Fake smile (Brothers conflict) FF

New Character's

An: hi my children so is go be character for my next chapter is going to be a girl group I'm going to make some K-pop songs in here too so anybody who loves K-pop will be a treat for you

Name: Mia miller



stage name: Mia

Position: Vocal , Sub-Rapper

Group Name: Little Angels Or LA

Name: Zoey Jackson

Age: 22


Stage name: Zoe

Position: Rapper, Vocal

Group Name: Little Angels Or LA

Name: Chloe wang

Age: 23


Stage name: Bee

Position: Dancer, Sub-Vocal

Group Name: Little Angels Or LA

Name: Mika Hinata

Age: 19

Height: 5'8

Stage name: Sakura

Position: leader, Repper, Dancer, Vocal

And solo artist

Group Name: Little Angels Or LA

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