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Resident Evil: Uprising

Chapter 2

3 years later

Being 4-5 years older than Sherry has been okay I guess, I've been her only friend she comes to. *Sighing* I rub my eyes. This week was my last week of college feels like this the years have gone by so fast. Getting up from bed I start to get ready for school. On my way to the shower I walked towards sherrys room. Hard to believe she's twelve years old. I open the door "Sherry wake up" she opens her eyes tiredly.

I walked off to take my shower. For some reason today feels off.. there's been some kind of virus outbreak getting people sick but they never give much detail on television. Plus me and Sherry haven't seen or heard from out father in a few days. Out mother would call every now and then. After the shower i dressed in black shorts and a long sleeve shirt.

I walk down stairs to see Sherry ready. "Alright let's go" I asked grabbing my black bag. She open the door. We walked out to my red mustang convertible that Wesker got me which my mom had a big deal about.

As I drove Sherry to school i saw people walking along the sidewalks with masks. This is getting me anxious. When getting to the school "hey Sherry" I said as she closes the car door and looks at me "call me if anything happens" I hand her a spare phone, I was going to give you this this weekend but I want you to have it" I smiled "thanks"she smiled "now go on before you get into trouble" I smiled waving.

Few days earlier

William refused to hand the virus over to Umbrella, instead preferring to hand the virus over to the U.S. Government in exchange for a larger reward. As such, a special forces unit was sent in to forcefully retrieve the G-virus, which was done after fatally injuring William in a hailstorm of bullets. Knowing he was about to die, William injected himself with the G-virus, turning into a hideous monstrosity, hunting down and killing or crippling all but one of his assailants.

As he did so, several vials containing the Tyrant virus; kept in a sample case stolen by the Umbrella soldiers, were scattered on the ground and broke. Rats interacting with and consuming the liquids proceeded to carry the infection to the rest of the city. Both Anais and Sherry remained unaware of this; especially the fact that Raccoon City was to be totally consumed with zombies in a matter of days.


Getting to college I went to class, everything was normal but I felt sick to my stomach.. why was I so nervous. I try to ignore that gut feeling and focused in school. When time passed and I was heading to may last class I get a call from my mom so I snook to the nearest restroom. My mother told me everything about my fathers accomplishment and that somehow the virus known as the G-virus was getting all over the city and now that me and Sherry are in danger and to get to safety.

She told me she went to go see Sherry and took her out of school and she going to take her to the police station. She hung out the phone when I had questions. What the hell is the G-Virus? And what type of virus is it?. There was a loud scream that echoed down the hall once I walked out. I knew they were going to lock down the school after a scream like that, then more screams and kids started to run out of the classroom some kids covered in blood. Shit..

I just took off out to the parking lot, I ran to my car before getting to the car door I hear a creepy groan and my instinct kicked in and I pulled out my knife from my jacket and twirled around to see this monster walking towards me. "What in the.." I stopped and was taught to asked questions till the end.before it launched at me I flung my knife towards it head and it fell right away.

I walked over to it and outlets out my knife, I looked up to see more kids running out of the school. I sighed "nightmare begins" i mumbles getting in my car, I started my car and everywhere people were running and screaming. The feeling of you heart ready to jump out. But with this speed I know I wasn't going anywhere so I decided to just park my lovely car and just started running around.

Hours later
Leon's pov

((Leon Scott Kennedy just got to Raccoon City. It's his first day on the job.but when he got to raccoon he was engulfed in horror of the sight of people attacking other people and eating them.))

I walked raccoon city seeing how quiet it was, I soon got to a certain street where a few people that looked hellish going after this girl, my instincts were to charge towards her shooting my may to get my way to her. I notice the girl was a redhead with blue eyes

She was hesitant with a confused with me that had having my gun pointed at her. I told her to get down and she didn't hesitate and crouched down as I fired my gun at these monsters. She yelled at me to move then the next thing I know a knife when past me hitting an other zombie that staggered towards me. "Hmm.. not bad" I committed at her throwing skills. "Yeah.. my brother taught me how to throw a knife but I never thought what he taught me would actually work" she smiled as I went over to retrieve the knife.

I looked at the markings and saw S.T.A.R.S..engraved into it "S.T.A.R.s... a special force issue huh?" I said. "Yeah my Brother in S.T.A.R.s but the main reason I'm here Is to look for my brother Chris" she said walking towards me. I handed her knife back.

