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Fear | Yeonbin


Yeonjun's life completely changes when his father's friend's son comes to stay with them for a few months.

Romance / Humor
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Yeonjun put on his earphones as he rested his head on the bed, the melody of the music taking him to a completely different world. He closed his eyes savouring every part of the lyrics, it gave him a euphoric feeling. Chilling on a sunday with some music made the blue haired boy very much happy, he loved it. This has become part of his routine and he isn't changing it anytime soon.

His precious moment was interuppted by his mother who shook him harshly,

"Yah, Yeonjun-ah!"

"What is it?" The blue haired boy frowned, his mom never really interuppted him when he is listening to music becuse she knew how much her son loved it.

"You know your father's colleague Mr. Choi, right?" She asked, her voice laced with excitement.

"Of course I do" how can he forget afterall that man had the same last name as their family.

"He is going on a buisness trip for a month so till then his son is going to live with us"

"I don't really care" Yeonjun stated, he wasn't someone who is very social unlike his brother who has tons and tons of friends.

"Yah don't be like that, that kid is so nice and well mannered. I feel so bad for him, he lost his mother when he was just ten" Mrs. Choi stated, her mood dropping to the slightest bit

"What can I do for that?" Yeonjun knew he sounded rude but he didn't like that a starnger is going to be living in their house for a month.

"Don't be so rude, also he will be sharing a room with you"

"What?!" Yeonjun literally shouted making his mom cover her ears.

"Why are you shouting?"

"I'm not going to allow some stranger to stay in my room" Yeonjun was shocked by now.

"Bubba, stop being like this. His is almost the same age as you, you can get along well" Yeonjun was about to protest but his mom beat him to it

"No! Yeonjun, he is staying in your room and that's final" with that she left the room with a scowling seventeen year old behind.

Yeonjun was already starting to hate this boy, he just wanted to have a peacful life with some privacy.

Changes happen, sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse. This change in the Choi household can be any one of those or maybe both?...
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