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Your Safe Now


Fan Fictions! Bucky Barnes! Your a 21 Year old named Isabella! Your a avenger!

Fantasy / Mystery
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Your Safe Now -Chapter 1-

You get a call from Bruce your dad.
"Hey Kiddo uh tony wants to recruit you as a avenger so you can't say no cause he's tony Stark oh he wants to talk love you bye" Bruce says he puts Tony on the phone. "Hey kid uh your the new avenger Steve is on his way to pick you up pack your stuff" Tony Exclaims you sit their in shock "Your Tony Stark omg thank you!" You Say in happiness

At The Avengers Tower
You introduce yourself to everybody "Hello Everyone I'm Isabella I'm 21 and yeah I'm shy hello" Bucky smiles and giggles a little Tony looks at you and says "show us your power kid" you use your powers sokoivia gave you while they gave it to Pietro and Wanda Maximoff. Everybody stands in shock you giggle a little "Your training with agent Barnes" Bruce exclaims. you look confused tony points at him and you start blushing. He will show you to your room now, he walks you up to your room "So hello Isabella" Bucky says while smiling you respond with "Hello Barnes" you guys giggle and get to your room. You finish unpacking then by then it's 12am
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