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🌼flower boy🌼

🌼Chapter 2🌼

Tw/homophobic slurs very little

It was Sunday almost Monday and, on Monday school would start. For Elliot at least he and his mom had to spend their Friday building furniture.

Which Elliot could tell you were not the best time. But they got it done, and that's all that matters now, Elliot was sitting at his desk drawing daisies. And when he was done he put the illustration, in a black folder with the rest of his drawings. And into his school bag.


"Elliot come eat, or your foods gonna get cold." "Coming mom" Elliot said as he slipped on, a pale blue sweater and cuffed jeans tied his black converse, and grabbed his bag.

Now he sat at the table, facing his mom as she talked." so do you want me to drop you off, are do you want to ride your bike to school?" "I'll ride my bike" '' you sure-

"Yes, mom ill be fine promise."


Elliot's pov

I lock up my bike on the bike rack and head to the front office. Once I'm there I see a girl with really red hair I guess she's new as well. I talk, to the lady in the office and I sit next to the girl "Hi I'm Max" I look at her "oh uh hi my names Elliot"

"Cool name where are you from" "Wisconsin, how about you?" I sounded nervous I hate when I sound anxious but I wasn't

"California" "wow that sounds a lot cooler than where I'm from."

We talked for a bit until the principal came and showed us to Mr. Clark's classroom. "Is this them?" Me.clarke said

"Yup there all yours" we walk in and both try to find a seat, but not before Mr.Clarke stops us

"Drum roll, Dustin"

"The next passengers on our curiosity, all the way from sunny California, and Madison Wisconsin Maxine and Elliot." "Uh max" "what," Mr. Clarke said, "no one calls me Maxine just max." Those four boys in the front looked surprised.

But I and max found some seats in the back and class continued.


Elliot's pov

I was sitting outside for lunch drawing when two kids came over "I'm troy this is James" he said as he pointed to the boy behind him, "I'm Elliot" "yeah yeah cool, what are you doing over here?" "What does it look like I'm doing, I'm drawing."

"Well let me see," he said as he snatched my black notebook out of my hands."wow is this all you draw? A bunch of flowers what are you? A fag?" I could start to feel the tears pricking my eyes.

"Yeah, yeah that's what you are right James that's, are should we call you flower boy"

I picked up my stuff and ran into the school, I locked myself in a bathroom stall and cried I knew what he was implying.

A/n hey how's it hanging did you like the chapter? I how so I'll try and write longer chapters I'm still not too good at writing but ill try see ya 😽💅

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