"The names Claire Redfield" she introduced herself. I shook her hand "Leon Kennedy" as we looked around "So.. What's exactly happened here?" Claire asked. I sighed "I just got to raccoon city" I replied hearing her sigh "guess you won't show me around in this city" I shook my head. I soon took out my radio but nothing came in but static, damn, "no signal on here either" I groan frustrated

"alright let's head over to the police station maybe there we can see what's going on" Claire suggested. ".Uhh Leon..." I looked up seeing we were being semi circled by more undead, "where the hell are they comming from?!" Claire shouted, I looked at them as we kept shooting. Claire being scared sometimes made her freeze but she kept it together. But we had to move and now

"Claire follow me" I beckoned Claire to come with me. We both ran into an ally to get away from the creatures but we met a dead end when the door to a gate wouldn't open. "Shit it won't open" I swore.. I heard Claire yell 'get away from me' I turn to see undead closing in. I grabbed her and shoved her behind me and I shot them, we both left the alley, when more undead were seen but they weren't surrounding us. "This way!" Claire looked at me with the are you sure look as we shot our way through. "Just run" I yelled. We sprinted to another alley where we were stopped by more of these monsters

"Jesus Christ.. they're everywhere" Claire says gunning them down "stay next to me Claire" I told her. we continued to move. One of them manage to take a grip on my "Leon!" I heard Claire she shot the monster off me, I thanked her and we continued to run. Once getting to a safe place to slow down we stumble across once of these monsters eating a survivor who is coughing up blood. "He's being eaten alive!" Claire shouted disgusted we in seconds the survivor was dead. " I can't believe this.." Claire says in shock.. I honestly didn't blame her.

In the corner of my eye there was a broken down gun store. "Claire" I called out and she saw the shop too and we headed over. Luckily there was still weapons here. We both grabbed what we can and handed back out. But the I heard the radio behind me "hold up" I said and we walked back in the gun shop and walk towards the radio.

" Reports on Raccoon city disasters is scheduled to be broadcast again tonight at eight o'clock"

I looked at my watch it was 7:34pm. ".Leon if we stay any longer we're going to have company" Claire says. We headed out . "I picked a wrong day to become a rookie" I sighed shaking my head. "Oh god what is that smell" Claire says as we reached a sudden smell.. "maybe something is rotting?" I looked around as we walked through the streets, we haven't seen anymore survivors near us but there were screams and gun shots in the distance. Me and Claire ran the rest of the way till the gun shots got louder. .

"Fire at will! Hold them back!" I heard a Police officer yell. The officer saw us and told us to go into the police station which we did.. Then we notice that no one is here and it's abandoned we walked around for a bit till we saw something.. hopefully alive. "Hey, you ok?" I asked then the officer pulled out his gun " who are you?.. wait., I know you face.... your supposed to be the rookie, how's your welcome party going for you?" He chuckled, I nodded.

After talking with him me and Claire went to explore a bit, we walk into a room that look like an office. Claire gasped at the horror that was placed in front of us, there was blood everywhere. "Deep breaths" I calmed her she nodded as we walked out seriously it looked like someone was gutted and then had a bath in the persons blood. Claire pointed out that here were bloody drag marks. Slowly following it, the sound of glass slowly braking then crashing we looked towards the sound

and some jumped at us making us both lose out balance, "Where did it go?!" Claire panicked as we got back on our feet. I shook my head no knowing till I saw droplets I looked up, Claire followed my shocked gaze as we looked at huge flesh colored looked monster it's brain was showing and it had a long tongue..

we ran from it till an other fell to the ground form the air vent " we better get out of here quick" Claire says leading the way, we got out shutting the door behind us as we walked down the police station we heard a screeching sound behind us as we looked back at the long tongue monster.. where did that come from? We both pulled our guns and tried to shoot them but its movement were so fast out bullets. To my luck I saw a Canon gun leaning against a plant I ran over to grab it very fast when hearing it screech I lifted up the canon and shot it, the creature getting blown in pieces once I guessed where it was going to leap. We continue searing the police station..

3 hours earlier
September 27, 6pm

Jill left behind her apartment for her last escape attempt as the undead monsters had already ruined the city. First, she took shelter in an abandoned warehouse where she met Dario Rosso, an aspiring novelist who had recently lost his daughter to the undead. Jill tried to get Dario to help her escape, but he refused to go outside with the undead. He then locked himself inside a cargo container and waited to die.

While searching for escape routes through the streets of Raccoon City's uptown district, and suddenly gets jumped m
By two undead people she was soon saved by a teenage girl with blond hair and blue eyes. She notice she was geared up to fight off the undead. Teaming up with each other Jill found out her name was Anais Birkins, Anais tells Jill she's looking for her little sister who was left in the police startions, and wouldn't leave without her. When meeting up worn an Alpha team's pilot Brad Vickers, who had been bitten by a zombie in front of them.

Jill was warned by him about a monster that he had encountered and escaped from. He stated that this creature was looking for S.T.A.R.S.. getting information and supplies we headed back, going around raccoon city 3 hours later we got to the Raccoon Police Department and we witnessed the death of Brad at the hands of Nemesis-T Type - the monster that Brad warned her about earlier.. Anais duck somewhere and notice its only attention was Jill. Anais would at times joke around with her "I think he's in love with you" type of quotes. Anais decided to separate from Jill so she gave Jill most of her weapons to her, when exiting the RPD Anais was faced with another Nemesis which payed no mind to her. So she makes her to the last place she'll go.

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