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.*𝓞𝓫𝓼𝓮𝓼𝓼𝓮𝓭*.-Male Yuno Gasai x Reader (Omegaverse)

Chapter 1- Sign Up

Disclaimer: This means ″ that she is talking in her mind and thanks for reading ;)


Author’s POV

Y/N just got home from school and she necessarily doesn’t have any friends from school. She would usually be on her phone typing away about her day. Most people in her school have Alphas and she doesn’t but she doesn’t really care.

When she gets to her room she enters and sits on her bed and meets Muru Muru and Deus in another dimension.

“Hello Deus, Hello Murmur,” she said smiling at them

“Hello Y/N” Deus said smiling down at her

“Y/N have you missed me?” Murmur asked

“Of course I have murmur come here,” she said

“Y/N how come you don’t have any friends and do you feel lonely?” Deus questioned

“Well I don’t know I haven’t met people and not really” she replied

“Would you join a game to win something?” Deus asked

“Huh?” Y/N questioned looking up

Deus took Y/N’s phone and then gave it back but Y/N didn’t know what was going on.

“This might be a chance to meet your Alpha, and I will give you a diary” Deus said

“But-” Y/N was about to finish till Deus transported her back into her room

Y/N thought that Deus was just an imaginary friend or so she thought?


The Next Day

When Y/N had woken up this morning and gotten ready and had seen that her diary entry for today had already been filled.

‘Huh what is this’ she thought

She then saw that at this time which was the time she just woke up that her mom would call her down to get breakfast.

“Y/N come down please” her mom yell

“Okay coming mom” she yelled back

‘What the hell is happening is Deus the reason why this is happening’

Her Diary then said that at Time: The news will state about a killer on the loose

When she gets downstairs the news had stated about a serial killer going around murdering people just as her diary stated.

“Oh my god that terrible, Y/N be careful on your way home today” her mom stated

“Of course mom” Y/N said getting her bag

As she gets to her school she then realizes that this must be the diary Deus was talking about.

When Y/N was walking into school and her diary stated that 3 bully betas were waiting for her near the school and she then avoided them.

‘Ah I guess being antisocial means having to get picked on’



When I get into class without minding anybody and sitting down. The teacher came in and said that we will be having a test today and that caused everyone to groan.

‘I can smell everyone scents but not too much that they can overwhelm me’

I got a notification and it showed the diary entry with the answers to today’s test question’s

‘I don’t want to cheat but I didn’t study so I will have to’

After the test I found out I did pass but second to Yuno Gasai and I have heard he’s very popular and an Alpha too.

‘I just hope he isn’t my Alpha’

It was now time to leave and everyone had left and it was time for me to go. I was about to get up till I saw a little Murmur sculpture.

‘Huh what is this so cute but who knows about Deus and Murmur?’

“~Y/N~ how’s my Omega doing?~” Yuno said as he walks towards me

‘Huh?! his omega?!’

“How do you know about Murmur and why are you calling me your Omega?!”

I then started to smell a strawberry and rose scent and it smelled amazing and caused my body to shake.

“See it starting to take effect and you see I also have a diary and it’s my Y/N diary it tells me all about you,” he said holding his phone out

‘no No NO’

I ran out and kept trying to find a way to get away from him. I then ran into a building and hopped in an elevator and pressed a button trying to get it to close.

Till I smelled that intoxicating scent again and started to shake. The elevator then forced open to reveal Yuno who entered and said

“~Y/N~ Never Leave Like That Again I don’t want you to get hurt~” using his Alpha’s voice that made me whimper

I gulped

He then walked up to me and pinned me to the wall. He leaned down closer to my face. I started to feel my heart start to speed up and my body shake. He kissed me and forced my mouth open.

He then put his tongue through and started to fight for dominance which he won and when he pulled back a string of saliva stuck between us. It felt so good that I wanted more.

“Not now my love,” he said wiping my lips

He changed the floor now to the rooftop floor.

“Why-” I tried to say

“He’s following us and he will kill you,” he said looking out of the glass of the window to see a man staring at us

“Who?” I questioned


The elevator stopped and we went up to the stairs leading to the roof. When we get there Yuno said that when he told me that I should attack 3rd with my darts I brought at his phone.

When the 3rd gotten to the roof Yuno told me to go and which I did.

“Ahhh” I yelled as I threw the dart at his phone that caused him to swirl and disappear.

“Did I just do that?” I breathed out

“You did my love,” Yuno said hugging me and for once I felt comfortable

‘I guess he his my alpha’


We then found ourselves in Deus’s dimension with, I think the other diary users and there are 11 of them including me. I couldn’t see their faces though but I recognized Yuno he was staring at me.

“I am glad you’re finally here first,” Deus said

“Huh me?!” I said

“So your first hmm” one of the holders said

“First here had her first kill which was 3rd and as you can see he is not here. She has also met her Alpha isn’t that right 2nd” Deus said

“Hmm” I heard one of the holders say

“Congratulations first,” Murmur said hopping in my arms

“Oh thx,” I said feeling nervous

“Tsk” I heard from my right to see Yuno and knowing him he probably felt it

Deus then explained the survival game saying that if one of us wins then we can be the new god and can make one wish. I honestly don’t know what I am getting into but at least I have Yuno.


Thank you for reading and I absolutely love Dear diary/ Mirai Nikki and Akise is my fav

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