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Spencer X Reader (part 3)


even further in the future

Drama / Mystery
flaps of shrek
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You woke up to your alarm and check the time to see if you needed to get up. You kept turning it off until the last minute.

You turn over and see that Spencer obviously isn't there. He's always getting up early to make breakfast. You had already been awake so you decide to just get up, even though you knew your kids wouldn't be up for a while.

You get up and go into the bathroom where you brush out your hair. Then make your way down the hallway. You slowly open the door to Kate's room. She wasn't there but her girlfriend was still sleeping.

You close the door and go over to Madi's bedroom, opening the door you spot Madi dead asleep in her bed, per usual.

You go into Walter's room, he's sleeping. You go over to his drawer and pick out an outfit for him. You go over to his bed and gently shake him awake.

"Good morning, buddy. You have school, it's time to get up."

He raises up and gets up from the bed.

You help him change from his pajamas to his school outfit, then put on his socks and shoes for him. You two walk out of the room.

Closing the door, you go downstairs with him where you enter the kitchen.

Kate was sitting down at the island while Spencer was making food and talking to her.

"Oh, hey," Spencer turns his head to look at you, then looks back at Kate, "one of them are awake."

Kate smiles.

He was referencing to the fact that you and Madi are heavy sleepers.

You smirk back at them.

"Okay, stop teasing me because I actually like to sleep," you sit at the island beside Kate and help Walter sit in the seat beside you "what are you making?"

"I'm making omelets."

"Is that because of your girlfriend?"

"How did you know?"

"We've never really made omelets before. Plus, you're up as early as your father. It's very obvious."

"Jesus, how could I possibly hide anything from profiler parents?"

"It's just not possible," you smile at her.

"Speaking of her, what do you guys think of her?"

"She's a really sweet kid, I like her."

"And you?" she looks at Spencer.

"Oh, me? I, uh, I think she's a really good kid. She's really respectful and I hope to see her around here more often."

"Ew, why would she let the girl come back here? Girls are gross and have cooties."

"Well, you're gross," Kate looks over at him.

"Hey, be nice," you say

"He started it."

"I'm talking to both of you."

"Okay, well I'm going upstairs in case she wakes up," Kate gets up and disappears up the staircase.

Kate seemed to be finding herself.

She was a very bright kid. She loved lots of colors, always wearing pinks, yellows, and light blues. She always wear the same type of mom jeans or cargo pants. She was the exact opposite of Madi.

Madi loves wearing plaid. She only ever wore black, green, or red.

Kate, just turned 13, came out to you as a lesbian. You have known that she has liked girls for the passed five years but she found a comfortable label and both you and Spencer supported her.

Walter was only five, a very hyper kid. Unlike Madi or Kate.

Madi went to therapy and has been taking estrogen for five years.

She had to be 16 to go through gender reassignment surgery, she was only 14 so there was only two more years.

But she was still very excited.

You, Spencer, and Madi sat down to do research together so that all of you can learn more about this entire thing together.

Not only did things change between Madi and Kate, you and Spencer both went to therapy individually and separately to get through everything you two had been through together.

You were happy and at peace.

Your kids were happy and you loved watching them grow up. You give Walter your phone to play on to keep him calm.

"I don't know how I feel about Kate and her girlfriend spending the night."

"Spencer, they are kids. It's harmless," you get up and walk around the counter.

"Actually, statistically teenag-"

You cut him off, "it's too early for that." You smile and wrap your arms around him, pulling him into a kiss.


Spencer pulls away and turns around.

You chuckle at Walter's remark.

He puts one of the omelets on a plate, there were already multiple plates on the stove next to the pan.

"Can you put these on the table and get some juice in some cups?" he hands you three plates.

You balance them in your hands and carry them to the table, setting them down.

You open the cabinets and grab six glasses, two at a time and open the refrigerator. You grab the carton of orange and apple juice and set it beside the glasses.

You pour apple juice in three of the glasses and orange juice in two more, you didn't know what to put in the fifth glass.

Spencer glances over to you, "she likes orange juice."

"How do you know?"

"Kate told me."

"Damn, she must really like this girl."

"She does, she wouldn't stop talking about her."

You pour orange juice in the last glass and take the cups two at a time over to the table, setting them down in the usual places that everyone sits. You go to the dining room and grab a chair, set it down next to Kate's place.

Spencer finishes up cooking the rest of the omelets and places them on the table.

Then washes the pan and spatula.

You go upstairs and go into Madi's room to shake her awake.

You tell her to get up to eat.

She was snarky but she's just not very fond of mornings.

You knock on Kate's door before opening the door. You see that both of the girls are awake and tell them that breakfast is ready.

"Are you two ready for school?"

"Yes, mom," she sounded annoyed.

You tried not to laugh, "okay," you said mockingly.

You close the door and go into Madi's room.

She's groggily getting out of bed.

"Hurry up, you have an hour to eat breakfast and get ready.:

You close the door and go back downstairs.

You look at the table and spot that no silverware was next to the plates. You go into the drawer and grabs forks for all of you, go over to the table and set them down next to the plates.

Eventually you hear all three of the other kids come downstairs.

Everyone sits down at there usual spots.

You all eat quickly and wash your dishes in the sink, you wash Walter's for his. Madi and Kate grab their backpacks, you grab Walter's for him. Everyone piles into the van.

You help Walter in the car and get in the passenger where you look back and make sure everyone has a seat belt on.

Spencer drives you all to the school.

"Someone make sure that Walter gets to his class please."

"Don't worry, mom, I'll do it. I'm the good one."

"That's why your my favorite."

Everyone gets out of the car as you and Spencer watch them go into the school. Spencer grabs your hand, "it's crazy how grown they have gotten." You turn over and give him a kiss.
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