Unsub (Spencer Reid X Reader)


A sociopathic girl gets arrested for allegedly killing multiple men. While the team tries to prove you did it, one of the agents falls for her.

Drama / Erotica
flaps of shrek
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You are sitting silently on your couch sipping a cup of tea, staring forward in front of the front door.

Then a bunch of people with guns bust the door open.

Some are swat and some are people wearing bulletproof vests that say FBI on the front.

A man with dark hair, he looks older, looks you up and down.

"Get up."

"Alright," you slowly move set your teacup on the coffee table beside your couch and get up with your hands up.

"Turn around and put your hands on your head."

You slowly turn around and do what he said.

The man walks over to you and pats you up and down then takes your hands and puts them in handcuffs really tightly.

He walks you out of the house and takes you where a bunch of cop cars are.

He puts you in the back of a cop car and drive you to the police station. They take you out of the police car and bring you into a room with a metal table.

They sit you down and handcuff you to the table.

A very tall, skinny man with brown curly hair walks in. He's wearing a suit.

He has a beige file in his hand. He sits in one of the two seat across from you and sets down the file and opens it, "so y/n y/l/n.."

He looks at you and you stare into his eyes, imitatingly.

"Where is he?"

"I don't know what you're talking about."

Spencer spins the file around and shows you the picture, "he has a wife and a daughter that are outside crying right now."

"He also was a child rapist."

"How do you know that?"

"He's on the sex offender registry, I recognize his picture. He had a count of child endangerment, incest, and sexual abuse."

Spencer goes silent for a moment.

You then lean forward and get as close to his face as possible, "what do you think he was doing to his daughter?"

You continue, "I walked pass her while they were bringing me in here, she wasn't crying, I wonder why," you lean back into your chair.

He stops trying to get you to sympathize and starts negotiating. He knows you did it but without evidence, a confession, or even a body, they can't prove anything.

"Why are you here alone, aren't there usually two of you?"

You knew the answer.

Because they know Spencer himself could persuade you more then the entire team.

"Why are you asking this? Have you been interrogated before?"

You smile at him, "answer the question."

"How about this? You cooperate and we'll make sure that you don't go to jail for the rest of your life, you might have a couple of good years on the outside if you cooperate."

"What do you have on me?" you smile at Spencer.

He pauses, "we're gonna find him and put you in the crime scene and you're gonna go to jail for a very long time."

"I'm glad you can sympathize with a child rapist, are you one yourself?"

He starts getting angry.

"Did you like little kids?"

"Shut up," he grabs your wrist.

"So, you like it rough?" you smile at him. "Don't worry I like it like that too."

He leans back in his chair and glares at you. He gets and walks behind you, he pushes you up and forces you to look at the file. He moves the first paper out of the way, "look at this," its a picture of the crime scene

"His daughter watched you slaughter this man."

"If she saw me, why are you still questioning me?"

"Because she didn't see any of your defining features. Imagine the trauma you put this girl through," he gets in your face and slips something secretly in your pocket.

You remain your eye contact as he gets in your face, "imagine the trauma he put her through. i bet his wife has no clue, he had a life before and had another daughter that he raped. Go ask her."

He leaves the room while slamming the door, you reach into your pocket as best as you can and pull the paper out.

It's a phone number.
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