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Death Eaters


As a young girl who was the daughter of Voldemort you were very misunderstood. However, there is one person who saw right through you and that person was Draco Malfoy. Y/N struggles with finding the right answer in what is right and Draco helps her along the way. Draco shows Y/N a side of him that she never knew existed. Y/N and Draco’s bond grow inseparable but what happens when certain people do not complete their tasks assigned by The Dark Lord? Will Y/N and Draco fall in love or will the hate that Y/N bares for her father be just enough to tear not only herself but their relationship apart. Draco Malfoy x Reader Enjoy! :)

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter One: The Letter

"Y/N where were you today, you know what your supposed to do and yet you can't even accomplish that"

"I'm sorry father, I forgot"

"Go to your room, and think about how you can do better"

Those words pierced your heart as they left your fathers mouth. You were trying your hardest for him. It was hard. Sitting at that table everyday having to face your father's criticism on your every movement, listening to him threaten the people around you. He was horrible, he lacked any emotions. You knew him as your father, you were the only one who was allowed to call him any different from what he is known as. The dark lord or lord Voldemort.

You left your father and walked off into your room. No one ever understood you. Mainly because you were the daughter of the dark lord people automatically assumed you had no heart as well. You had no friends, parents didn't allow their children to hang out with such a vile human being like yourself. You tried to ignore the thoughts in your head, you grabbed one of your many sketch books and began to draw. The pain and heartbreak you felt was transferred to the thin piece of paper that lay in front of you. When you sketched it allowed you to express yourself in no way you could explain. You began sketching more falling into almost a trance like state when something pulled you out of your own mind.

"Y/N! Get down here this instant!"

Your father had screamed your name, he only ever gets your attention when he needs someone to blame. Your father has taught you to hold in your emotions and show no emotions in front of your enemies. Something you use against your own father.
You walked farther down the hallway when reaching the stairs you gripped onto the railing as if your life had depended on it. You took small and slow steps attempting to recall every thing you have done up until the very last detail. You reached the bottom of the stairs and you peeked over into the dining room. There he was, your father was sitting in his throne like always. You approached him with your head held high and spoke.

"You needed me father?"

Your father looked up from a letter that he was reading and a small smirk played across his face.

"Can you tell me this one thing. How does my little girl, the daughter of the dark lord get accepted into Hogwarts?"

Your eyes lit up at the last word your father spoke.

"Forgive me if I have mistaken you father, but you did say Hogwarts, as in the school for wizards and witches?"

Your father stood up and looked down upon you.

"Yes you are correct my dear child, you never cease to disappoint me my dear."
Your father handed you the letter and you looked at it astonishingly.

"Read it out loud my dear child."

You nodded your head and did as he said,

"Dear Ms. Y/N Riddle,
We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment.
Term begins on 1 September. We await your owl by no later than 31 July.
Yours sincerely,
Minerva McGonagall
Deputy headmistress"

As you finished reading you noticed two more papers in the envelope. One of which was for the books and equipment and the other was another letter.

"Read that one aloud as well dear if you don't mind" your father said.

You opened the second letter and began to read.

"Dear Ms. Y/N Riddle,
We understand who you are and where you heritage lies. We have made the decision to allow you to come to Hogwarts in the hopes that you are nothing like your heritage. You have amazed me in ways I cannot explain. You are a strong witch and I believe that Hogwarts can help shape you into becoming the Witch you are destined to be.
In other considerations we have noted that you never attended Hogwarts your previous years because you were never sent a letter. In light of this situation this means that you will be joining the 6th years during your arrival. After your arrival you will be sorted into your house but not until the 1st years have been sorted. I hope that if any one of my student were to give you a problem you come talk to me and I will handle it. We would not want past to repeat itself.
I am excited and honored to have you as a student at Hogwarts.
Albus Dumbledore"

You looked up at your father once you were finished reading and he had the look on his face. The look where if someone had crossed him he would be sure to end their miserable life if the world depended on it.

"What's wrong father?"

"That Albus Dumbledore has some nerve, speaking of me like that." He gripped the letter out of your hand and handed you the supplies list. "Here go find your things at Diagon Alley you'll need them for school and before you leave for the station come back here we have business that needs to be finished."

Your father turned around and walked towards the dark hall and into his room. You were very excited that you would be attending Hogwarts and that your father would even allow you to do such things. You quickly forgot about all of your thoughts when you looked down at the paper in your hands and smiled.

"Off to Diagon Alley we go" you said to yourself smiling as you left the house.

I appreciate you choosing to read this book, I know this chapter is short but I wanted to allow the reader to understand who they were and a quick storyline of their acceptance into Hogwarts. Thank you for choosing to read this I promise the chapters will be much longer after this one. I love you guys enjoy the rest of the story :)
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