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Resident Evil: Uprising


Resident Evil 2 Raccoon City Anais (an-nah-EES) Birkin is the first daughter William and Annett Birkins, she is about 7 years older than Sherry. Anais had a better life than Sherry cause obviously she was the first born. But when Sherry came around William and Annett got more busy with work which caused them to neglect the both of them so it was always up to Anais to take care of Sherry, Albert Wesker being Anais's godfather would randomly disappear for long periods of time the only contact would be through a phone or face timing. In 1995, William and Annette were transferred from the Arklay Laboratory to a newly-constructed underground laboratory in the outskirts of Raccoon City to finish William's work on a new biological weapon called the G-Virus, Finished in mid-1998, William refused to hand the virus over to Umbrella, instead preferring to hand the virus over to the U.S. Government in exchange for a larger reward. William injected himself with the G-virus, turning into a hideous monstrosity, hunting down and killing or crippling all but one of his assailants. several vials containing the Tyrant virus; kept in a sample case stolen by the Umbrella soldiers, were scattered on the ground and broke. Rats interacting with and consuming the liquids proceeded to carry the infection to the rest of the city. Sherry and Anais remained unaware of this.

Action / Drama
MaryJo Marcotte
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Late evening.

Scientists stayed in the honeycombs of rooms above the labs.There was a curfew of course-few people liked to be awoken in the wee small hours of the morning.

Annett walked down the hall and saw wesker walking a different direction, she shrugged it off. Annett has important knews to tell willam. It's been a whole year of dating William. She walked in the lab where Will is writing things down. "Will can we talk" annett asked and he glanced up for a bit "can it wait?" He says working on that damn paper. "I'm pregnant William" will looked up in shock.

That's when Albert Wesker walked in. "Your serious?" William walked up towards annett and she nodded smiling "I'm having a baby!" He chanted happpily. Wesker raised his eyebrows at them. "Congratulations" wesker says walking towards the computer. "Wait.. were not even married" will says and looks at annett "marry me" Wesker looked up from the computer.. thinking he should of came in here in a different time. Annett agreed.

2 months later

"You look great, Will" Wesker smiled, "thanks" William breathed, running his fingertips lightly over the tie, "I'm getting married.. seems like everything moving to fast" he says "weirdly enough Annette the only girl who can deal with your weirdness" william looked at wesker "I'm not that weird" William says as the pastor walks up telling him it's time. Wesker being the best man told him to get up there already.

The music started to play. Annett started to head down the aisle. You look up to see your future Husband staring at you. William held his hand out for you and to took it William couldn't keep his eyes off you. You both say your vows to each other.. "William Birkins you may now kiss your Bride" William grabs hold of your waist and you wrap your arms around his neck and kiss.

You both turned to face the crowd. The minister says "It is with great honour to now pronounce to you Mr and Mrs Birkins" William and Annett both walk down hand in hand. That's when the party gets started, the both of the them started they're first marriage dance. After hours of just partying it was time to say goodbyes and thank everyone for coming.

"Hey, Albert! Glad you came to our wedding an being the best man!" William says as they shook hands "William and Annette. Congratulation with this very important day." Annett can tell he's faking the whole scene in front of him but she just smiled. "Thank you, Albert" she says.

4 1/2 months later

Annett was was to stay in bed rest but knowing how stubborn she was, she didn't listen. Willian made sure to stay by her side just in case the baby came early. Wesker wasn't around much which she was a bit glad up but doesn't me she didn't hear William face timing.

Annett decides to trim her hair and bleach it to a blond color which she thought it looked cute. Within 3 weeks Annett had the baby which turned out to be a girl that William named Anais (an-nah-EES). She had blond hair and blue eyes so took often her fathers looks.

As Annett takes care of baby Anais William goes back to work, feeling he close to creating something which got annett proud of him. Every days she encourages him to do better and that he will succeed. William did not like to be distracted from his research,

but when it's needed at time he will babysit Anais whole Annett goes to meetings outside of raccoon city, Wesker tells them it's not a good idea to bring a baby to work.. but annett assures them that she's sleeps most of the day and if anyone does anything to who there will be a price to pay.


William hold his daughter Anais as he and Annett think of ways to make a certain Virus, annett could tell that her baby was going to be a daddy's girl. "Annett, can I ask you a question?" William asked which snapped annett out of her daze. "Of course Will, what is it?" William looked down at anais "I've been thinking and I wanted Albert to be Anais's GodFather" with him saying that Anais looked at him shock cause she didn't even once think about godfathers or mother's " I wanted your opinion before I tell him" William looked up at Annette eyes.

