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Magician x Magician (oc) x Illu


What will happen between a Magician, another Magician (which is obviously better than the that other magician and so much hotter😗✌️), and an assassin. What will happen when she is super childish infront of people she trusts/likes (jk she's an idiot) What will happen when she practically adopts an innocent kid Read to find out the amazing adventures of Bri~ A/N, yeah read if you want I'm not as good as an author but I'm Ok Also I don't own hunter x hunter or any of the images, but enjoy ❤️♠️

Romance / Adventure
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Chapter 1

So here I am walking down the aisle, in one of the most beautiful wedding dress. As I walk down I see people sitting in chairs, but I can't see there faces, I can't see anyone's face.

I look down to see my "husband" but I don't see anyone there, so i look around and i see that everyone was already dead.

Then a group walked up to me, if my eyes didn't fail me I'd say there was 5 of them. A woman, 2 men, 1 looked older than the other, 2 boys.

They all killed them? I was happy? For Gods sake I'm a fucking teenager right now. So i got down on my knees and thanked them all with tears in my eyes, I still couldn't see their faces, but I heard the woman say, "It's okay dear, we were payed to do this". Then the oldest one asked me, "How old are you?". I answered with respect and stood up and bowed while saying, "Hello my name is Bri and I am 14". "We're the zold-".

My eyes suddenly popped open and I saw I was in my room. "Ugh what was that all about, *sigh*, I really do have an awful memory *giggle*, ha time to get ready, today I'm gonna take the hunter exam", suddenly my door bursted open and in came Kikyo.

"Aunt Kikyo what's wrong?" I asked her and of course she started to lecture me. "BRI YOU CAN NOT GO OUTSIDE, YOU HAVE SO MUCH POTENTIAL, WHY DO YOU WANT TO LEAVE ME, WHAT IF SOMETHING HAPPENS TO YOU!", she exclaimed.

"*Giggle* Aunty I was raised by you and your family I can definitely protect myself, plus you saw how powerful I am, and I'm...... Hahaha 😅uh.....how old am I?", I asked her.

"*Sigh* Bri dear your 24, look at you, you can't even remember your age, your so childish sometimes, I guess that's why you dress like a clown", she responded.

"Le gasp, AUNTY I AM NOT A CLOWN I AM A MAGICIAN" i told her sternly. She just sighed and told me to be carful, aunty Kikyo has always been protective, but she gives me slightly more freedom than she would to others, Aka Killua, but he escaped and never told me anything.

He's probably still mad at me for what I did. I may not interfere with the family's work, or things they do, but..............
How could i deny the chocolate, it was calling to me, Killua didn't understand that. Time to take a shower.
*30 min later*
I'm all ready now, oh wait my clothes.
I put on my casual dress:

And final touches:

Makeup: ❤️♠️ on cheeks
And that should be all, let me just double check,
Clothes ✔️
Makeup ✔️
Cards ✔️
Walkie talkie ✔️
Chocolate ✔️
Mr. Oreo .............. Yeah no He stays here.
And I'm done, I walked to Illumi's room and knocked but he wasn't there. Ugh why is Illumi ignoring me this week. I walked around the house and said goodbye to everyone, I then went to the butler courters and said bye to all the butlers. I soon walked out and encountered Canary, "Goodbye Master Bri", "Bye Canary, take care". I said bye to Mekay, he doesn't really get along with Mr. Oreo, but he loves me. I opened the testing gates and walked out, i said Bye to the janitor, and left.

*Time skip to beans*

As i entered I put on my Happy Magician, assassin act. I was stopped by a green bean and i just couldn't help it and....well...." Kyaa your so adorable Mr, oh how I would love to squish your cheeks!!"

"Thank you Miss, here's your badge, keep it with you at all times" and with that he left, I put on my act again and look at the number, 387, I definitely have to keep it with me at all times or I'll probably forget my number. I was bored so I walked around and people where looking at me and some just turned there heads and looked at something or someone and then looked back at me. I snapped and said leaking some of my blood lust, "What haven't seen a Magician before~" I said and they all just looked away and let me pass. I sat in a corner and went to sleep,even tho I felt someone avoid me, he felt familiar but I let it go and slept.

I was suddenly woken up by a guy screaming, so i did what any reasonable person would and walked over to scream at the guy or kill him.

When I got there I saw his arms turned into flower petals, i was honestly amazed. But the screaming was annoying so, I used some magic and sowed his mouth together. "You know it's quite rude to awake someone with screams~, next time do try to be more quiet~", I was about to walk away until I heard someone talk. "My my dear~ that was a wonderful trick~", I turned around and saw another Magician?

"Well your trick wasn't so bad for a simple Magician~", he started to chuckle and said "simple?~", He then turned around and looked at a guy that had some very familiar pins in him, and of course curiosity got the best of me and I asked him,"Hello Sir sorry to disturb you but do we know each other?".

The man respond back in a very raspy voice,"I don't think we do",
"Oh well sorry for disturbing you Mister". And then I finally walked away back to my corner.

I asked To*pa who the clown was and he said his name was Hisoka. Then a girl walked up to them and sowed the screaming guys mouth shut, I didn't get to hear the conversation, but then she left, I asked To*pa who she was, " Mister To*pa who is she?".

"Oh that's another rooky, her name is Bri the Magician, she's uh a handful, and is very mean, you just saw what she did I'd stay far away if I was you."


Suddenly a door slide open and appeared a attractive man with no mouth. He introduced himself as Satotz, and then we started walking, which then turned into running, in the tunnel. As I ran I saw some very familiar white hair and skate board, and then the skate board flipped into the air in a very familiar move and then I remembered, -Killua Zoldyck.

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