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The Devil’s Bride


Youngjae plays into the wrong hands while playing with his friends. Falling to his near death was more like falling into trouble. Meeting the devil was not really bad or good.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

I don’t really see the point and giving you my whole life story when my life is so average. So I’m really gonna skip the intro. The reason your here is to hear about my experience right? Then you don’t need my sad life story. Let’s just start a few days before shit hit the fan. -Youngjae ;)

"You shouldn't play with the devil like that", said Mark. "Oh shut up, it's just a ouji board. That has nothing to do with the devil", said Jackson.

I looked at them from a far in the candle lit room.

They're all idiots. "It's a piece of trash that should be where it belongs", I said stepping on the board. "Youngjae don't you think you'll get karma or some shit", asked Jinyoung. "Why are you all so superstitious", I said.

"I'm not", yelled Bambam.
"Non of this shit is real so there’s no reason of having it", I said. Yugyeom, one of my younger friends, walked in beat up. In a school like this you can’t be soft.

Everyday there will be someone trying to step all over you and use you. They will beat you till you’re one of those kids that brings them money.

"What the fuck who did this",Mark yelled in question.

Jackson instantly became furious and ran out the door. We had to follow him or else someone could end up hurt. And here I thought today was gonna be a normal day.

"Where are those sick bastrards", Jackson said in frustration. "Look this way I see them”, said bambam. We all followed but

then I saw a man......

He was being beaten by a group of guys.
"Stay out of people’s way and you be like this bum”
"Whatever bitch", the man whispered getting beat senseless again.
And of course I can't just stand there.
So I had a plan. "Hey what you guys doing", I said in a policeman’s type voice. "Oh shit bro let's go", said one guy as they ran away.

The man looked up at me with deep consent as if he didn’t just get beaten up. “You didn't need to do that. What if they had saw you weren't a police man?", said the man. "Well I would have still beat his ass", I said. He laughed at me with a big smile, struggling to get up. "Come on let's get you to a clinic", I said.

"No I'll be fine", said the man walking away.

"Youngjae-ah" jackson yelled.


"Where were you we kicked their asses", said Bambam.
“Oh I was helping this guy.... who is not here anymore”, I stated.

“Yea, but we beat them up for Yugyeom”, said Mark.

"Well that's good and where is Yugyeom”, I asked them as they gave various faces of nervousness.

"Oh jinyoung took him to the clinic right mark" said Jackson.

"Oh yea yea yea that's what their doing, going to the clinic”, Mark stuttered.
My face though. They are bad liars.

“So their fucking?”, I asked.

“Yea... I mean no”, said Bambam
"Ok well let's go, lunch is almost over" I said.

Classes ended. Our teachers questioned our bruises every time we walked into class. But honestly their too afraid to ask. But we didn't say shit the whole day.

"I'll see you guys tomorrow morning ", said Jackson walking away with Jinyoung. Mark and bambam went separate ways and I walked home.
"Sis I'm home ", I yelled from the down stairs restaurant.

“I fixed dinner for you it's on the first table ", she yelled. She is always working in the restaurant so to give her a break, I work the weekend and close late.

I walked up stairs and put my shit in my room. I showered and walked out to my sister Hyolyn room.
"Hey sis, what you doing", I asked.
"Nothing just filling out some job applications", said Hyolyn.

It made me angry that her boyfriend says he can't get a job. Like why? Maybe because he smokes to much.
"Stop, make that lump of trash get a job", I yelled taking the papers away.
"Give them back Youngjae, it's hard for my boyfriend to get a job and you know that", said Hyolyn.

My sister works too hard to have a lousy boyfriend like him. I wished she would listen to me for once. It’s as if she is living with the devil.

"Shut up and stop taking up for his lazy ass. If he wanted to do something with his life he wouldn't have got tattoos on his face and would've finished school", I said.

"Youngjae you're just a hig-"

"No you're just an idiot in love", I said dashing out the room. I just don't understand why she thinks she needs him so much.

I have an headache.

"So you mean she’s with a bum", Jackson asked.
"Yess and I can’t stand it" i said. "Well there is not much for you to do, i mean she an adult so", said Jinyoung.

"I know but I just want someone who will take care of her when I’m gone. I dont need her taking care of them" I sighed.

"I know how you feel my lil sister is dating a jackass but refuses to break up with him" said bambam.

"Im gonna take a piss, save me some lunch " i said .

"Gotcha”, Yugeom yelled from the window where he sat..

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