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𝐅𝐈𝐕𝐄𝐒 𝐅𝐎𝐎𝐓𝐒𝐓𝐄𝐏𝐒 echoed around the lonely house as he made his way towards his room, he held the bag that had Delores captive tightly not wanting to drop his love.

The house who he thought was actually vacant suddenly was not when Luther and Allison walked across the steps- halting their movement as they spotted their 'younger' brother. "Five?" Allison mumbled, "What the hell happened to you?" She breathed out,

"Are you ok? Can we help?" Luther mumbled, giving him a once over, Luther lifted his hand as if to touch Five but the young boy was quick to beat him and quickly grabbed ahold of his wrist halting his movement, "There's nothing you can do. There's nothing any of you can do." He replied, his brain flashed with memories of the time in the apocalypse, the day he had found his siblings dead.

'Come on, darling. Let's go to your room. Don't think I didn't notice that cut in your arm.' Delores whispered in his head, Five sighed dropping Luthers arm and making his way towards his room, he dropped Delores gently on his bed and unzipped the bag, he brought her out and placed her on his nightstand, the sun was basically up already which caused Delores to scold the boy on how he never slept.

Five grumbled giving her his usual sarcastic remarks before proceeding to remove his shirt, leaving him in a white tank top.
Five grabbed the first aid kit and began to apply some stitches on his wound, he grabbed a small bandaid which had some little drawings and applied it once he was done. He put on some clean clothes and placed Delores back into the bag with a kiss on the forehead,

The 'young' boy opened his bedroom window and climbed out with Delores on his shoulder,

He sighed as he heard Klaus' voice, "Damn it! Where's Dad's stuff?" He whined throwing out trash bags from the dumpster, "I'd ask what you're up to Klaus, but then it occurred to me.. I don't care." He deadpanned, 'Five.' Delores scolded once again which caused Five to wince, he definitely did not miss her scolding him. He had enough of those for a lifetime or two.

"Hey!" Klaus chuckled, "You know there are easier ways out of the house, buddy?" He mentioned, "This one involved the least amount of talking. Or so I thought." Five sighed giving his usual sarcastic smile, "Hey, Hey. So, you need any more company today? I could uh.. clear my schedule" Klaus smiled taking a drink from his flask, Fives eyebrows furrowed, "Looks like you've got your hands full."

"Oh this? No, no. I can do this whenever. I'm just-" Klaus tripped and fell backwards into the trash, "I just misplaced something, that's all." He said, "Oh! Found it, thank god!" He mumbled, jumping up with a half eaten bagel that seemed like it was about to be completely moldy, Klaus slowly took a small bite out of it trying to keep it down, he gagged in his mouth mumbling a short 'Delicious.'

"I'm done feeding your drug addiction." He said before flipping over and ignoring his many calls of protest, Five got into the old SUV quickly placing Delores in the back.

He drove fast towards the place where the glass eyeball was made, parking the SUV outside he watched for any suspicious activity. It remained that way for an hour or so before Five remembered Delores, he flipped over quicker then Klaus could say 'I'm not high'
"Shit." He muttered quickly grabbing Delores from the bag and placing her beside him

"Hey," he whispered, "Sorry you've been there for so long, Delores." Five mumbled, 'Are you drunk?' Delores questioned Five- not having missed the bottle of liquor that was beside her for an hour. Five rolled his eyes "No, I'm not drunk. I'm working." He said giving her a small look,
'Is this about the whole eye
' Five was quick to cut her off "Yes, it's about the eye thing." He replied with a small scowl,

"This is the place where it was made." He nods, eyes not leaving her facial features, "Or.. will be made." He corrected himself, "We just have to wait." He mumbled, Delores sighed, 'At least hold me?' He heard Delores mumble, Five smiled, "Of course, Darling." He picked her up gently, placing the mannequin on his lap and wrapping his arms around what was left of her waist.

"Now, we watch."

Five had placed Delores down in the backseat, claiming that he needed to regain feeling on his legs once again, which had of course caused Delores to scoff and scold five just like she used to, Five—like always—had ignored her leaving the girl on the back of the van to bicker to herself.

He fumbled with the glass eye on his hand, watching everything going on outside, from the blonde woman walking to the children playing with a ball, Fives brain began to picture what he felt like back in the apocalypse- how lonely he was. He sighed, closing his eyes softly- a familiar feeling sprung in his bones and he opened his eyes back up seeing the same thing that was the apocalypse, he saw the burnt down buildings, the trash and everything he had gone through.

