Fake smile (Brothers conflict) FF

Part 2

Daisy: Hi my children I decide to change Mika Age to 19 the way I had the story plan out In the future chapter I have know this that I mess up at the age so I have to fix it I'm very sorry for the Readers read my chapters before And I change her flower tattoo to different Part of her body and When I put Family POV I mean the brothers and ema


??: yes but I have more competition to beat

I turn around and see one of my brother

Mika: hi I'm Mika your new sister nice to meet you

Fuuto POV

Great Another Stupid sister 😒

Fuuto: I Wonder if your Stupid as other sister

Mika POV

This Brat 🤬

Mika: I will not let you talk about my sister at way 😤

Fuuto: Who cares

After at he left

At brat He going to regret what he say

Time Skip

Friday afternoon

( Too lazy to write)


I was getting ready to leave I get the Things I need for tonight

( Magine It's only blindfold)

I left go see my Siblings To tell them I'm leaving

In the leaving room

Mika: hey Ukyo I'm hangout with a friend I'll be coming home late so you don't have to make me dinner

Ukyo: ok Mika be safe

Mika: k bye guys

After at I left the house

Brother's POV

Kaname: I think she lie Where she's going

Yusuke: what are you talking about kaname

Brother look at kaname

Kaname: if you see what Was Sticking out of her pocket it look to be black Blindfold

Lets say kaname started Blushing

Ukyo Hits him in the side of the head When his frying Pan

Kaname: that hurts ukyo

Ukyo: Then stop your pervert thoughts

Mika POV

At award show

Me and the girls are get ready for performance

(Daisy: what Mika looks like the girl on top but With Purple hair and yellow streaks)

All girls outfit

Mika: ok girls I'm leader of this group I'm post to Guide you through this path of fame so right now let's show them who we are

All: 1 2 3 Little Angels

Manager: ok girls you're up next

Family POV

We Watching a award show at wataru Want to see the interesting thing is at Fuuto is at award show

Tv: Ladies and gentlemen give it up for Little Angels

Wataru: yay They're starting🤗

All( Except wataru, Hikaru): is at Mika

All them shook to see mika ( Except wataru, Hikaru)

Hikaru: Who is the girl with the purple hair

Ema: at are sister Mika

Hikaru: (Thoughts) mmm.. interesting

TV: at the new Group Little Angels let's Introduced the girls

Mika: hi I'm Sakura and the Leader

Chloe: hi I'm Bee

Mia: hi I'm Mia

Zoey: hi I'm Zoe

TV: we come right back up next is Sakura performance

TV: now performing Young & beautiful Sakura

( Magine Mika is singing)

Wataru: why did he have to Push big sis

Ema: Mika dancing with famous dancer

Mika POV

I was done with my performance

I was heading back to my dressing room but I Bump into someone

I look to see who I bump into and see my Little brother Fuuto

Fuuto: oh you didn't expect my sister be popstar

Mika: yeah

Fuuto: remember is sis there can be one popstar in the Family

Mika: at least I show my emotions to my fan fuuto and remember you shouldn't talk to your big sister at way

Mika: bye Fuuto

Daisy: hi my children I hope you joy this chapter love you all work hard and stay healthy bye!!!🤗

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