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Open Flame


In which two lost souls find comfort in each other arms and the smells of chocolate, coffee, and cigarettes. Remus Lupin x oc Marauders era I DO NOT OWN HARRY POTTER OR THE MARAUDERS THE HARRY POTTER BOOKS WERE WRITTEN BY JKR JK THEY WERE WRITTEN BY DOBBY BUT I HAD TO SAY THAT SO I DIDN'T GET COPY WRITE AND THIS GETS TAKEN DOWN

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September 1, 1971

Walburga and Orion Black stood on 9 and 3/4 platform with their two oldest children, Sirius and Lyra Black. Sirius and Lyra were starting their first year at Hogwarts.

The train station was filled with parents dropping off their children and wishing them luck.

"Sirius and Lyra make the Black name proud and get sorted into Slytherin. There will be punishment if you dishonor our family legacy." said Orion, their father. Sirius and Lyra give a nod of the head.

"Off you go." stated Walburga, and just like that, they were speed walking onto the train.


Lyra and Sirius found an empty compartment sitting side by side. They were laughing and having fun, things they could never do at home.

The door to the compartment open and a pale red-headed girl with green eyes stood there; behind her was a pale boy with brown eyes.

"Excuse me, can we sit here?" asked the girl. "Sure." said Sirius, and they both sat down opposite of Sirius and Lyra. Suddenly the door opens again with a loud BANG!

An 11-year-old boy with messy curly brown hair, brown eyes, and glasses is at the door. "Hey, can I sit here?" he asked. Everyone nodded in agreement.

The boy sits next to Sirius and says, "Hi, I'm James Potter."

"Hey. I'm Sirius Black, and this is my twin Lyra." Sirius told him. Lyra gave a little wave. "Who are you guys?" asked Lyra to the people across them.

"I'm Lily Evans," said the redhead," and this is Severus Snape" she continued while pointing at the pale boy beside her.

"What house are you hoping to get into? I want to get into Gryffindor like my parents." said James while looking at everyone.

"Anything to make my parents mad, but I'm most hoping for Gryffindor." said Sirius. " I want to get into Slytherin." said Severus, and Lyra made a noise of agreement. " I just want to be wherever my friend is." said Lily.

"Wait, you guys want to get into Slytherin? What losers. Slytherin is the worst house ever." James laughed.

"What's so bad about Slytherin?" asked Lyra while giving James a glare that could kill. "Let's leave" said Lily while grabbing Severus's hand and walking out to find a new compartment.

Two more boys walked in and asked to sit, but Lyra didn't hear because she looked out the window.


The students walked off the train while the older ones go to the carriages, the first year goes to the boats.

Sirius, James, and the two other boys were laughing while having fun and grabbing a boat. Since there were only four to a boat, Lyra had to find her own.

Lyra found one with two other people in it. " What's your name? I'm Celeste Lestrange, and this is Aspen Nott." said the tan girl with shoulder-length brown hair and brown eyes. The girl beside her was a girl with her hair pulled into a tight low ponytail and brown eyes; she looks as if she was down with being at school.

"I'm Lyra Black." she stated, and then they were gliding across the lake to the school.


The first years got off the boat and were walking to the school. A woman appeared and told them to follow her. They stopped when they got in front of the great hall doors.

" I am Professor McGonagall, head of Gryffindor House. There are four houses Slytherin, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff. The sorting will begin when we walk through those doors, and I call your name." the woman explained.

We walked into the great hall, and it looks magical. There were four tables with students that represent the four houses. The ceiling was bewitched to look like the night sky.

Professor McGonagall walked up to the front where a stool was with a hat on top of it. She picks up the hat with one hand and has a piece of parchment with the other.

"Tyrus Avalon." a boy with messy brown hair and brown eyes walk to the stool.

"HUFFLEPUFF!" The boy walked to the cheering badge with a broad smile on his face.

"Lyra Black."

The moment Lyra's named got called, she was scared. What would happen if she got sorted into another house? The dark thoughts about what her parents would do to her filling her head.

Lyra walked to the stand, trying to look as confident as possible, trying to show fear. Fear was a weakness, as her parents say. Lyra sits, and the hat goes on to her head.

"hmmm...a Black. What should I do with you? I know just what to do," the hat said, then yelled out


Lyra let out a breath of relief while she walked to the cheering Slytherin table.

"Sirius Black."

Sirius walked up to the stool and sat down, the hat touching his head. Lyra's body went tense, and she was hoping her brother was in the same house as he would be safe.


