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Dramione Fanfic| Healer of Hearts


Dramione Fanfic| Healer of Hearts| Hermione x Draco| *Transferred fanfic from Wattpad "What do you want Malfoy." He have a cocky grin and simply replied, "You" ----- The cover image is not mine, nor do I claim any affiliation with the creators of said image. Also, I am not going to continue writing this story any further. (This fanfic was transferred over from wattpad because of the new wattpad community quidelines)

Romance / Fantasy
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Going back to Hogwarts


A clad of smoke covers Hermione in a ominous blanket as she walks through the wall and onto the platform. She walked through the busy platform bumping into witches and wizards in a frantic hurry to get their children on the train. Everyone stares as the golden trio walks past with there familiar frizzy brown hair, lighting scar, and fiery red locks. Ron has his arm around Hermione's waist as they push the trolley toghether laughing. Harry pushed Ginny's trolley while walking silently next to each other tensely. They looked at Ron and Hermione and sighed in disbelief, what they were seeing was far from the truth.

As Ginny and Hermione got on the train, Ron and Harry stared silently watching their girlfriends leave them. Harry would work in the ministry as an aurora and Ron would be head Keeper for the Quidditch team the Chudley Cannons, while their girlfriends would continue their studies to get their desired jobs in the ministry. They could only communicate through owl, so to them, the next nine months were going to be long.

Hermione and Ginny both ran back to give them one last hug. Harry was a couple inches taller than Ginny and he gave her a kiss on her forehead while she giggled affectionately. They were so much in love. While Hermione gave Ron a hug but tried to push her off in disgust. They went on the train and found only one empty car.

They empty car had one person in the back of right seet. They had a black hoodie on over their head and was facing the window.

"Uh hi, can we sit here all the rest are full." Hermione said reluctantly

"Yea sure whatever." The voice was that of a guy and was unrecognizable to eiether Hermione or Ginny, "Who are you guys anyways?"

"I'm Hermione Granger and this is-"

"Ginny Weasley." Ginny interrupted

Hermione shot a "whatever" look at Ginny as she smiled innocently. The guy seemed started by this, so much so, he flipped around reveling himself. A huge scar lined his Malfoy blood face.

"Draco?" Hermione asked worryingly, "What happened to you?"

He furrowed his brows, and a scowl crept up his features. He raised a shaky finger to the scar and said:

"This is the kind of punishment you get from my father if you don't get a higher test score than a Weasle or a mudblood." He said with a scowl still tattooed on his face. While knowingly lying to both of them successfully.

He raised his hoodie higher, the shadows covering his face in a blanket of darkness. Only seeing the faint outline of his grey-ocean eyes is the dimming light of the day. They sat silently in the car, never talking. Blaise and Pansy soon found the car, and were both shocked when they saw a Wesley and Granger riding peacefully across a Malfoy, who was obviously aggravated.

They finally arrived at Hogwarts. It was pitch black and all first years were in a frantic hurry to gather all their belongings and to head on the boats that would carry them to Hogwarts. Luna Lovegood, Neville Longbottom, Dean Thomas, and Seamus Finnigan joined Ginny and Hermione on the ride to Hogwarts. All of them were talking about their lives after the war, when Ginny piped some big news that she hadn't told anyone. She pulled a chain, hanging around her neck, with a ring looped on it.

"Over the summer, me and Harry went to Italy," She started, "I turned away from him, and when I turned back he was on one knee and proposed to me." She said excitedly.

Hermione turned, whipping her hair violently at Ginny.

"And why didn't you tell your best friend this?" She said in a matter-of-fact tone.

"You would have told Ron. And besides, me and Harry want to give the news to everyone ourselves." Ginny said

"No I wouldn't have."

"Yes you would."



Hermione sighed in frustration. She crossed her arms over her chest and puffed loudly scowling at Ginny. A strand of hair fell in the front of her face, which she blew away angrily.

"Fine, maybe." She said rolling her eyes.

They all laughed at her remark. Hermione's though slowed down. The carriage behind her had a young boy sitting in it alone. He was crying in a carriage. "His resemblance looked strikingly similar to," She squinted harder, "no it couldn't be. He looked like Draco." She thought. He was a first year. First years ride the boats to Hogwarts. Why was he in a carriage?

Draco's POV- Before Hogwarts

The rain fell hard on his bedroom window as he heard a noise from the other room. He scowled in disgust. Dad in his mistress. Mom had gone to visit her parents and the house was filled with nothing but silence, until that woman came with their 11 year old bastardize child. He couldn't help but feel sorry for the boy though. He didn't ask to be out in this situation and to be fair, he looked exactly like him.

The same blond hair, grey-blue eyes, and Malfoy family name plagued him. No one knew about him, and only came around When Narcissa wasn't at the manor. She was gone most of the time now, whether it be for Death eater charges or for work, she was always out.

"Elijah Marvalo Malfoy." He thought, "How could mom have not found out about this yet?"

"Draco?" Someone said behind him

"What?" He said harshly, turning to Elijah, making him flinch.

"I was wondering if you could go to Diagon alley with me to buy some stuff." He said sheepishly

"For what?" He scoffed

"I'm, I'm,"

"Well spit it out."

"I'm going to Hogwarts this year." He finally spit out.

A scowl crept up his face, into a discussing snarl.

"WHAT! YOU'RE GOING TO HOGWARTS!" He said, making the 11 year old squint.

He dashed to his parents room, cursing under his breath. He reached the door of the bedroom which was unlocked. He slammed the door open making the door frame shake. Emerson, Lucious' mistress, and himself were in the midst of flirting when Draco barged in.

"What the hell do you want, Draco!" He dad yelled as he slammed the door of the bedroom against the wall.

"That bastard you bring here every time mom isn't around, is now a wizard. First you drop poison in my ear saying how horrible mudbloods are, then you had a child with one, let that child in our home, and now he's a wizard? Are you kidding?" He said angrily

"Okay so what." Lucious laughed off

"The point is, Hogwarts is the only place I can go every year until I move out, that doesn't envole you, and your disgusting habits, and now your taking it away from me." He said sounding like he was going to cry.

Lucious got up to confront his son. They were both now the same height, and were a menacing. Two very stubborn people who both hated losing were going head on. Either something was going to explode, or someone was going to die.

"Look," Lucious said pounding his finger into Draco's chest, making him shake, "you have told me that you wanted a brother form the day you learned that word, now you have one. So if you're not happy here," He said still pounding his chest a little more violently, "then leave. Otherwise take you brother out. Go to Diagon alley and but him the stuff he needs."

Draco stared down his father, for what seemed like hours. The clock was ticking and both of the patience was starting to run thin. Draco in a fit of rage, snatched his wand and ran. Lucious grabbed a pocket knife from the inside of his tuxedo and chased him down the hall.

Draco fell on a lump in the carpet, which allowed for enough delay for Lucious to catch up to him. When he did, a sickening grin washed over his face. And in a instant and huge gash lined his face with blood pouring out of it.

"That'll teach you." Lucious said spitting at the sight of his son.

That night when Narcissa came back she found his scar lining his face he had to lie. He said he fell and cut his face. He went up to his room. That coldness of it was too much to bare. It was blinding. "How can the cold be blinding?" He thought, "The air was thick? Is was grey? How could be grey?"

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