Ding Dong: V


|BTS x Taehyung| MAFIA AU Cruento Academy, an official school for mafias and gangsters. This is the place where all the Mafia Clans' children train to be their best selves for the future. These students are ruthless, rough, and tough but Kim Taehyung, the so called "nerd" of the academy happens to be here. Kim Taehyung is a mysterious student who wears hoodies, black shades and a mask, covering his face except his nose. Thanks to his defenseless looking self, he is often bullied by both girls and boys but Bangtan is the group who bullies him the most. Little did they know, Kim Taehyung is hiding a bloody secret of his own. All he needs is to carve your body as you hear the sound Ding Dong rushing through your veins. TOP ⤴️ BTS BOTTOM⤵️ Kim Taehyung

Romance / Drama
Age Rating:



Kim Namjoon

• Second Eldest son of Kim Kwan and Kim Hana
• Younger twin of Kim Seokjin
• Leader of Bangtan
• Future Consigliere
(Right-Hand) of K.K clan
• Specializes manipulation, strategy, and great leadership
• Ruthless
• Dominant
• Great in combat
• Possessive
• Destructor
• Clumsy
• Best friends with Bangtan
• Fucking Fuckboy

Kim Seokjin

• Eldest son of Kim Kwan and Kim Hana
• Older twin of Kim Namjoon
• Specializes seducing and manipulation
• Future Leader of K.K clan
• Dominant
• World Wide Handsome
• Great in combat
• Possessive
• Great cook
• "Dad" jokes
• Best friends with Bangtan
• STD lover aka Fuckboy

Min Yoongi

• Son of Min Chul and Min So Young
• Future Leader of the Min Clan
• Specializes snipers and guns
• Tongue Technology
• Dominant
• Possessive
• Great in combat
• Great cook next to Jin
• Sleepy Kitty Cat
• Savage Kitty Cat
• Bestfriends with Bangtan
• STD walker—I mean Fuckboy

Jung Hoseok

• Son of Jung Chin-Hae and Jung Mee So
• Future Leader of the Jung Clan
• Specializes hacking, technology and driving
• Sunshine but can turn into the Solar Eclipse if angry
• Dominant
• Possessive
• Great in combat
• Sadistic
• "Spineless and no bones" Dancer
• Best Friends with Bangtan
• Fucking faqboiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Park Jimin

• Son of Park Dong-Min and Park Seung
• Future Leader of the Park Clan
• Specializes seducing, toying, and knives
• Dominant
• Make look like a mochi but is a deadly killer beneath
• Graceful Dancer
• Ruthless
• Possessive
• Great in combat
• Best Friend with Bangtan
• Of course, he's a fuck boy

Jeon Jungkook

• Son of Jeon Jum Seok and Jeon Yon
• Future Leader of the Jeon Clan
• specializes stealth, strength, guns and knives
• Muscle bunny
• Dominant
• Possessive
• Great in combat
• Ruthless
• Heartless when it comes to killing
• Best friends with Bangtan
• Hoes, of course this bunny is a faqboiiiiii

Kim Taehyung
(A/N: He will have silver hair from the DNA Era)

• Youngest son of Kim Myung and Kim Soon-Bok
• Quiet
• Hates the crowd and people
• Obviously not innocent
• Target of the School
• Hoodies is Life
• Wears a mask and black shades all the time.
• Cuty Face (of course no one has ever seen his face at school)
• Most definitely a virgin
• Small (at least 5'6)
• Feminine looks

As V

• specializes combat, stealth, strength, knives, battle strategy, and driving (seducing isn't really his thing)
• Very flexible
• Deadly
• Assassin or can be a Spy
• Always wears a mask when on missions
• has a lot of unknown information

If you wanna see the pictures then visit my wattpad! That way you will see how they will look like!!!
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