But what struck him the most was Delores laying on the pavement, her body turning black as the fire engulfed her, "No." Five mumbled, before hearing Delores' voice in his head
'Five, Five!' His eyes sprung with tears as he yelled "No!"

He was quick to come out of his nightmare as he heard Luther knocking on the window and yelling his name, Five turned to face his brother with a sort of look,
"What're you.." Luther got inside the van causing it to shake from the weight of his body, after a few moments of struggle he succeeded, letting out a small sigh of victory.
"You ok?" Luther questioned, "You shouldn't be..." Five paused before furrowing his brows, "How did you find me?" He questioned,

Luther paused "Um.." he pointed to the back, Five turned his neck spotting Klaus dancing with Delores "Hey baby.." he mumbled, holding her mannequin figure close to himself, Klaus noticing the looks he was receiving scoffed, "Hey, a little privacy, guys. We're really hitting it off back here." He smiled grabbing ahold of Delores' neck,

Five was quick to grab something from the back and throwing it at Klaus which caused him to let out a scream- holding Delores in front of his body for protection, "Get out! You can't be here. I'm in the middle of something!" He yelled flipping over and giving him his back, The Hargreeves boy paused before quickly turning back around, "Give me Delores." He ordered, causing Klaus to roll his eyes "Fine, you can have your sex doll back." He grumbled in annoyance handing Five the mannequin,

He was quick to place her on his lap, holding her almost protectively, 'Thank you' Delores sighed, causing Five to mumble a small "I'm sorry."Luther watched in confusion as Five gave the doll small touches of affection- as if reassuring it of something. Five feeling eyes in him snapped his gaze up towards Luther, "What're you looking at." He scowled, causing Luther to hold his arms up in surrender.

"Any luck finding your one eyes man?" Klaus suddenly cut in from the backseat, "No." He whispered, "What is he talking about?" Luther questioned, "Does it matter? It's Klaus." Five lied letting out a sigh, "What do you want, Luther?"

"Um.. so Grace may have had something to do with Dad's death. So I need you to come back to the academy, alright? It's important." Luther told Five seriously, "'it's important'" Five mocked Luther, "You have no concept of what's important." 'Five! Be nice to your brother.'
Five ignored her, turning to face Klaus who was talking now,
"Did i ever tell you guys about the time I waxed my ass with chocolate pudding?" He laughed, Five scrunched his face up in disgust "It was so painful."

"What're you still doing here?" Luther deadpanned, "Ay, ay, ay." Klaus clicked his tongue, "What- I need an excuse to hang out with my family?" He mocked offense, "We're trying to have a serious conversation."
"What, and I'm incapable of being serious? Is that what you're saying?" Klaus gasped, "Luthers got a point, you should get out." Five gave him a bored look, "What!?" Klaus gapped, "Out." He glared, Klaus grumbled, "Fine!" He yelled slamming the door shut.

Five sighed turning back to Delores, he could already feel her glare, "I did what I had-"
'No.' she replied quickly causing Five to sigh, "What the hell are you up to?" Luther mumbled, "You wouldn't understand." Five responded, "Try me. Last time i checked i was still the leader of this family." Luther shrugged, "Well, last I checked, I'm twenty eight years older than you."

Luther paused for a moment "You know what your problem is?"
"Really hoping you'll tell me." Five replied sarcastically, "You think you're better than us." The 'Oldest' Hargreeves responded, "You always have, even when we were kids." He turned to look at his brother, Five sighed through his nose "But the truth is, you're just as messed up as the rest of us." He mumbled, "We're all you have. And you know it." Luther continued,

Five could've rolled his eyes right then and there "I don't think I'm better then you, Number One. I know I am." He gave Luther a sarcastic smile, Luther scoffed with a shake of his head "Look, I've done unimaginable things, things you couldn't even comprehend." He yelled, "Right." Luther mumbled, "Just to get back here and save you all." Five scoffed.

Klaus was then heard from outside "Hey, bitches!" He yelled from across the street, a cop chasing after him, "You get back here!" The cop yelled, Klaus laughed, food falling out of his arms, Luther and Five just watched their interaction,

"Now im starting to wonder if that was the wisest decision."

Five and Delores sat side by side below the midnight sky in the van. Delores, frankly was wanting to leave already. But still had wanted to catch a glimpse of the action- hence why she made Five place her shotgun.

