressing his back against the register, He held Delores tightly- her head sticking out from the bag, Five glanced down at Delores brushing her cheek with his thumb, a few sweat droplets landing on her forehead, "Sorry," he whispered, a small smile decorating his lips as he wiped it away

"Let's go home."
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