A Petal in the Veil ~ Loki Laufeyson


It was dark. The kind of dark you only see when you close your eyes. An empty kind of dark. I could feel my heart pounding in my chest. The blood rushing in my ears. My head felt like it was going to explode.

Where am I? What's Happening?

I could feel the questions rushing through my head but couldn't vocalize them.

What's going on? Am I dead? How did I get here?

Looking around I could see ruins. The remanence of a battle beyond my imagination. Rock and rubble strewn about. Scrap metal everywhere. Sparks flying from broken electrical cables. Fire. Piles of debris burning nonsensically. But at the same time it seemed to be the only source of light.

What happened here?

Coming closer to the source of the light my breath cought in my chest. Bile began to rise in my throat as I cast my gaze about the arena.


Bodies lay everywhere.

Tears began to stream down my face as I took in the magnitude of the fight that had taken place. Dozens, if not hundreds of corpses lay at my feet.


What could possibly be worth causing so much devastation?

Taking so many lives.

I was finally able to pull my eyes away from the remains that take up too much of the ground, when I noticed figures moving in the distance.


I nearly tripped over my own feet trying to get closer. As I approached, the forms began to clear in my sight and I stopped dead in my tracks. I looked around quickly and concealed myself behind a wall of metal. The clarity of which I could now see the figures standing no more than 10 feet in front of me, did not help my state of mind. Because the persons in front of me didn't look like people at all.

The people, if you could even call them that, looked like they walked straight out of a sy-fi or horror film. Some of them looking to stand about eight feet tall. Others had impossible facial features.

I was officially terrified.

There was nothing in my rational mind to explain the events occuring in front of my eyes. Although nothing seemed rational about this.

As I tried to calm my self down I noticed more movement. This time, it was coming from the cluttered ground.

A man.

He was laying on what looked to be a shield, while clutching the hilt of a sword. It looked as if he was trying to pull himself up. His mouth move with words I could not discern. As he held on to the sword with what looked to be all of his strength he raised his other arm.

Promptly, a bright light burst forth near by. The large ray that he looked to be reaching twords seemed to be made up of all the colors in the universe. It looked as if a rainbow and a neutron star collided. The light from the abundant beam illuminated his face.

I could now see the blood that trickled down the side of his face, the strained look that masked his feature as he attempted to maintain his connection with the bridge that grew from the light as it shot across the sky, and his eyes. I could see his golden irises burning with a passion I had never seen before.

Suddenly, the light disappeared and as my eyes readjusted to the darkness I saw him collapse. I began to creep out from my hiding spot to approach him, to help him, when I noticed some of the alienesque figures did the same.

I noticed mouths moving but couldn't hear a sound. I realized then that I hadn't heard a thing the entire time.

I watched as one of the larger figures was given something akin to a spear. Time seemed to slow as he raised it above his shoulder. I looked back at the man on the ground, and startlingly enough he looked at me. Our eyes locked and his seemed to grow in shock as he took me in. My stomach began to tie in knots as I saw the look of familiarity cross his face. I looked back up at the daunting figure and time seemed to rush together all at once. As he brought the spear down, my heart clenched as I saw the blade enter the mans body. As tears poured down my face, I felt something bubble up inside of me and a deafening shriek tore out of my throat.




This is my first ever fanfic. Let me know if you guys want me to continue it or if it sucks.

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