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you had eyes for him, but he only had eyes for your sister heavily inspired by yash chopra's film, mujhse dosti karoge WARNINGS: -profanity -sexual content

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write back

“You’ll always write me, right, Angel?”, he says, holding your sister’s hand in his. The smile on the little boy’s face stretched from ear to ear as he looked into your sister’s eyes. Your sister stood there, her body weight shifted onto one foot as she checked her raspberry shimmer lip gloss in her mini pink compact mirror.

You stood there, witnessing it all. You shoved your hands back into your jeans and nudged your sister’s arm with your elbow. “Of course she will”, you smiled. “We’re gonna miss you, Oikawa!”. You look up at your older sister, her face completely unamused as she applied another layer of the shimmery gloss. The 11-year-old switched his gaze from Angel to you. “I’ll miss you, too, (Y/N)!”.

You smiled back at Oikawa, thinking about all the fun memories you shared with him and Angel. The three of you were basically inseparable, as both your families were super close. You were either always at Oikawa’s house or he was over at yours. It was obvious that Oikawa had liked your sister, it always has been. He was always talking to her or about her, her name lived in his head rent free. And you? You were his best friend. Just his friend. But you couldn’t help the feeling you felt here, at the train station, waving your best friend goodbye as he was relocating to America with his family.

Oikawa’s mother runs over to the three of you, placing her hands on Oikawa’s shoulders. She smiles at you and your sister. “Oikawa, we need to get going”, she says to her son. Oikawa turns his head to look at his mother’s and nods. He then turns back to you and your sister. “Stay safe, okay, girls?”, she says with a smile. Mrs. Oikawa removes her hands from Oikawa’s shoulders as she brings you and Angel into her embrace. “Study hard and don’t make trouble for your mother, okay?”.

You smile over her shoulder at Oikawa, who was still looking at Angel. “We promise”, you giggle as Oikawa’s mother squeezed the both of you one last time before she back. She holds Oikawa’s hand and begins walking towards the train, now boarding passengers to the Tokyo airport. You watch as his family boards the train. “Goodbye!” you exclaim, as you wave your arms in the air to Oikawa and his family. The train’s doors close, but before they completely close, you could hear one sentence from Oikawa.

“Goodbye, Angel!”

You see your parents wave you and Angel over, as they begin walking out the train station back to the car.

You watch Angel as she sat at her vanity, removing the butterfly hair clips from her hair. Sighing, you roll onto your back, staring at the ceiling above your sister’s bed. Turning your head to the side, you play with the little tassels on a throw pillow. “Hey, Angel?” you ask, your sister turning her body to face you as she removed her earrings. “what’s up?”. You sit up on her bed, crossing your legs criss-cross-applesauce as you plopped the throw pillow in your lap. “You’re not going to write Oikawa back, aren’t you?”.

Angel chuckled as she placed her earring into her jewelry box. “Of course, not. He could only dream of getting an e-mail from me”. She flipped her long hair over her shoulder as she stood up from the vanity. “Why?”

You shrugged. “I don’t know, he seemed pretty excited knowing that you’d write him”.

“Hey, I didn’t even agree to it”.

“I know, but like I’d feel bad if-“

“If you feel so bad for him, why don’t you just write him?”

Sighing, you threw your face, muffling it into the pillow. “I could, but he seemed pretty happy to write you.” You gasped. “Unless-“


You smiled over at your sister and hugged the throw pillow and leaned over it. “Unless I just pretended to be you and write him”.

Angel rolled her eyes as braided her hair. “Go for it, I could care less”.


You knew this was the only way you could talk to him, but you also knew that Oikawa would be less enthusiastic to write if it was you, since he was expecting replies from your sister.

You weren’t mad. You weren’t disappointed. You’ve always felt this way, it became normal to you. You couldn’t help but wonder what you meant to Oikawa.

The answer was pretty obvious.

Just his friend. Nothing more.


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