When 2 Worlds Collide


2 girls from 2 worlds, found each other. Is it for better or for worse? They'll find themselves sin situations they havent quite been in. This is how the 2 girls collided.

Romance / Drama
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Queen Of The Buskers

She's been in school all day, it's tiring and annoying. The only real fun part of it is obviously the gang. Having to be in school with ghoulies just really does something to her, like really irritates her.

It's the end of the day and they just found out that they might not be in Southside High after tomorrow. Toni didn't want this to happen because the only school left was Riverdale High, located in the Northside.

Toni's a Southside Serpent and she's been one before she was born, so she's a Serpent by blood. She doesn't have bad blood against any Northsider, but she knows they depict a picture of the Serpents and no one really understands them, so she doesn't want to be in that type of community all of the time.

Next day arrives and it's time to go to Riverdale High. The gang goes in and it instantly goes south with the HBIC of Riverdale High, Chery Blossom, or as she says, "Cheryl Bombshell".

"Nice to see you guys came. Here's some pamphlets about the school, and groups or clubs you'll like to join. Just let me know and we'll get it sorted out."
Veronica said greeting the new students

"Thanks, Vee..." Jughead responded as he took a pamphlet from the table

Interrupted by the sound and look of Cheryl coming down the steps, everyone pauses. In Jughead's mind, he knows something's going to happen and instantly gets annoyed. In Toni's mind, she sees a redhead girl, most likely the "head of the class", and she looks beautiful. But little did she know she was just as she suspected, a "bitch".

"Do us all a favor and find some other school to debase with your, hard and scrabble ways."
Cheryl said sizing up Toni. She couldn't keep her eyes off of her is her life depended on it.

Toni instantly got upset. She knew she was going to be talked about, but she didnt think it was going to be to her face and only 5 minutes of being there.

"Why dont you come over here and say it to my face!" Toni said as she walked up to her, Cheryl doing the same.

Cheryl being the person she is, she felt provoked and felt the tension, so she responded with the same hostility.

"Happily Queen of the Buskers."
Cheryl said thinking it was insulting Toni, but it actually made Toni laugh to herself a bit.

Toni got upset, but something inside of her wanted her to start laughing, so that's exactly what she did. Cheryl and Reggie looked at her weird. Toni shook her head and looked back up.

Did she really just call me 'Queen of the Buskers'? Toni thought.

After words were exchanged, they had a stand off, standing into each others eyes with stern faces while the whole school watched.

After everything, Toni thought:
I haven't seen her before. I obviously saw Betty, but her I haven't seen. I have to talk to her. Especially after that shitty insult.

A few days went by and Toni's been contemplating on how she was going to talk to this stunning redhead and get her to open up. Then, she came up with the perfect idea.
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