When those words left the hat, Sirius got up and walked to the cheering table. Lyra felt terrible; she can't even imagine what would happen to him when they go home. Sirius and Lyra made eye contact across the hall, and you could see the fear flash in his grey eyes for just a second.

"Lily Evans." The redhead with green eyes for the compartment walks to the stool nervously.

"GRYFFINDOR!" When the hat let out the house of the lion, fellow lions started screaming and clapping. The pale boy that she was friends with was noticeable upset about her being in the brave house.

"Celeste Lestrange." The other girl that Lyra sat with on the boat walked up to the hat with a small smirk laying on her lips.

"SLYTHERIN!" The serpent house lets out claps and cheers while the lions look in disgust. Celeste joins Lyra at the Slytherin table by sitting in front of her.

"Remus Lupin." a boy with hazel eyes and messy light brown hair and scars on his face walked to the stool. He seemed very skittish.

"GRYFFINDOR!" the table let out screams and claps at another member they received. The boy walked to the table quickly, not liking the attention and sitting next to Sirius.

"Marlene Mckinnon." A black girl with curly brown hair resting on her shoulders walks up to the hat without a care in the world.

"GRYFFINDOR!" The girl, Marlene, walked with such pride and confidence to the Gryffindor house.

"Aspen Nott." The girl that Lyra shared a boat with walked up to the hat. She had a semi nervous look on her face but tried to cover it up.

"SLYTHERIN!" Aspen visibly relaxed when the hat called out the serpent house, walked to the table with such ease, and sat next to Lyra with Celeste across from her.

"Peter Pettigrew." A pale boy with dirty blonde hair, bright blue eyes. This boy was kind of on the chunkier side. He looked scared and didn't like all of the attention on him.

"GRYFFINDOR!" The house cheered, and the boy at the hat hurries off to the table and sits by Sirius and the boy named Remus.

"James Potter." The boy from the train that was making fun of Slytherin walks to the hat. He swaggers and with confidence.

The hat doesn't waste a second; the moment it was placed on his head, it shouted out.

"GRYFFINDOR!" The lion house claps and cheers ring through the hall. James walks to the table and sits with confidence with Peter, Remus, and Sirius.

"Severus Snape." The pale boy from the compartment with Lily walks to the hat. He has a sort of emotionless face that reminded Lyra of her father.

"SLYTHERIN!" The hat yells out, and the snake house claps. He walks towards the table, looking for a place to sit. Severus and Lyra make eye contact, and slowly he walks to her.

"Can I sit here?" Severus asked the girls. " Sure," Lyra replied with a little smile. Severus sits on the other side of Lyra.

Professor Dumbledore stood up from where he was sitting and walked to a golden podium. He clears his throat before he starts talking.

"Good evening. Welcome, to the first years, and welcome back to the others. The Forbidden Forest is not open to students, and they should not be inside of it. Mr. Filch has a list of rules outside of his office. Enjoy the rest of your evening and happy eating." Professor Dumbledore said.

Food appeared out of nowhere on the tables. The food smelled so good, and it reminded Lyra of something Kreacher made her. Students started putting food on their plates and eating.

"I'm Celeste Lestrange, that is Aspen Nott, and this is Lyra Black. You are?" said Celeste while putting food in her mouth, keeping a certain elegance to it.

"Severus Snape." The boy said while eating roast beef. When the introduction finished, they all started talking, becoming friends.


Once everyone was finished, the food disappeared as quickly as it was there. Prefect started shouting during the first years to follow them. They walked down to the dungeons till they stopped at a portrait of Salazar Slytherin.

"The password is 'Pureblood,' and it will change every two weeks. Be sure you remember the password because you cannot get into the standard room without it, and don't give it to people in different houses." The prefect said to the group of first years.

"This is the common room. Girls, you are down the hall on the left, and boys are you on the right. There is nothing stopping girls and boys from going into each other's dorms; that is only someone the stupid Gryffindors have." continued the prefect. The common room was dark green and black. There was a fireplace light, and there was a big stone shaped like a snake above it. Two black leather couches with dark green armchairs were by the fireplace. Shelves lined the back wall with books, windows facing the Black Lake.

The first years go to their rooms. Celeste, Aspen, Lyra, and some other girl share a room. The girls unpack their belongings and get ready for bed.

Once everyone is in bed, Lyra laying there in the dark and silent. The only thing heard was the quiet snoring of Aspen and the breathing that indicated they were asleep. Light poured in through the windows, the moon shining, two more cycles till a full moon.

Lyra laid in bed thinking about Sirius and if he was okay, and what their parents would do to him. Lyra was terrified for her twin brother. Slowly Lyra fell asleep with the thoughts racing in her mind.


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