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Maybe she is more than just a friend


This is my story from wattpad but it is based on miraculous and marichat and adrienette and more drama

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

Adriens POV
"I have been so busy with all this modeling and chat noir stuff I have no time for anyone anymore Plagg" adrien said.
"Well then eat cheese cheese solves all of your problems" Plagg replied. "Plagg cheese doesn't solve all of your problems." Adrien said laughing.
"Well then I don't know what to do now stop disturbing me so I can eat my cheese." Plagg said as he flew away. "The only time i'm ever allowed to do something is when I-" adrien said but was cut off by Plagg.
"Don't even say it I'm eating me chee-" plag said. "Plagg claws out".
Adrien transforms into chat noir and goes around the city then sees Marinette on her balcony.
"I wonder why she is out it's late and cold I should go say hi" chat thought to himself.
Marinettes POV
"Tikki what do I do Luka said he wanted to hang out to tell me something important but Nino's party is when he wanted to hangout and adrien is gonna be there"I said to Tikki.
"Marinette,there will be other parties and you see adrien everyday at school." Tikki said.
"But but adrien is gonna be there and his dad never lets him out."I said in a diasapointed voice.
"Look Marinette if luka has something important to s-" Tikki said but went silent and hid.
Marinette looked around confused.
"Hey Marinette" a familiar voice said.
Marinette turns around to see chat leaning against the wall.
"Oh hey chat what are you doing here."I said in surprised voice. "I got bored of my purr-son of a home." Chat said with a sly look on his face. "Why can't you just save your cat puns for ladybug."I said in a annoyed voice.
"Your not in a pawsome mood" he said teasing me. "Chat I'm serious it's annoying" I said as I started to walk to the window. "Where are you going feline alone" he said with a sad face. "Chat just because you talked to me a couple times doesn't make us friends" I said.
"Why do you hate me so much Marinette am I really not that-" chat started to say but got cut off my Marinette.
"Chat, you know I'm just kidding your....I really don't want to say this but I feel bad for making you sad so.....your pawsome" I said but instantly regret it. Chat looked at me with a huge smile on his face. He grabbed me by my waist and pulled me into his chest.
We ended up just staying there for a few seconds then I pushed him off of me. "Oh I'm sorry I don't know why I did that" chat said in a embarrassed voice.
"Um it's fine but I'm gonna go to bed see you later chat" I said and went into my room.
Marinette goes to her room and chat goes home.
"Ooooh Marinette what was that about." Tikki said teasing me. I plopped onto my bed. "Tikki shhhhhh it was nothing we are just friends he is in love with ladybug and I am in love with adrien nothing with ever happen between us." I said.
"Hey Marinette, news flash you are ladybug.
Tikki said. "I know that Tikki but he doesn't and he will never know."I said. "I'm going to bed Tikki." I said and laid down in my bed. "Ugh okay Marinette" Tikki said and laid on her little bed I made her.
Adriens POV
"Plagg why did I do that,what if ladybug saw that she would think I didn't love her but that hug was weird." I said to plagg.
"How so adrien?"Plagg said to me. "It felt like I was supposed to hug her you know it felt like how it feels when I hug ladybug."I said to plagg. "But they are different people so it's different I'm going to bed plagg night." I said to plagg.
Next day at school.
Marinettes POV
I headed to school and saw Alya so I went by her.I didn't know if I should tell her about chat noir hugging me idk why I would it didn't mean anything and why and I thinking about it so much. Oh God do I like chat noir no I can't I'm just overreacting I like adrien oh adrien is so cute and perfe-
I tripped and feel on someone I look up and it was "ADRIEN"I shouted. Everyone turned and looked at us some people were taking pictures what the hell is going on. I got off of adrien and stood up to grab my books.
"I'm so so so sorry adrien are you ok are you hurt I didn't break any of your bones do you have any cuts or bruises?" I frantically said to him. " No Marinette I'm fine are you ok though?"he said to me as he helped me pick up my books.
"Oh no it's fine I mean I'm fine you're so hot oh I did not mean to say that ok I have to go to class bye."I said as I ran to class.
Lunch time
"Girl is it true"Alya said to me. "Is what true Alya?"I said in a confused voice. "That you are adrien's secret girlfriend." Alya said to me. "WAIT ADRIEN HAS A GIRLFRIEND ARE YOU SERIOUS!" I shouted and the whole school heard me.
"Ok I am going to guess that you are not."Alya said. "I don't feel to good I'm gonna go home. "Ok girl I will check up on you after school ok."Alya said in a concerned voice.
Marinette goes home.
Adrien's POV
I wonder why Marinette went home early I should go check on her. But should I go check on her as adrien or chat noir. It would make more sense as adrien since I would see her leave.
Adrien leaves to check on Marinette
"Hey mrs.dupain is Marinette here I brought her homework." I said to her mom. "Yes she is in her room and how sweet of you to bring her homework you know the way correct.
"Yes I do." I said to her and I headed upstairs. I went up to her room but she wasn't there so I went back down. Then Marinette walked out of the bathroom in only a towel.
"Ahhhh omg" she screamed and sense she lifted up her arms to open the bathroom door to go back inside.
Her towel fell.....
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