Deep down she felt it was a bad idea and wanted someone who would look out for you incase anything ever happened to the two of them but Albert was Williams friend "if he's up for the task Will, I don't mind Albert being her GodFather" annett says to William that made him smile then he got up from the chair "I'm going to go find him" willam says leaving annett in the lab. Once he found wesker he was at his desk enjoying his coffee. "wesker!" Willam walked in with anais in his arms "I'm babysitting on my break Will" wesker says

"no I wanted to talk to you about something" wesker raised his eyebrow at him and the little bundle started to whimper a bit. "About?" Wesker straightens up "I just got done talking to annett about this and she thought it was a good idea so I was wondering if you would be Anais's godfather? I know it's a big question and I understand if you need some time-" wesker knows annett hates him and that she's probably hoping that he would of said no "William, I would be honored to be the little girls godfather." William hands anais over to Wesker and he looked down at her

"Hey Anais,Your mom agreed with your dad I should be your godfather.. only if she knew" wesker grinned. Wesker got up and saw William talking to annett outside his door "hello Annett" Wesker smirked she sees him holding her child ".just wanted to say my thanks for trusting me with your daughter's life" annett can tell he's mocking her now. "See annett he's cool with it and plus look how comfortable Anais is in his arms" annett rolled her eyes but smiled "glad you could be part of her life" with that wesker handed Anais back to William who then started to cry. "See she loves you already wesker, doesn't even want to leave your hands" Wesker shook his head "i got work to do will" he simple says as he walks off.

From what William could tell Anais shown intelligence so he started to write them down.
~At 5 months she talking which anais first which was Ba-Bi then it soon became dada/mama
~At 6/7 months she could pick out letters of the alphabet just by hearing the sounds that they made.
~1 years old she went to preschool
~3 years old she started dressing and fixing her own hair.

5th Christmas 🎄
Anais pov
For the first time in 2 years, my daddy was able to make it home this Christmas to spend with us. The Christmas tree decorations were minimalist, but enough for it to feel festive enough for the Birkin family. William invite Albert ."I can't wait for presents!" Anais hovered around the tree in excitement. Wesker smirked eyeing me. In the kitchen you and Wesker can hear the faint sound of arguing. "Exactly Will, she was 4 at the time now she just gets excited for gifts cause you decided to tell her about the realities of Santa." I heard my father sigh "it's not like she was sad Annett I think she's just into the lights and decorations then she is about Santa" I groaned "are they going to arguing about this every year.. I already heard this argument last Christmas" I tell uncle Wesker

"Well Anais your a bright girl that your mother still doesn't understand that you can just move on" Uncle Wesker says then my dad walks in with a smiling while holding a tray of drinks.

6th Halloween
Annett walked thought the door, "no! I'm gonna be pikachu!" Anais pouted

William looked over at annett to see her glaring at him. " fine.." will says and Anais jumped excitedly and ran off. "Candy!" Both William and annett chuckled " now what did you want her to wear, she looked more adorable in this bunny costume but she's so confident in that damn mouse costume" he pouts

"your the one who encouraged her to speak her mind and now she's talking back you have a problem with it" annett says walking away with William following "I know I want her to be able to talk back but I want her to do thinks I want too!" He whined "Daddy! Let's go get candy!" Annis walked in holding the rabbit candy bucket. "Least she's giving you some thought" annett chuckled "indeed she did" William walks over and took Anais hand.

Around 10 pm

Willian and his daugghtwr walks through the door "Mom! We got tons of candy!" Anais says "that's great sweets, why don't you get wash up and get ready for bed" annett tells her daughter who nodded and left. " don't you look exhausted" he looks at his wife " I don't know how you kept up with her? She's everywhere that's why I'm better off in the lab" William says flopping down on the couch

"Go to bed Will, I'll put Anais to bed" annett says getting off the couch as she placed her book on the coffee table, will looked at his watch and saw he had 5 to sleep, he groan and got up kind of glad his daughter got him tired maybe for once he'll get some sleep. As William walked passed Anais room he popped his head in to say good night to her

She says her goodnight and continues to play with her teddy bear.

New baby

When Anais was told she was going to have a sister she got exited she finally has something else to look for other than school cause being at home was starting to boring. Around January First Anais baby sister was born.

Annett named her Sherry.

Bring Your Parent to school Day

Sherry was 2 years old and Anais was 9 , William woke you up to get ready for school. Anais took about 8 mins to get ready, she walks in the livingroom "dad you do remember it's bring your parent to work day right?" She says and William and that oh shit look. "Uhh I well.. I can't .. but uncle Wesker will be able.. I hope"Anais rolled her eyes not surprised that he couldn't go to school with you but never held anything against him.

Annett walked in all dressed up and Sherry in her arms crying. Annett hat to take Sherry to a meeting with her since Anais would be in school till 3 p.m. William called up Wesker "Wesker, I know it's a huge favour I'm asking, but you're off for the day and I don't trust anyone else with Anais. Please, just for one day. Pretend you're me and just make sure she's happy." He hung up,the phone "alright uncle Wesker will be your dad for the day" he smiled at his Daughter. "Whatever.. I'll wait for him outside" Anais says as her mother hands her he lunch

"remember your babysitting Sherry tonight." Anais nodded and headed out the door. It took Wesker 10 mins to pick her up, you got in the car and Wesker looks at you. "I can't believe this." He says and starts the car. Anais chuckled " I'm surprised you agreed to do this" she says. When the got to the school Wesker took off his darkshades already beginning the process. "I didn't sign up to be your babysitter." He looks down at you

"your babysitting me you just going to tell the class about yourself and what your do for a living. Then sadly hear what other parents do then you can leave" Anais Stated and he sighed "let's get this over with" for the few mins into class Anais a has students her if Wesker was FBI or Black Ops. Deep down she wouldn't be surprised cause of how secretive he is.

