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my teacher (aizawa x reader smut)


⚠️sexual content ⚠️ ⚠️drug use⚠️ ⚠️harsh language ⚠️

Romance / Other
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1. ᥇ꫀᧁ𝓲ꪀꪀ𝓲ꪀᧁ

it was another boring and long day at school with nothing to do. i was sitting at my desk slouching while my class was going on, we were learning about trigonometry wait no calculus. actually i forgot it was quite boring. i bent down to get a cherry jolly rancher out of my bag. "y/n." i looked over and my friend mina said my name. she pointed to our teacher. "pay attention."

"ugh fine." i slouched even more with the jolly rancher in my mouth. the bell rang about 30 minutes after. everyone left the classroom. there is one more period to go to. i went to my locker to switch my books from calculus to english. i slammed my locker and mina popped up.

"hey, how about we go out tonight me, kiri, jirou, and toru are gonna be there and i want you to come." mina looked at me with puppy dog eyes. i started to shake my head until she said, "please, please, please, please, please." she used her puppy dog eyes on me.

"you know what. fine, i'll go but if i get bored i'm leaving."

"you know what i'll take that deal, also wear that black dress that you literally look so good in."

"okay, but I need a ride. My car broke down and now i'm the only 2nd year without a car."

"it'll be fine." she put her arm around me. "also you need to comb your hair. it's really bad."

"it's not that bad."

"oh it's bad." she gave me a comb from her back. "ever since your break up with bakugou you've been different, like really different. you never come out with us."

i looked at her and stopped walking. "that's because i don't want to see him, you know what he did."

"yeah but i'm not saying get back together with him. i'm saying go back out there go date guys."

"yeah but-" she cut me off.

"not every guy is bakugou. you need to get out there and shake that ass of yours, you have a nice one." i laughed. the bell rang and she slapped my ass which surprised me. she laughed at me. "have fun." she waved at me as she walked to her last class. i sat there looking at her as she started talking to a girl who was minding her own. once the bell rang i was already in my seat and waiting for my teacher to start speaking.

"good morning class, as you all know i was given an opportunity to go work at the city university as a teacher. your new teacher will be here on monday. i have met him and he's a gentleman, so you should all be fine." miss midnight gave us all a wink. "now since it is my last day i want to make it fun, also all of you need to know that i will still be here for you." she gave a bright smile. a lot of students while i sat there.

that calls went by very fast and school was already finished. since my car had broke down i would now have to ride the bus. it reeked of b.o and all the first years were annoying. i stuck my headphones in my ears and blasted my music. the bus ride was about a good 30-40 minutes. i was the second to last stop. the bus driver game me a lemon flavored lolipop. i nodded at her for a thanks and ran into my house.

i raced upstairs to throw my bags on my bed. what am i going to wear? i asked myself. wait i got it. i dug to the back of my closet and grabbed out the black dress mina was talking about and put on thick black eyeliner. it was everything bakugou wouldnt allow me to wear those things out in public. i decided to do my homework since i finished so early and i needed to wait for mina. about an hour later i got a text from mina saying to go downstairs. my mom was out of town for the weekend and left yesterday. there was a ring on my doorbell, when i opened my door kirishima was waiting for me. i looked behind him and mina had a big smile on her face and waved at me. kiri took my hand and walked me to the car. "well thank you fine gentlemen." i laughed. when i opened the door i saw jirou. she gave me a huge hug.

"i missed seeing you, y/n." she looked at me after our hug.

"i missed you too, i wouldve came out sooner but i was busy." i gave her a little side smile.

"i completely understand." she turned her head towards mina. "now shall we go get wasted?"

everyone whooped and hollered. but mina stopped real quick. "you still have your fake right?"

i nodded and showed it to her. "great." now we can go. she turned on the radio and started driving.


we pulled up to a nighclub that you could hear two blocks away. There was a huge line but mina waved at the guy and he let us in so quickly, mina saw somebody she knew and dragged kiri over to them. Jirou was already dancing. well i guess ill go to the bar then. i walked over to the bar it was crowded. i shoved my way throw the crowded area, until i tripped over somebody. 'ahh.' i was caught by somebody. i looked up and a tall man with dark eyes and dark long hair caught me. "thank you." i said as i crossed my arms over my chest.

"no worries." he gave me a smile. damn he was fine and had a sexy ass voice. you had made your way to the bar and turned your head to the bar tender. "can i get an 'old fashioned' please." i asked.

"one old fashioned coming right up." the bar tender replied.

"hey get me one of those too." the dark haired man looked at me and smiled.

"two old fashions coming up." he went farther down the bar to get other peoples orders that were there before me.

"so, how come a young girl like you know such a good drink?" i brought my attention back to him.

"hmmm?" i asked.

"well you have to be older than 21 and younger than 25 so you must be young." the music got louder so he picked up his voice.

"smart man." the bar tender came back with our drinks. "i got what i came for." i held up my drink. "ill see you later."

"wait why dont you stay here and talk." he asked.

"my friends are waiting for me." i pointed to kirishima and mina. jirou was no where to be found.

"your friends look busy." he pointed to them as they started making out.

"your right." i looked to the left of kiri and mina. i saw someone that i didnt except to see him. bakugou. i turned down to sit at the bar. and covered my head with my hand.

"whats up." the man asked.

"nothing." i snapped.

"come on, youre clearly not fine, tell me."he sat down next to me.

i pointed my head in the direction of bakugo. "see that guy over there with the biggest ego ever and with all those girls dancing with him? yeah well thats my ex. we dated for a year and six months until he cheated on me with this girl named ochaco."

"im sorry." he gave me a sideways smile. "here." he scooted his drink closer to me.

"no you dont have to do that." i looked at him for a split second before he broke eye contact.

he gave an awkward chuckle. "you look like you need it more than me."

"thanks." i turned the cup in his direction before chugging my original drink. "hey." i looked towards the bar tender. "can i get something stronger?" i asked.

he nodded. "you got it." i sat there in silence util he came back with a shot of vodka.

"thank you." i didnt even wait before letting the alcohol into my body. i took another glance at bakugo.

"hey how about we make him jealous?" the dark haired man said.

"nah." i waited for a minute. "you would do that for me?" i asked.

"i mean i have nothing else to do how about we." he grabbed out his hand i took it. "im shota by the way." i blacked out after this moment.


a/n: hey lol dont be mad that i left out the details in this chapter i didnt want to make it so smutty just yet, i feel like that would be the most boring story ever if all it was. was smut also i wanted to hook u guys in more ^_^.

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