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Death Eaters

Chapter Two: The Malfoy’s

Diagon Alley. Yeah okay you totally know what your doing in Diagon Alley. That sentence replayed in your mind over and over again as you were walking through the alley ways. You took another look at the paper with all of the necessary requirements to be able to go to Hogwarts. You strolled along the street a little farther until you stopped in front of a store.
You took a deep breath seeing there were many people inside of the store and opened the doors. No one payed much attention to you they were all trying to gather their own things as well.

"Well hello there child how may I help you on this fine day" said a man with white hair.

"Hello I'm here to buy a wand, I'll be attending Hogwarts so I'm not quite sure what I would need" you answered.

The man eyed you up and down taking note of your black cloak you usually wore over you clothes.

"I am Ollivander. And you are?"

"Y/N, Y/N Riddle" you gave the man a soft smile.

His eyes widened at your name. The people in the shop now staring at you and slowly backing away. Some even left the shop. You understood the fear the people endured at the sound of your name, your fathers as well.

"Welcome Ms. Riddle, something I must add is that there is no specific wand set to be bought just for the sole purpose of attending Hogwarts, the wand chooses the wizard or witch." As if on cue a box at the very top in the right corner began to shake. "If I'm not mistaken I would believe that wand is yours"

Ollivander gave you a small smile and went to retrieve the wand. He returned opening the box up revealing a beautiful wooden wand. Of course you didn't know as much about wands as your father, but you still tried to pay some attention. You stared at the wand mesmerized by it's beauty when a voice broke your concentration.

"Ahhh here it is, beautiful isn't it." Ollivander spoke with grace.

"What is it, if I may ask"

"This my dear is a wand made of cypress wood with a dragon heartstring core about 12 and 3/4."

Ollivander handed the wand to you and you took it gracefully.

"What does any of that mean?" You felt ignorant at the simplistic of your questions.

"I'm very glad you asked my dear, you see cypress wands are associated with nobility. This wand comes with great honor as their owners are usually among the brave and bold, those who are unafraid to confront the shadows in their own and others natures. The dragon heartstring allows your wand to have more power than wands with a different core, it bonds well with its owner which is why I believe this wand chose you." Ollivander smiled at you again.

"Thank you Mr. Ollivander" you pulled out money that you had in your pocket and handed it to him.

"Goodbye dear and good luck" he said calmly and you walked out of the shop.

The rest of your day involved you buying books and an owl as your pet. Your owl was solid black with crystal brown eyes. It was the most gorgeous animal you have ever seen. Your owl was among the more tame ones as you named it O/N. You gathered your things and planned on heading back to your fathers before heading off to the train. As you were making your way you bumped into someone. You fell down and cursed under your breath. Looking up you saw a tall platinum blonde boy looking down upon you.

"I would suggest you watch where your going" he said with a snarl and reached his hand out for you to grab.
You took his hand and he helped you stand up. Dusting yourself off you looked back up to notice another taller platinum blonde haired man standing next to the first and a beautiful women with dark hair and white highlights. You immediately recognized the man and woman as Lucius Malfoy and Narcissa Malfoy, you have seen them at the meetings your father held.

"Hello Mr. Malfoy, hello to you as well Mrs. Malfoy" you gave them a smile.

"Hello to you too my dear child, tell me what brings you here?" Lucius said

"Well since you asked I will be attending Hogwarts this year" you said looking at the blonde boy once again.

Narcissa's face lit up with excitement "oh just wonderful it was about time that school let you in!" Narcissa embraced you in a hug and congratulated you.

"Yes it was about time indeed" Lucius said. "Draco this is Y/N Riddle, Y/N this is my son Draco Malfoy."

You gave Draco a big smile and stuck your hand out for him to shake. Draco returned your smile with a small one and took your hand. Narcissa spoke once more.

"I assume you two would learn to grow closer throughout the time y'all will spend together at Hogwarts and home." She said beaming with happiness.

Lucius looked you up and down and spoke as well. "Yes indeed, as it appears considering that you are a Riddle it is only fitting that you are to be put in Slytherin, and as for you Draco I hope that you help Y/N in becoming comfortable at Hogwarts and protect her as they are her fathers orders." He glared at Draco then looked up to smile at you.

