The princess and 7 idol


your princess from Magical Kingdom your sense of Earth because your kingdom was in danger in your singer and you meant 7 idols (Up for adoption )

Fantasy / Action
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Magical Princess

An: hi so this is a new story I'm working on so I will tell you a little bit about the story

Rose: hi I'm rose 18 years old I am from another world called Ephedia
But my kingdom was and dangerous I was sense Earth to be safe I'm stronger to use my magic but on Earth I am a singer my stage name is ice I meant the boys that I was signed to to sing along with they're called BTS but let me show you what I look like

My hair on Earth and magical :


My outfits : Earth


And my necklace let's me trance form

An: hi my children okay this is kind of a little reference from lolirock I really love this show so yeah I hope you love the story I might start on the first chapter soon so bye.

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