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Fear | Yeonbin

Choi Soobin

It was the next day evening, Yeonjun was chilling on the living room couch. He just came back from school, the boy didn't bother changing his uniform. A big pile of home work papers set neatly in his back waiting to be completed but none of it bothered the teenager, according to him he was living his life and didn't want to be disturbed.

But the moment didn't last long because of the doorbell, he was alone at home. His mom went out for some grocery shopping and his dad at work so he didn't have a choice but to go and open the door. A loud groan left his mouth as he got up with an annoyed expression on his face.

He peeked through the peephole and saw a neck, he furrowed his brows in confusion. He thought of two things, one- the person might be standing on their tippy toes or two- the person might be a living giant. No one in his family is that tall so he hesitated open the door but after having a inner fight with himself he opened it.

Yeonjun was met with a sight of a handsome boy, the blue haired boy till what he knew wasn't into males but that might change soon cause the boy in front of him was extremely handsome. He also confirmed that his second thought was right, the blue haired boy offered a small smile. He didn't know the person but he was too good looking to ask him to leave.

"Is this Mr. Choi's house?" The voice, it did something to Yeonjun. He wanted to answer but it was like his mouth was stuck.

"Cat caught your tounge?" The rude comment brought Yeonjun back from his fantasy, he frowned.

The male was good looking but the rude comment he made was enough for the blue haired boy to stop all his fantasies. He didn't like the cocky comment thrown at him.

"Who are you?" He spat, the thought about being nice long gone.

"Soobin, Choi Soobin. Mr. Choi Jin's son" the blue haired boy's mouth fell open, he was surprised that the 'well mannered' and 'nice' boy his mom mentioned is this cocky and arrogant male.

Soobin smirked as he looked at the boy's expression, at first when his father wanted him to live with someone he didn't know he thought that it was going to be hella boring but now that he thinks about it, it wasn't going to bad afterall.
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