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House of 10


Crossposted from Wattpad Life of Mia her three husband's and there kids EXO.

Humor / Children
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MAYA/YN(she’s gonna be seen as average to the public,
*even though this girl is gorgeous*
●single father*strict*
●was bullied in hs
●childhood friend of kris
● married to kris,chanyeol,chen
●proud mother of 9
●speaks every language her husband’s do.
●can no longer have kids after sehun

Kris wu*husband 1*

●basketball ball player
●childhood friend of maya
●married to maya/bf:chanyeol,chen
father of 9*3 biological children*
●single mother
●former member of KCC(kris,chen,chanyeol)*rap group*

Chen kim*2nd husband*
kcc/cc member
●meet maya thanks to kris
●childhood friends with kris×chanyeol
□kai,d.o, xiumin

Chanyeol kim○pretend○
●3rd husband
●kcc/cc member
●childhood friends with chen×kris
○founder of KCC

An:all chinese members will remain to be Chinese I’ve made kris their biological parent while the other korean will have a korean one.they all are either a wu/kim.
Maya has a biological disorder that makes her kids not have any black traits.

Xiumin kim
first born*born when maya was 18*
●is the most protected by his brothers
●chen’s first born
♡ very proud to have 4 parents♡

Luhan wu
-9yr 09,16,2010
*born 6m after xiumin was 3m early*
●kris’s first born
○is more close to kris then anyone

Suho kim
●chanyeols first born
-8yr 06,22,2011
○chanyeol really wanted a baby of his own
°only one aware that he has 4 parents
•such a mama’s boy
the peace maker most mature of the 9

-7yr 10,7,2012
●was a accident from kris●
°most attached to his mom
○his parents wonder where he got dimples from.
●is more comfortable in madarian causes him to be around the Chinese kids and his parents●
♤loves making music w/ KCC♤
☆brags to kids at school how cool his family is☆

Baekhyun kim
●Korean ×black
●chanyeol got jealous that kris had 2●
○diva♡he gets in his mom’s makeup alot dads think they might have a
sonin law in the future
clings mostly to his father chanyeol the others believe he’ll grow out of it○
💛loves to brag about his big family and how how his parents are better💛

D.o kim ×yes his real name×

●his name is latin for light*pretend*
○chen wanted someone to play with
-6 jan,12,2014
•enjoys haveing singing lessons with daddy chen,baekhyun& xiumin●

●gets very most annoyed by his brothers suho is the only one he doesn’t get mad with.

○ask questions why he doesn’t have 2 parents his mom trys to dodge as long as she can.

○he dosen’t like loud noise he’ll start to cry×shake letting his mom cradle him for hours○

[his parents thinks he might have early anxiety like his mom or something else]

●most quiet of the 9 his parents worry about bullies later on●
♡close to suho,kai,mom,dads♡

Zitao wu
-6 may,2,2014
-born 5m early
Chinese ×black
-mamas boy
-the one that everyone babys
- one of the 2 to actually have some black features*brown skin*
- his moms favorite
-nicknamed panda
-took wushu at 4
*scared his mom to death*
- kris last child

Kai kim *yes his real name*
-named after his dad’s favorite show
-5 jan,14,2015
●is the only one who people don’t question is maya’s child
●gets bullied by his brothers for his skin will reply w/
“That’s ok because I look like mommy”
● doesn’t release he has more than 2 parents loves the life he has and doesn’t care●
♡has a bedwetting problem is very embarrassed his family supports him and always is their to change his bedding and pull ups♡
-A natural bulky child
-nicknamed bear
-D.o is his bestfriend
°gets scared when D.o has his ‘freakouts’ as they call them.
《chen’s last child》
Didn’t get the singing ability from chen. He takes after his daddy kris with dancing.

-5 april,12,2015
Born 5m early
-chanyeol wanted everything to be even
-is most definitely their last child
-loves his brothers the most
-even though he’s the youngest he’s the most independent
-love to dance with
lay,kai and daddy kris
- dosen’t get why he and luhan don’t have the same last name
-loves when they speak mandarin really wants to learn
♡doesn’t know why his older brother still wears pullups,doesn’t judge him tho♡helps change him since they share a room
●hasn’t gotten that he has 3 dads but he loves them●
♡chanyeols last child♡

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