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🌼flower boy🌼


Elliot Roberts is new to hawkins Indiana and has to worry about bullies space aliens from another dimension and all he wants to do is worry about flowers but no follow elliot in his story flower boy

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🌼chapter 1🌼

It was almost the end of summer,when his parents had finally decided to get a divorce. So his mom packed them up and moved them, to small boring town hawkins Indiana. And right in this very moment,he had his head leaning on the window of his moms 1974 Toyota Camry.

He lifted hes head up when he heard the gravel,under the cars tires."well here we are el." el that was what his mom called him, and he loved the nickname."its a nice house"

That was true it was a very nice house, it was a brown brick house, with with white roofing And a dark brown door.

"Well the moving truck should be here soon,so why dont you go inside pick out a room and have a look around." "Uh sure" he walked up to the dark brown door and, twisted the door knob and walked in. The biggest room the living room was nice and, it was open to the kitchen and to the left there was a hall.

He walked down the Hall and opened the first door, the bathroom same as any other basic bathroom. Elliot walked to last room and opened it was nice white walls, popcorn ceiling and hardwood flooring. This would be his room.

As he stood there his mom yelled for him, the moving truck was here the truck drivers,joan(elliots mom)and elliot all carried boxes to the rooms they were needed in. And soon the truck drivers drove away in there big moving van. "So were do you wanna start first el?" "Well we should probably get furniture cause we have none" Joans mom did a small laugh.

"Yeah,yeah we should" her eyes crinkled. It was the first time he seen her smile really smile since,the divorce and he smiled too."tell you what i'll go pick out some stuff you stay here, Fix up your room and i'll pick up a pizza" " yeah that sounds nice pick out something nice yeah."

"You know i have great taste el" she said walking out of the front door.

And so he got started on his room and yes they had there bedroom and, bathroom stuff just not living room and kitchen stuff. And when he finished his mom pulled up, the new furniture would be here friday it was wednesday and after the weekend he would have school.


He liked school it was okay it was the kids there,and the way the teachers teached but he was smart so i figured he would be fine,at this new school hawkins middle.


A/n that was the first chapter so let me know if its good are not i actually put a lot of planning into and i know this is kinda short but i tried also yes i know elevens nickname is el and elliots nickname from his mom is el its cause i want to do something with the nickname but i dont know if i will have a good day loves ❤

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