PRONUNCIATION : (RAIN/REIGN) ***** "I don't wanna argue with you." I cut in, it already feels like the whole world is closing in on me again, what's gonna happen this time? is there gonna be a gun...or a knife....is he gonna make me black out? "Oh ara babe, but I have nothing better to do than take my anger out on you. Seeing you fragile....your breath shivering as you try to get your breathing under control...it's the highlight of my day's actually." Harry said as he kept walking closer and closer to me. He's always treating me like I'm an emotional punching bag, he hasn't hit me but I doubt it'll stay like that. In this world you'll never know what to expect, so why hope for the best when you can just prepare for the worst. ***** // Alara Reign, in a new city as her father instructed her to keep running until she felt safer. What she doesn't know is that her unknown past defines her future. The sound of the gun going off is always in her head and it hasn't left...can it? Or will she get used to it considering the fact that she was mistaken for another thief and now they won't let her leave. What are their plans with her? Will she die in the palm of their hands or will they use her as a pawn in their own 'game'? // MATURE content ahead of you THIS BOOK DOESN'T PORTRAY HOW HARRY IS IN REAL LIFE!! BOOK STARTED DEC 2020 - UNDERWAY

Mystery / Action
l & c
Age Rating:

| 00 |

twitter - styleshoran_lc

^All updates and visuals ^
We hope you all like this story and tell us your thoughts about the book or chapter, whichever.
I also have this Spotify playlist of songs that remind us or that will be in the book, It's in the bio of our twitter, yAYY


There are plenty of hints and clues that you need to pick up on, you'll probably need it. Don't expect good things to stay for a while, a little heartbreak is what we need.
Expect the unexpected

Although heartbreak in real life is shitae, sit back and relax, and think of this as a ride.
preferably a carousel and the slingshot

This story is going to have mentions of :

Detailed Death
Sexual Relations
Drugs Usage
Explicit Language
Mentions of Suicide
Mental Health
Mental Disorder

C and I COMPLETELY understand if you're not able to go through with reading this book. We prefer you to NOT read if any of the above will or could possibly affect you.

Your mental health is more important than a silly fanfic babe.

And if you are going to still read it, you've been warned and we can't wait to see you on the other side

spookyy *thumbs up*

Okay grab some food & drink water,
we're going on a ride

- Lease & CC
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