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Tony Stark

Jarvis? Can you go down to the lab?

Of course miss (l/n).” I sigh as I hold the coffee in my hand that I made for Tony. He hadn’t come out of that damn lab since Tuesday.....And it is Thursday morning.

I walked out of the elevator and walked into the room before looking around for Tony. “Hey, Jarvis? Where is Tony at?” ”

He is i-“Jarvis didn’t finish as Tony walked into the room and spoke up. “Jarvis, can you tell (y/n) I’m coming up to our room? Thanks. “Tony said walking past me as he looked down at the project on his tablet. “Thank you, Jarvis,” I say as Tony begins toying with his iron man suit dancing slightly to the song playing from some device nearby. I walk over to him and wrap an arm around his waist causing him to jump against me.

I laugh as he turns and gives me a bright smile.”I was just about to go up and see you.” He says kissing me. I smile and hold up the coffee. “You’ve been gone for a Lil bit soo...I got you coffee and came down to see what you have been doing” I say looking behind him as he takes his coffee.

He scoffs playfully before smiling at me,” really do care about me”. I shake my head before walking back over to him and hugging him close. I kiss him deeply before pulling back. “Of course I care.”

I step out of the shower to see a completely nude Tony Stark standing in the doorway with a big smile on his face. I laughed as he took the towel he had grabbed and put it on the sink counter and walked over to me with a fake pout on his face.”I was going to join you. But now we can skip that part and get to the real fun.” He says grabbing my shoulders softly before pulling me close making me giggle. “What kind of fun? And for what?” I asked him giving him a cautious look as he smiled back, “sexual fun cuz why not!? Just kidding its because I owe you for staying away from you for just a little too long..and ignoring your needs as my beautiful girlfriend.” He says then takes the towel away from my body slowly and threw it away from us.

He admired my body slowly before pulling me in for a heated kiss that made me weak at the knees. He let his lips trail down my jaw to my neck where he left soft open-mouthed kisses across the exposed surface. His hands holding my hips against his hard enough for me to feel his member already getting hard. His lips trailed back up to my lips before he lifted me by my ass up so that he could carry me into the bedroom. He stumbled over my towel making the both of us laugh as we made our way out of the bathroom. His knees hit the end of the bed softly as he quickly laid me down on the bed and continued to kiss down my neck to my breasts. His mouth and hands paying equal attention to both before kissing down my stomach slowly enough to make me shift impatiently. This caused him to chuckle before finally making his way down to my heated core.

He lifted my legs over his head before gently kissing either side of my things before licking over that precious bundle of nerve before sucking harshly. My body jerked at this as he began lapping at my folds. He traced my entrance with two fingers before pushing them into me slowly, scissoring and curling in a steady fashion. As my hands clutched his head he went into a fast and deep pace as he curled his fingers in me a bit harder. Then he twisted his fingers and curled them again making me shudder. I felt the knot in my stomach growing faster at this sensation and I knew I was getting close. “T-Tony.....” I moaned loudly as I released over his fingers. He stood up and cleaned his fingers off. All the while looking down at me and wagging his brows making me smile and roll my eyes. “Taste just as good as I remember....” he said before crawling on top of me and beginning to kiss me deeply again. I moaned softly into his mouth as he situated his member at my entrance. Running it up and down, collecting my juices to get ready so that when he thrust into me it would slip in easily. I wrapped my legs around him and kissed him harder as his member went deep into me with a quick and sharp thrust. We groaned together as he settled deep inside of me. After a moment of me adjusting to his intrusion, I gave him a small nod so he knew that I was ready for him. Without a single moment of hesitation, he thrust fast and hard into me to the point I had to hold onto him tightly. His hips rocking against mine harder and faster until I became a moaning mess. I moaned into his neck as I felt the knot in my stomach growing again at an alarming rate as he reached down between our bodies and began to rub my clit with the tips of his fingers. I felt him go faster than as he felt my body reacting to him. He was getting close too for his thrusts became more erratic and not as calculated as before. With one final thrust, we released together. I sighed as he pulled out and lay down next to me with a soft thud from the bed. He looked over to me and I to him, we smiled softly as we wiped the sweat off of each other with the sheets

“I love you.” Tony said quietly as he pulled me to him. “I love you too Tony.”

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