The Diary Of A French Paul


Ever wondered what a french version of the Paul brothers are like? Yeah me neither but I decided to write a book about it so Uhm here you go? When Anastasia Canet makes her travels to Ohio she discovers who her brothers really are. Will she survive the clash of fans? Will she go to LA? What will happen next, find out in this version of The Unknown Paul Also please be patient with me I honestly never new how hard it was to write stories and mine isn't even from scratch.

Fantasy / Romance
Katie K
Age Rating:

Authors Note

I know many people will probably not read this but please do the story will make so much more sense.

Okay first I'm not very good at spelling so I apologise in advance. Second, french is not my first language so again I apologise in advance for any mistakes I make so please feel free to correct me.

Okay next, I had first written this back in 2017 and I only found this now in 2020 and I had sort of modernised it so again I apologise if some of this doesn't add up. Also, in the first few chanters it's still 2017 so Anastasia will only be 15 but in the characters but it says that she's 16 but just to clear it up the first few chapters she's 15.

Next, I feel like people may get a bit confused on this part but when she's writing the diary it's her POV so it's in first person but when it's like the flash backs and things it's the narrators POV so it's in 3rd person. Just wanted to clear that up in case you were confused.

Lastly this is set in 2018/2019 so feel free to send me any photos you have of the characters from then on my Instagram (@katie.k1644). I will also be using a large amount of memes as I will be using texts between the characters and that's just how I communicate so again feel free to send any.

Thank you for taking the time to read this again, I apologise in advance for anything spelt wrong or the wrong french words or just anything that may upset people, now continue to meet the characters.


Sabrina carpenter as Anastasia Canet
Father: Guillaume Canet
Mother: Pamela Stepnick
Parents met and gave birth to Annie before Guillaume became famous, split for that reason and Guillaume got custody of her.

Willow Smith as Cassandra Branson
Age: 15
Twin to Bentley
The literal only sane one
Does everything and anything with Anastasia and Bentley.
Straight but confused.

Jaden smith as Bentley Branson
Age: 15
Twin to Cassie
Lives and does everything with us.
Zachary Herron as himself (@imzachherron)
Corbyn Besson as himself (@corbynbesson)
Daniel Seavey as himself (@seaveydaniel)
Jack Avery as himself (@jackaverymusic)
Jonah Marais as himself (@jonahmarais)
Logan Paul as himself (@loganpaul)
Jake Paul as himself (@jakepaul)
Guillaume Canet as himself-Father/papa (@G.CanetOffical)
Pam Stepnick as herself-maman (@Pam_stepnick)

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