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Scurrying Weasle


After a long day at work and a fight with a particular red-head Weasle that didn't end well, Draco Malfoy comes home to a distressed Granger whos hair is even bigger than usual. Cover: Upthehillart I do not own the Harry Potter franchise or any of the characters, this is only an adaptation of the story.

Erotica / Romance
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Scurrying Weasle

Dracos hands ran down his face, taking his features with them as he let out a groan and tilted his up up to the heavens.

If he had known before coming to work this morning that he would have to deal with three outraged moms screaming at him all at once for reasons he didn't even fully understand, interviewing two obviously high teenagers who kept asking for tea and biscuits, and worst of all, the fucking Weasle stopping by his office, he would have taken the day off.

His feet were sore and his head ached, and the only thing he wanted to do was go home and lay in bed with Granger, who always let him rant to her about his specifically bad days at work.

Draco sighed and stuffed today's edition of The Quibbler under his arm as he backed into the fire place, mumbling the words "Home".

Draco burst into green flames and when he opened his eyes, he saw his humble home standing infront of him. Grangers television she insisted on having in the home spoke softly in the backround, pictures appearing and disappearing on the screen. A leather couch sat against a wall facing the lit fireplace, the warmth of it flowing through the room delightfully. Crookshanks was curled into a ball at the end of the couch, his face tucked into his body as he slept soundly.

He threw The Quibbler on a side table and gave Crookshanks a few king strokes before huffing and loosening his tie around his neck, unbuttoning a few buttons on his undershirt.

Rustling sounds came from the kitchen across the room, the only thing separating him and them was a wall that stood soundly.

"Granger?" Draco called, removing his waistcoat and folding it neatly on the arms of the coach.

A few moments later a messy haired Granger emerged from the kitchen and into the living room, wearing only a pair of low-waisted flannel sweatpants and a large white shirt. Her hands on her hips and her eyes narrowed, she lifted her brows at him.

Draco smirked and walked across the room, stopping just infront of her and placing his hands on her hips, pulling her close to him.

He was about to pull her in for a much needed hug, before she slapping his hands away from her waist and backed up a few steps, crossing her arms over her chest and tapping her foot.

"What'd I do this time?" Draco deadpanned, his hands mimicking hers and crossing over his chest.

"Oh, I don't know- what did you do, Malfoy?" Hermione growled, furrowing her brows together and staring him down.

Hermione only called him by his surname when she was mad at him or scolding him. He straightened himself and prepared for the worst. "Listen, today's been a rough day and the last thing I want to do is-"

"Tell me this, Malfoy- did you or did you not turn Ron into a weasle, than proceed to kick him out of your office by throwing him down the hall?"


In retrospect, maybe turning Weasle into a Weasle wasn't the smartest idea, but it was what felt right in the moment. Weasle had come down to his Department, went into his office, and than proceeded to insult his way of work and his life choices. He had even had the audacity to bring Hermione into it, saying she would be "much better far, far away from a Death-Eater like him". He also made quite an inappropriate insult of his and Hermiones sex life. He only acted on instinct, and that instinct was to throw his as hard down the hall in Weasle form as possible, yelling obscenities and he scurried away.

"He insulted me and my way of work, than decided to tell me I was not worthy of your love." Draco growled, his blood heating up at just the thought of that red haired dick.

Hermione sighed and dropped her arms, rubbing her temples. "Draco love, he showed up at 9am this morning and skidded around the floor as I attempted to levitate him out and onto the street thinking he was a wild animal. You cannot allow your anger to get ahead of you, you could get in serious trouble for these sorts of things."

Dracos temperature rose and he felt his cheeks grow hot, thinking about Weasle being that close to her made him want to turn him into a Weasle forever. "I am not going to be insulted in my own office by some red-pubed bloke who can't move on! It's not my fault he's sloppy in bed."

Hermione's mouth fell slightly agape and her finger wagged in his face, "I will not be fixing your messes for the rest of our lives, Draco. I am not your mother and you are not a little boy with anger issues. You are a grown man who needs to learn to control himself in these situations."

Draco stood silent for a moment as he clenched his jaw and stared down at Hermione, her curls were bigger than usual, probably from running around the house chasing a rodent.

"That bastard deserved it."