"Yes father" Draco said with a straight face.

"Very well then we must be off I know your father has some business to deal with you." Those were Lucius's last words to you as he and his family left the opposite way you were headed.

Your father has some business to deal with you. Those words played over and over in your head until you reached home. You stopped at the gate in front of the house determining wether or not to confront him. You shook off the uneasy feeling and opened up the gate. You slowly made your way up the cobblestone path to the big double doors at the entrance of your house. Your house was big and nice but it didn't feel as homey as you would like, perhaps it was because of your father or maybe the thought of people constantly over every time you turned around. Whatever the matter was you didn't care, you ignored the thoughts in your mind and slowly opened the doors.

"Father I'm home" you spoke making sure he could hear you.

"Ahhh there's my little girl, tell me how was your day?" This was quite odd your father never cared to ask about your well being let alone your day.

"It was very well, I ran into the Malfoy's and their son today" you gave him a slight smile

"Oh yes my favorite family, speaking of the Malfoy's, their son Draco is it?" You nodded your head and your father continued to speak "ahh yes, Draco will be joining us my dear so you will no longer be alone, he will be helping us achieve what we desire, and as for you and Draco I hope that you two protect each other and help one another." He looked down upon you into your eyes.

"Yes I understand" you nodded exhaling a breath you were unaware you were holding.

"As for the business I have with you, I do hope for you to meet someone, that someone being Harry Potter. I want you to get close to him show him that you are nothing like me and then I want you to deliver him to me so that I can finish what I started. As for Draco he will be helping you and if he does not I want to be the first to know because no one disrespects my daughter do you understand"

Was he really asking you to hand over an innocent child to him?! Was he out of his mind? "Father i dont think that is the right thing to do I-"

"SILENCE!" Your father slammed his hand on the table. "I will not have any back talk from you do you understand!"

You straightened your posture and looked into your fathers eyes, something you rarely catch yourself doing.

"I do understand what you want me to do, the only thing I do not understand is why you want me to do it." Your voice was cold and distant.

"Very well then I'll leave you and Draco be but I am warning you, mark my words Y/N you will bring Harry to me one way or the other." His voice was now as cold as it has ever been "get out of my sight"
Your father turned around and headed into the dark hallway.

You grabbed your things and turned towards the door. You felt your face was hot and tears wanting to come out but didn't let them. You were strong and you weren't about to let your father beat you. You opened the door and slammed it behind you. You took off towards the train station ignoring the horrid looks you were given and kept going. Eventually you reached the station and looked at your letter once more. Platform 9 3/4. There was no such thing. You felt a hand grip your shoulder and you flung your body around to see who had grabbed you.
Draco. It was Draco.

"You lost Riddle" he said with a smirk.

"Yeah actually I am could you tell me how to find platform 9 3/4?"

He laughed at you and looked straight ahead towards a brick column. He pointed to it.

"It's right there, all you have to do is run into it" he stifled down a laugh.

You stared at him stupidly. "You must be joking, are you really trying to play games with me Malfoy"

"Suit yourself then" and he ran into the wall with his things and disappeared.

Your face lit up with surprise as you watched. You gathered your things quickly and ran towards the wall. You closed your eyes and braced for impact but instead when you opened them you saw a train labeled 'Hogwarts Express' and an astonished Draco standing with his arms crossed looking at you.

"Oh look the dark princess made it" and he began to laugh again.

"So that's my new nickname now? Dark princess, couldn't have been anymore creative could you" you spat back.

You began making your way towards the train where the other students were boarding at, and you heard someone running behind you.

"If I must add yes, I do think that was very clever of me, what's got you all pissed off today" Draco asked

"The dark lord himself that's who" you rolled your eyes and boarded the train making your way towards the back. Draco followed.

"I'm sorry for asking" Draco sounded almost hurt as if You had just told him his pet owl died.

You found an empty seat and sat down in it Draco sat across from you. You looked around to make sure no one could hear and then back at Draco.

