Fake smile (Brothers conflict) FF


Mika POV

I was on bed writing things down but my phone start ringing I look at to see dad call me so I pick it up

Mika: Hi Dad

Rintarou: Hello sweetie how you do

Mika: fine dad and sorry at I didn't go to your wedding

Rintarou: it fin.. he cut off by voice

Miwa: is at Mika

Rintarou: yes honey

Miwa: Hello Mika sweetie

Mika: Hello Miwa I mean mom

Rintarou&Miwa: so sweetie when are you coming home

Mika: I was planning to go home soon but don't tell anyone I go back home ok

Rintarou&Miwa: at good to hear sweetie

You go to say something about you cut off

Guy: Mika get your weapons we are get attack

Mika: ok I coming

Mika: have to go bye mom and dad

Rintarou&Miwa: Bye sweetie

You hang up the phone and grab your weapons go fight


You finish the war start to pack your things

After you Finish at so go to your boss to say bye

Mika: Bye boss I'm leaving already

Boss: oh mika I have to say something before you leave

Mika: yes 😞

Boss: I sorry what happened out there

A/n: what is he talking about you find out soon

Mika: it ok it's part of working in the army

Boss: ok bye mika

You left and walk to army plane you got to your seat and look out the window

Mika: I'm coming back home ema

After at you fall asleep


You wake up and see the plane just landed

So you get your thing get off the plane go get a Taxi go to your new home

After 30 min your at your new house you pay taxi driver and walk up to the front door

Mika: good thing at mom and dad tell me how the house is laid out

You walk to the door and open it walk to the elevator and go in after few minutes at the living room you walk to the balcony to see your Step Brothers so you walk the stairs

Mika: hello *you say quietly*

A boy glasses with Red shirt and a black vest look at you you think is Ukyo

Ukyo: oh you must be the gusts my mother and father was telling us about

Mika: I guess you can say it that way

Note: you always talk quiet you starts talking quite when the incident happened at the Army

Masaomi: hello Miss My name is Masaomi I am the eldest son

Kaname: it nice to meet you miss

he was getting your hand so he can kiss it but you pull it away

Mika: um... Sorry

Tsubaki: so at happen

He got hit in the head

Tsubaki: at hurt Azusa

He said while rubbing his head

Azusa: sorry about him he's always like that so what's your name Miss

Mika: it ...you where cut off by another voice

Wataru: Nee-chan can you play video games with me

Ema: sure wataru

She said to him as they walk down the stairs ema look up and see you she start to cry and she ran to you and hugged you tight

Ema: Mika your back

You hugged her

Note: you are taller than ema

Mika: I back Ema

Ema let go of you and say

Ema: you got taller

Mika: yep I see

All the brothers were confuse

Yusuke: what's going on here

Ema: oh sorry guys this is my sister Mika

Wataru: but why do nee-chan have blood on her clothes

Ema look at you to see blood and she got worried

Wataru: but why do nee-chan have blood on her clothes

Ema look at you to see blood and she got worried

But you start to blood on the side of your stomach and ema notice it and your Vision starting to get blurry

Ema: oh my God , Mika your bleeding

After at you passed out


Ema: Mika!!

Lucky Ukyo caught Mika before she hit the floor

Masaomi came look at Mika to see at bleeding from the side of your stomach

Masaomi: Ukyo take her to the car we have to go to the hospital

Ukyo went and go take Mika to the Car

Masaomi: ema go get close for Mika go to car

Ema: ok

After at all us hop in car go to hospital

Time skip

Mika POV

Next morning Saturday

I wake up in hospital room I look around to see ema sleeping I get up a little bit and ema

Wake up

Mika: sorry I wake you up nee-chan

Ema: it fine Mika so are you ok

Mika: yeah so when do I get out here

Ema: doctor said at if you are fine you can go now

Mika: oh ok do you have my clothes sis

Ema: yes here I'll be in the hallway ok

Mika: ok

You got dress

After you finish you walk out of room in to the hallway walk up to ema

Ema: let go Masaomi is waiting for us

We walk to Lobby see Masaomi is waiting ema walk up to him said we were ready to go home

We walk out hospital hop in the car go home

I was in back ema in the front with Masaomi driving

I was look out the window throughout the whole Drive


We we're finally home we walk to live room to see all my brother

Mika: hi sorry what happened yesterday * fake smile*

Ukyo: it ok at least you're fine

Mika: well let me introduce myself properly

Mika: I'm Mika Hinata 19 year old aand older sister of Ema

All Brothers: wait you're 19

Mika: yeah you got a problem with a 19 * fake smile*

All Brothers: No

Note: Natsume and Fuuto, hikaru are not there

Subaru: so if your sister of ema why nobody mention you

Mika:* thoughts* how rude* will I live in army

Iori: ok so why did you decide to go to the Army how long you been there

Mika: how I got in the Army is a long story for nother time but I lived there since age of 11

Masaomi: well at explain the blood on your clothes

Mika: yeah sorry about that I had to do one last fight before I came here

Wataru: so big sis a hero

Mika: yep just like a hero wataru *thoughts* I don't consider myself as a hero

Louis: so sis will you let me do your hair sometimes

Mika: sure

Ema: so sis are go be In my school you be your last year of high school

Ukyo: what do you mean ema

Mika: will we where kid all class grade higher but when I was in the army it was all class they have was Elementary to Middle School but be in US army I have 20 colleges asking me to be there students but I decline and stay in army

All the brother (except wataru): *thought* is she a genius

Mika:But to answer your question ema no I'm going to be in different school sorry sis

Ema: it ok

Mika: well I'll be in my room to set everything up call when you need me


I was in my room

Mika:*thought* it go to be hard to pretend being happy but I have to do it for me and my family

An: hi my children so I hope you love the story so stay healthy and love you bye .

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