The mannequin sighed softly 'There are only six days left, Fivey. Do you really think you'll make it?' Five grumbled "You know, you don't have to tell me that. I know there are only six days left."
'Well this is getting boring. There's nothing going on' the girl whined in Fives head, "Yeah, you got a better idea?" He turned to face his lover, Delores stayed quiet, "Yeah, ok then." He mumbled before turning back to the building.
Finally, he saw the doctor walk out of the building, "There's our guy." Five mumbled, he watched him walk over to a random car that had approached and saw him place the bag inside it- looking around almost suspiciously, "What's he doing.." Five mumbled,

"I'll be right back." He replied quickly before spatial jumping.

True to his words Five was back fairly quickly, he had grabbed her and teleported her some other place before leaving her once again til morning. That is until he came back bruised and dirty,

'What- Five are you ok!?' Delores questioned, her words urgent, Five smiled softly "Of course I am, doll." He mumbled, "Now, let's get drunk." He mumbled, he teleported them to the library- sitting himself in a corner with Delores on his lap, 'You know I don't like it when you get drunk too often, Number Five.'
"Just this once. Please." Five whispered, Delores sighed, and mumbled a small 'Fine'

Luther and Diego entered the library in search of Five, "Where the hell could he be?" Diego mumbled, "Found him!" Luther yelled a few feet away, Diego furrowed his brows, "That was quick." Diego made his way to where Luther stood seeing a very drunk and very much asleep Five with a mannequin on his lap.

"Is he, um.." Luther paused with a furrow of his brows, "Drunk as a skunk." Diego smirked.

Luther sighed shifting Five higher up in his arms, not finding a comfortable position to carry his small body when he held onto a mannequin like his life depended on it.

"Well, we can't go back to the house." Luther grunted, "it's not secure. Those psychopaths could come back at any moment." He continued,

"My place is closer." Diego replied, "No one will look for him there." Luther grunted in reply,
There was a few seconds of silence before Five made a sound as if he were gonna throw up, Luther sighed in annoyance, "If you vomit on me..." he warned,

Five sighed happily, running a gentle hand up and down Delores' back, "You know what's funny?" Five smiled throwing his head back and letting it hang from Luthers hold,
"Aah! I'm going through puberty." He scoffs, "Huh twice. And I... I drank that whole bottle, didn't I?" He mumbled,

"That's what you do when the world you love goes bye-bye." He waved his hand, "Poof. Gone." He mumbled bringing Delores closer to his body, "What're you guys talkin' about?" He mumbled glancing between his brothers,

Luther sighed, "Two masked intruders attacked the Academy last night." He explained, "And they came looking for you!" Diego sarcastically responded, "So I need you to focus. What do they want." He demanded,
"Hazel and Cha-Cha." Five slurred out, "What? You know I hate code names." Diego grumbled, "Ah, the best of the best. Except for me, of course." Five further explained, his voice slurred and face loopy.

'You Can never be serious, can you
?' Delores grumbled, Five giggled quietly, "You love me," He spoke in a cheery voice, 'Sometimes I don't want to' Delores grunted, Five giggled once more holding her against his body tightly, "The best of what?" Diego grumbled,

Five paused in thought, "You know, Delores always said she hated when I drink. She said it made me surly-"
"Hey!" Diego growled, "I need you to focus. What do this Hazel and Cha-Cha want?" Diego glared, moving closer to Luther and Five,
Five in reply gave him a mischievous smirk, "we just want to protect you." Diego mumbled, "Protect me. I dont need your protection, Diego." The younger looking boy rolled his eyes, "Do you have any idea how many people I've killed?"

"No.." Diego gave Luther a side eye as he spoke with Five,
"I'm the Four frickin' Horsemen." Five grumbled, "The apocalypse is coming." He mumbled before quickly turning his head and throwing up beside Luther,

Both Luther and Diego winced in disgust- turning their heads away from their brother.

'You better not kiss me with that mouth.'

At Diego's 'house' which really was just a small room in the back of the place he worked in,

Luther dropped Five on the bed, Diego awkwardly placing the mannequin on a chair nearby before a sleepy five stopped him, "No. She goes with me." He grumbled raising his hand in protest Diego rolled his eyes, grabbing Delores by the neck and bringing her over to Five,
The younger looking boy smiled sleepily and held the mannequin closer to his body as he once again fell asleep.
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