High school
Anais pov

"Miss Birkin? Miss Birkin?!" The teacher yelled out standing in front of her desk. I must of zoned out again.. I looked at her "what do you want?.." the teacher had her arms crossed with a firm scowl aimed at me. "Go to the office!" I shot up annoyed "Fine! This class is for stupid people anyways!" As I walked towards the door with the teacher trailing after me but I shit the door before she would walk me out the room. I could hear the classroom burst into talking and a few giggles and laughs broke through, obviously they enjoyed distracting and back talking to teachers..

The teacher turned to the class. "All of you Be quiet , let's get back to our lesson" I rolled my eyes.. it's not my fault i already know the subject and having to listen to it cause some people are dumb.. I walked in the office and the principal looked up and sighed "same classroom?" He asked and I nodded "Anais, this is the 5th time and this almost happens every month so I have to apologize but I contacted your parents so-" I groaned "if this happens almost every month maybe it's the teacher and not-"

principal Lidmen leaned over shushed me which annoyed me. " it's not just your outburst Ms. Birkins, you art teachers has shown me some of your drawing, apparently some of your drawings start off a innocent and cute to sometimes twisted and gory. We're just worried about you" my jaw dropped "I'm fine it's just drawing.." i feel like they're calling me crazy. "Your 14 Anais an-" he was cut off to the door opening. "Ah, you must be Mr. Birkin." I looked up. Oh no... I know how much he hates doing my fathers favors. I gave an innocent smile to the familiar blonde haired..I sat up properly in the chair as Wesker gave me stern glare

"Wesker actually. William and Annette Birkin are far too busy with work. I'm Anais legal guardian." His spoke in his tone of annoyance and boredom.. "I'm sorry Mr. Wesker for the mix up, I didn't know. Um, why don't you sit and we can discus the issue?" Principle Lidmen says nervously. Without a word Wesker walked over and sat down.. you begin smirking a bit wondering why if is that made people so scared of him. Black helicopters caught my attention from the window. " so I came down here cause she day dreams and draws made up creatures"

Wesker wasn't asking- he was demanding as he crossed his arms before the principal could start, and being caught off with Wesker's forwardness on the situation which surprised me as well deep down I wanted to cheer this on but for sure I'll be glared down or be told to wait outside. "Mr. Lidmen have you ever thought the reason why she acts this ways is because you won't push he up a grade? Obviously she's bored and knows what is being taught .." wesker adds. I looked at the principal cause I had told him this plenty of times.

" yeah I have thought that but Someone her age can't move up an extra grade when she's already suppose to be in middle school, I'm telling you that I'm concerned for her mental well being.. her drawling and writings is something threatening" the principal says which caused Wesker to raise his eyebrow "Mental well being? Surely these are just random sketches and nothing more. And the writing is... what the hell is this" Wesker says looking at you making you chuckle "the top one is different ways to create Amethyst crystals" I pointed to the top of the page

" and right here tells me how to do a Borax crystal.. reason why I tell my mom to bye me boxes of them the left corner tells you how to make magnetic fluids basically it's just fun things to do around the house when your bored" I said and Wesker looked at the principal " there you have it, Anais is just not as organized so it looks s all combined" the principle raised his eyebrow "then how bout the drawlings?" Wesker sighs "It seems that since her parent's are in a never ending work cycle, myself included, she believes she can watch horror movies and play certain video game while no one is unaware.

I am right aren't I Anais?" Wesker was looking at me "I'm not giving up my video games" I simply said crossing my arms. The principal stood up as did Wesker."I'll have your classes assignments and homework sent to your house. I think its best that you head home for the rest of the day. You will probably have a lot to talk about with your parents" he says " I doubt it, there wasn't that much to talk her? I'm here cause you and other people in this school over react " I simply said grabbing my bag.

"Enough Anais, lets go" wesker says holding the door open, the both of soon walked out to the school. "Anais you know I don't mind seeing you but you must understand that I'm suppose to be dead if anyone recognized me my plan is done" wesker says as he unlocked his sleek black car and held the door open, once he got into the car "but Uncle wesker I didn't do anything" you started to have a temper

"I know, I know, I'm just saying next time just pretend that your listening or write little notes so the teacher knows your on board, least you'll have evidence that your listening" wesker tells me. "Whatever" you sighed annoyed with this always happening. ".Can we got get some ice cream" you asked wesker chuckles "it wouldn't be a tradition with out you getting ice cream in such situation would it?" You laughed

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