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Fake smile (Brothers conflict) FF


Mika is ema sister she lived in the army but she decided to go back home to finish High School and go back to her sister live with her 13 StepBrothers ( SLOW UPDATES )

Action / Romance
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Character information

Name: Mika Hinata

Age: 19 soon to be 20

Height: 5'9

Appearance: purple hair stopped at her mid-back, golden eyes , tattoos on her body and have a nice body Hour glass figure

And she wears this rain on her left ring finger

Relationship: single

Like: ema and wataru, sing , dance, rap , cooking and making people happy , makeup, fashion, taking a lot of pictures , Sports

Dislikes: perverts and being touched by boys , people touching her stuff , rude people , people bringing up her past

Personality: quiet ,acts like a mother and you don't want to get her angry , but the only time she's happy when she's performing, Badass

She knows that she's adopted and suffer depression and she lives in the orphanage since 1 until the age of 5 she went to the Army at the age of 11 and left the Army at the age of 19 she decided to go back and live with her sister and her new 13 brothers and ema thanks mika is her real sister

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