"My father wants me to hand over Harry Potter to him, he wants us-" The sound of Draco's voice cut you off.

"I know about the whole plan, you don't have to explain it to me twice." He looked around then back to you and leaned in closer. "I was told that the plan was off until your father and you make up" and he sat back down in his seat.

"My father can piss off, there is no way in hell that I would ever apologize to that menacing psychopath" a small smirk played upon your face. "If anyone was to apologize it would be him"

Draco looked at you dumbfounded. "Do you always speak about your father like that?"

You looked at him coldly "you mean do I speak about the monster who murdered thousands of innocent people for his own personal gain? Yes I do, if that is a problem with you then you can gather your things and leave me be" your eyes turned cold when you stared at Draco.

Draco's mouth fell slightly open. "Bloody hell, Y/N you are a brave girl, I admire that about you. I can already tell we're going to be the best of friends" You smiled at his words.

You never had any real friends that stuck around. Usually once your friends found out who your father was they would run away from you and never speak to you again. You didn't really care though they would have left you anyways.
You and Draco talked the entire rest of the train ride. You got to know him, you learned that his father was just about as bad as yours and Draco was a lot like you in a way. Quiet, kept to yourselves, and strong. You admired him for that.
The train stopped and students began grabbing their things, you followed. Draco headed out towards the front and you shortly after him. You and Draco stepped off the train when you heard some kids bickering.

"I don't care Hermione! Leave it alone please" a tall boy with glasses yelled.

A girl with brown fluffy hair yelled back "Your going to get your self killed you dimwit"

"Can we both just calm down your making a scene" a boy with red hair added.

"PISS OFF RON" both the boy and the girl yelled together. The boy with red hair who you assumed was Ron rolled his eyes and walked away.

The girl whose name you heard the boy with glasses yell was Hermione. She spoke to the boy with glasses again.

"If you even think about making another stupid life threatening decision Harry I will kill you myself if it is the last thing I do"

A light bulb went off in your brain. Harry, as in Harry Potter. A smile crept upon your face as you took steps forward and Draco followed you slowly behind making his way to the side of you. You were now face to face with Hermione and Harry when you spoke.

"Harry Potter is it?"

He turned away from Hermione and looked at you.

"That's my name, now who are you and why are you interrupting our conversation?"

No one talks to you like that. You took a step forward now inches away from his face.

"My name would be to much for you to handle Mr. Potter." You gave him a slight smirk and stepped back to Draco touching his shoulder with yours.

Hermione noticed Draco and scowled at him. "The year has just begun and your already corrupting the new students with that maggot mouth of yours."

Draco must have not liked that because he walked straight up to Hermione and got in her face. Harry pushed Draco back and got between the two of them.

Draco looked Harry dead in the eyes and then Into Hermione's. "I mean this in the most disrespectful way possible keep my name out of that filthy little mudblood mouth of yours and do not ever disrespect my name again" He spat at Hermione.

Harry looked at you and spoke to you. "Look I don't know what Malfoy told you but he is not someone you want as your friend, if you are to trust anyone it should be us and not Malfoy." Harry took another look at Draco and Draco went to grab his wand out of his pocket.

You set your hand on top of Draco's causing him to release the grip on his wand. "Now, Now Draco, play nice we wouldn't want to hurt poor Mr. Potter and his," you looked at Hermione and then back at Harry "little mudblood friend now would we."

You noticed Draco beginning to calm down and you spat again. "Please enlighten me Potter, why must you always be all bark and no bite." You smirked at the slight fear and worry beginning to come upon his face "I do know all about biting so unless you want to get bit, I would suggest you keep your barking to a minimum" you paused before you finished your sentence. "After all I am the daughter of the dark lord"

Gasps filled the air around you and you stepped back from Harry. You looked over at Draco to see him smiling at you and he held out his arm. You interlocked your arm in his and you both began walking towards the school leaving everybody in utter disbelief.

I just want to apologize in advance, I do not what so ever want to make Y/N sound like a rude person. She will get better throughout the story right now she is just lashing out her anger onto Harry because she wants to prove herself to her father who is Voldemort. It will get better I promise you that.
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