Germaine smacked her hand on her forehead and took a deep breath, "Yes, love, I agree. He did deserve it. He has no right to be saying those sort of things, it's been years since the thought of him romantically even crossed my mind and he still can't get over it. I get it. But I will not be cleaning up after you forever. Next time, please throw him in a broom closet instead." Hermione exhaled and stepped forward, wrapping her arms around Dracos waist and burying her head in his sternum.

He made no objections, wrapping his arms around her and letting his head fall into her mess of curls, inhaling her scent. Coffee and something else, something he couldn't place.

"It's been a long day." Draco murmured in her hair, nuzzling his nose deeper into her hair as he gently rubbed the small of her back, making his way up.

"I know love. But I've come prepared," Hermione smiled into his chest and looked up at his through her lashes, her chin still resting on his chest, "I've just put some Shepard's Pie in the oven, and I thought we could eat it while watching TV in bed."

Draco failed to conceal a smile as he stared down at her, looking at the freckles that painted her face and the flicks of gold in her eyes. She let her head fell into her chest again and he inhaled deeply, taking in her scent one more time.

"I still don't understand that Muggle contraption of yours, and especially don't understand why we have more than one." Draco said in a silvery voice, letting his hands fall under her shirt and make their way up it, rubbing her back on the way up.

Hermione let out a small moan as Draco his just the right spot on her back, "I've told you this, it's entertainment. You cannot tell me you don't slightly enjoy that one American show we always watch."

Draco's hands explored her back further and grabbing her waist lightly, using his fingers to press indents into her back. "The one with all the roommates?"

"Yes, the one will all the Roomates. I don't remember it's name though-"

"Mhm. I guess it's alright," Draco said as he moved his hands to her stomach, massaging his way up. His hands suddenly stilled when his hands touched the curve of her breast. She'd been braless.

"Draco, you die laughing everytime the blonde girl comes on screen. What's her name? Oh, Phe-"

Hermione's words abruptly stopped when Draco palm rested on her right boob, massaging it lightly. His fingers made their way to her other breast, lightly circling the outside of her nipple as he inhaled shakily into her hair.

Hermione groaned lightly into his chest, her hands moving up and down his back.

"Braless just for me, Granger?" Draco purred, his voice sent shivers he up her spine that he could sense right away, as she wobbly exhaled into his chest. "You know how much I love when your braless."

He could feel her bite her lip as she stuffed her head into his chest. Hermione suddenly backed away slightly, her hands still wrapped around him and she looked up, her eyes darkening and her lip right inbetween her teeth. She reached and tangled her hands in his hair, slightly rubbing his scalp with her nails and she dragged his head down and met his mouth with hers.

The kiss was soft and passionate, neither of them in a rush. He teased her with his tounge every now and then, letting it slide over her soft bottom lip. Hermione moaned into the kiss and he pulled her closer, hands moving from her chest to the hair and allowing his hands to be engulfed by her hair.

Draco grabbed a fist full of hair, not roughly, but hard enough, and she gasped slightly. He took that opportunity to slip his tounge into her mouth, letting it explore every crevice of it.

Hermione stood on her tippy toes to get to his lips. Realizing her struggle to get taller, Draco placed his hands on each of her buttocks and lifted her up easily, to which she wrapped her legs around his torso and moaned into the kiss once more.

He walked to a wall until her back hit it, helping him hold her up as they continued to makeout. He kneaded her asscheeks and groaned into the kiss when she rubbed against his cock slightly.

"Fuck," Draco said in a gruff, smoky voice as Hermione pressed her body into him and deepened the kiss, biting his lower lip and tugging it.

Draco ripped her from the wall and walked them to the couch, not parting lips as he did so.

Hermione moaned and shifted her body, wrapping both her legs around Draco's and letting it hit the perfect spot. Hermione moaned and rolled her eyes back, lazily attempting to continued the kiss as she began moving back and forth on his leg.

"That's right," Draco breathed between kisses, "That's a good girl, that's it."

Hermione let out a high pitch moan and began to hump his leg faster, hitting her clit with every forward and backward movement.

Her hand suddenly reached down and cupped Draco's cock from the outside of his pants. He jerked slightly as his cock twitched under her grip. She began to rub his bulge through his trousers as she squeaked a moan into the kiss, coming closer to climax.

It took all his willpower to push her hand away, "Not right now, love." He breathed thickly, parting their lips and tilting her head up with his finger so he could press wet sloppy kisses to her jawline. "Be a good girl and cum on my leg. Do you need help?"

