Its Like We Were Meant To Be (Colby Brock Love story + Jake)


Lila and her friend Sadie decide to start there old 5th grade YouTube channel again and agree to move to LA from Alaska for a fresh start and they meet Colby and Sam in an abandoned grave yard and little did they know they would meet some great friends and soon to be lovers ;)

Romance / Humor
Age Rating:

The start of it all

author note: saw this cute pic of Jake this is my first real fanfic so sorry if its bad I hope you enjoy!!!!

*Lila Pov*

I woke up from a good night of sleep normally that doesn’t happen a lot, as I am on tiktok most of the night.

I get up from my bed and walk to my closest I get my favorite pair or grey Calvin Klein sweat pants and a crop tank top I found on my floor, “LILA” Sadie yelled from the living room we have been living in an apartment for the past 2 months.

I walk out of my room with my clothes in my hand “what” “well someone is grumpy today” Sadie says in a silly tone.

I make a small smile “well I just wanted to say I found our old YouTube account and I’ve been laughing my ass off watching these videos” “well maybe we should make some better videos redo the whole thing ya know pick a new name and everything” I laugh a little after saying that mostly joking bc she will most likely say no.

“OMG YES WE SHOULD” she says, she sounds excited about it and not gunna lie it sounds fun.

“well ima shower then we can talk about it more”

*Skip to after the shower*

I step out of the shower and get dressed then I look in the mirror at my long strawberry blonde hair and my deep blue eyes, I grab a brush and start brushing my hair it was starting to dry so my hair started to become natural wavy so I brush it out and put it up in a high pony tail with a black scrunchie to match my shirt.

I put on some make up and some perfume and of course deodorant bc we aren’t stinky in this house.

I walk out to see Sadie on her laptop, I sit next to her and look at the computer she was buying a camera “what are you doing?” I ask “a camera for our YouTube!”

*Sadie Pov*

I press buy one amazon and it says the camera should be here tomorrow!

“I’m gunna go get dressed” I get up and walk away to my room were I grab some mom jeans and my black belt I was looking at the shirts and decide to wear this olive green T-shirt.

after I get dressed I do my makeup and but my long brown hair in a ponytail when the hair tie breaks “Damn it” sometimes I hate having thick hair.

I decide to just leave my hair down.

*skip to the next day*

the get the camera out of the box and put it together, yesterday me and Lila picked out a name for our channel we decided on “the Lila and Sadie show” I know kind of clingy but it works.

Author’s note: I hope you guys like the story so far I will not be doing the Draco x reader story anymore but I promise I will finish this one! tell me what you think in the comments!

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