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P A G E T W O。
J U S T G O W I T H I T。

rushed through the halls of his university, hoping he wasn't late for his math class. He slammed opened the door, and the few people that were there looked, even his long time best friend, Park Jimin. Taehyung took his seat next to Jimin, "Tae you do realize that you are 30 minutes early!" Taehyung rolled his eyes at the remark.

Teasing Taehyung is one of Jimin's specialities, Taehyung likes to be punctual, precise, and present, and Jimin gives him crap for it. "Shut up Jimin! You we have a test today and I need the extra time to go over the material." Taehyung took out his notebook and revised, "You'll benefit from revising as well, minnie." There are times where Taehyung does hit Jimin in the gut, where it hurts the most.

"Yeah, yeah. Just share the notebook." Jimin rolled his eyes and looked over Taehyung's neat and organized notebook. The next 28 minutes has been studying and Taehyung rewording the material for Jimin. "I hope you understood the material because we are starting." Taehyung tucked his notebook inside his backpack. The two got ready as the professor handed out the tests.

After an hour and a half, the two men walked out towards the cafeteria, "Tae, I'll buy you lunch today!" Jimin quickly snatched the money out of Taehyung's hand. Jimin took out his own money and paid for their meals.

"What do you want Jimin?!" Taehyung got suspicious, Jimin only does something nice when he wanted something out of Taehyung.

Jimin gave him a brow raised as they both sat down at a table, "what makes you think I want something!?" Taehyung just gave Jimin a really-look and started eating.

Jimin just shrugged and ate his lunch, "oh, what happened yesterday that you left me literally 100 messages!" Taehyung looked at Jimin and smacked his shoulder. " ow! That hurt." Jimin rubbed his shoulder, "why did you smack me?" Jimin continued his whinny.

"You moron, I could've died last night and you didn't reply, not once!" Taehyung crosses his arms and slightly pouted. "I'm truly sorry but my grandma dragged me to a late night church. And they took my phone away so no distractions could occur!" Jimin's experience last night was one of the most weirdest thing that every happened to him.

Taehyung sighed knowing he couldn't stay mad at him, plus knowing his grandma, Taehyung believed him. "I forgive you."

Jimin smiled, "but what happened last night?" And Taehyung told him about the stalker, meeting the handsome man, Jungkook, the arm around his waist, and Jungkook giving Taehyung a ride home.

"Did you at least get his number?" Jimin asked. Jimin knowing Taehyung, that was a no, but hearing his adventure Taehyung should've taken the opportunity. "No. It's not like I'm going to see him again." Taehyung pouted as he remembered the God of men. His lips, his body, his eyes, and his hands with his tattoos, "I should've gotten his number!" Taehyung ran his fingers through his hair as he sounded frustrated.

"Yeah you moron!" Jimin slightly flicked Taehyung's forehead. "The God of men?! Is that your nickname for him?" Jimin smirked at Taehyung, and Taehyung's blushed in embarrassment.

"I said that out loud!" Jimin nodded yes. "Jimin you have to see him in person like, he is the man! the God of men!" Taehyung just flashed back to yesterday night.

"Dude, you are so infatuated by this guy you just met yesterday." Jimin chuckled slightly at his lost puppy friend. More like lust puppy.

"I'm just sexual attracted to him, I would not mind having a one night stand with him." Taehyung truthfully said. It's been years since he had some, and meeting Jungkook last night opened his desire pool.

Jimin drank his water, "there is nothing wrong with that. Taehyung you are on your last months of university, and you deserve some fun before you start your job in the fall. " Jimin really wanted Taehyung to enjoy himself. After Taehyung's first year of university, he stopped having fun. Jimin didn't know why he stopped the fun, but all he ever does is work and school.

"Yeah but anyway it's too late for that. I'll probably never see him again." Taehyung wasn't all that disappoint but it wouldn't hurt to see the God of men one last time.

"Taehyung you really need to take your opportunity when it's right in front of you!" Jimin gave him advice that later on would be useful.

JUNGKOOK walked out of his last class of university when a loud, happy voice startled him, "Jk, are you done for the day?" Hoseok flung his arm around Jungkook's shoulders.

Jungkook slightly shrugged his arm off, "why are you also so dam loud?" Jungkook had his finger in his ear. "Don't be mr. Grumpy pants! So are you done?" Hoseok continued with his bright smile.

Jungkook nodded his head yes as he smiled to some classmates, "why?" Hoseok came closer to Jungkook and whispered in his ear, "because I'm hungry. Buy me food, please!" Hoseok gave him his best puppy eyes. Jungkook just looked more annoyed than ever, "so you came all the way to my university just to ask me that?"

"Well that's not everything. I want to tell you over lunch, so let's hurry!" Hoseok tried to drag jungkook to his car but Jungkook would let budge.

"Jung Hoseok, you better tell me know or so help me I will smack the hell out of in front of everyone." Jungkook's demeanor changed. Now Hoseok was slightly frightened by his mean ora.

To save himself he had to tell him, "Yoongi is back!" Hoseok said with a bright smile. While Jungkook looked so unimpressed, "that's what you had to tell me!"

"I thought you'll be more happy that our friend group is finally complete!" Hoseok dragged the giant to the parking lot where their cars were, "we are meeting him and Jin for lunch so don't go ditching."

Jungkook rolled his eyes, "yes mom!"




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