Hermione nodded her head vigorously as she looked up to the ceiling, eyes rolled back into her head as she focused on her clit hitting just the right spot on his thigh.

Draco nodded and grabbed her hips punishingly, helping her run back and forth on his thigh as he licked just below her ear.

"Oh! Fuck me! Please-" Hermione dropped her head down and used her hands to move Draco's face from the crook of her neck to touching her forehead, staring into his eyes as he helped her run against his thigh.

Draco's cock was painfully hard, rubbing against his trousers. He didn't care though, he ignored it completely as he stared into her golden brown eyes, watching as her world shattered and her walls clenched. Her eyes rolled back into her head and mouth fell open, her body shaking slightly as she gripped onto his shoulders with a painful grip.

Draco dipped his head to her neck and began sucking and nipping at a spot on her neck, licking it and kissing it.

When Hermione came down from her high she wasted no time falling to her knees on the floor below him and spreading his legs apart.

He didn't need her to do this, he wanted that to be for her. As an apology of sorts.

"No-" He tried, but was cut off when her hand wrapped around his length through his trousers and began rubbing up and down.

He watched as Hermione licked her lips and stared up at him through her lashes. "Hermione, you don't have too-" he was abruptly cut off when she reached his belt and quickly undid it, pulling it off and throwing it across the room as she kept one hand on his dick.

"Let me help you, love." Hermione cooed, her lashes fluttering as she looked up at him.

"Oh fuck me-"

Hermione quickly unzipped his pants and yanked them down, revealing his boxers and his painfully erect cock.

Hermione gingerly rubbed his length, pulling it out of the hole in his boxers rubbing slowly up and down and occasionally letting her thumb rub the precum around his tip.

Draco moaned, jerking his hips. He stared down at her with a kiss for words as she placed a finger kiss on the tip of his dick. Using all her tounge she to the very bottom of his dick and licked a long, wet stripe up.

Draco groaned and grabbed a fist full of her hair as he watched her lick and kiss his dick.

"Your so gorgeous- oh fuck. Please 'Mione- please-" Draco gasped as he watched her slide his cock into her mouth and begin bouncing her head in it, feeling it hit the back of her throat.

"Oooooh" Draco moaned, his fist gripping tighter in her hair as she sucked him and let go out his cock with a pop.

No warning, Hermione pushed her head down all the way to the back of his cock, sitting there as he felt the muscles in her throat relax around him. How she was fitting it, he had no fucking clue. Draco moaned loudly and slightly jerked his hips.

Hermione rolled her eyes in the back of her head and slightly gagged on his cock, pressing her tounge against his shaft.

"Oh 'M-'Mione I'm gonna cum-"

Hermione slowly retreated up his cock, rubbing the places on his shaft where he couldn't fit comfortably in her mouth. Hermione sucked him till her cheeks hallowed and used her tounge to press against him in her mouth.

"Oh- I- I'm cu-"

Draco shattered and hot liquid squirted into the back of her throat. He jerked his hips and his thighs lightly shook as she released his cock and let his cum that didn't go into the back of her throat land on her tounge, and he watched as she fluttered her lashes up at him.

When he was finished, Hermione tilted her head back and showed him the white liquid that sat on her tounge, which she than swallowed visibly. Hermione gave him one last long lick, collecting the access cum on his tip and swallowing that also.

Draco grabbed Hermione's shoulders and hauled her up onto the couch, wrapping his arms around her waist and nuzzling his head into her neck. He placed light wet kissed on her collarbones and whispered incoherent praises into her neck. He didn't even know what he was saying, so he doubted she did.

"Such a good girl- gorgeous- so fucking lucky- repay you-"

Hermione shushed him and brought his forehead to hers, staring into his eyes.

"I love you." He whispered as their lips ghosted each other, "I promise to never turn Weasle into a Weasle again. I'm sorry."

Hermione giggled and wrapped her hands around his neck, burrowing her head into his shoulder. Draco nuzzled his face into her mountain of hair, "Unless that happens everytime I do. If it does, you should be expecting a Weasle at your front door again."


He obeyed.

A little ding came from the kitchen and Hermione shot her head up, looking torwards the door that separated the two rooms.

"Ooh! The foods done!"

Hermione practically jumped off his lap, scurrying to the kitchen. He dropped his head back and listening to the oven open and close, and than he heard a little gasp. Draco's head shot up, and for a second he was worried, until he head the excitement in her voice as she yelled to him, "I remember the shows name! Friends!"
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