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fixation | spencer reid au


fixation [fikˈsāSH(ə)n] NOUN an obsessive interest in or feeling about someone or something. expect the unexpected purposely written in lowercase started on november 6, 2020

Drama / Romance
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face claims and ocs

fatima almomen as mia shance
born november 21, 1991
race/ethnicity: middle eastern/ arab
sexuality: bisexual

mohamed medhat as jake shance
born september 6, 1986
race/ethnicity: middle eastern/ arab
sexuality: straight

unknown as riley shance
born march 25, 1986
race/ethnicity: mexican/latina
sexuality: straight

unknown as miriam ismat
born july 1, 1966
race/ethnicity: middle eastern/arab
sexuality: straight

unknown as abdul ebeid
born february 9, 1962
race/ethnicity: middle eastern/arab
sexuality: straight

holland roden as donna
no set birthday
race ethnicity: white
sexuality: pansexual

unknown as abe wilkinson
no set birthday
race ethnicity: black/african american
sexuality: gay

pat liang as alexa trist
no set birthday
race ethnicity: east asian
sexuality: straight

vanessa hudgens as katherine alexander
no set birthday
race ethnicity: latina
sexuality: lesbian

paget brewster as emily prentiss
born october 12, 1970
race ethnicity: white
sexuality: lesbian

the rest of the criminal minds cast as themselves and their given traits by cbs (race, birthdays, sexualaties, etc...)

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