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Serpent from hell [J.J]

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It was a normal day in Riverdale, as normal as it can be in the town with pep since the murder of their golden boy, Jason Blossom, when a new girl was on her way towards Riverdale High.

With her head hold high and soft put confident steps the girl walks through the corridors of the school. She knows where she's going, she's been here many times before. Her dark brown hair, which appears to be black, lays over her shoulder, while her red dress gracefully swings with every step she takes as she's on her way towards the students lounge where she's sure she'll find her two best friends and surprise them with her arrival.

Only her father and his new girlfriend know about her move to the little town. Her father couldn't understand why she wants to live in a small town, when she can live her life in the city of angels, but she told him she wants to live where her mother grew up and where her best friends are.

With a soft smile gracing her lips, the brown haired beauty steps into the room, all the attention immediately on her, wondering who that mysterious girl might be. She scans every person in it, but she can't find neither of her best friends. Who she finds is the football-jocks which turn towards her as well. One of them seems the most surprised of them all. He hasn't seen the girl since a couple of months before summer break, when she last visited.

"Angel?" Reggie utters in disbelieve as she walks over to the boy and hugs him. "It's nice seeing you again" he says, breaking the hug. "But what are you doing here? I thought after, you know, the breakup and everything, you wouldn't come anymore." "Jason and I talked at the beginning of summer break and everything's good between us. We were best friends first. Anyway, where are my favorite red heads?" she questions with a big smile, looking around once more. "Angel, there's something you need to know" Reggie starts but gets interrupted as one of the two Blossom twins enters the room.

"Angel!" the girl exclaims excited, rushing towards her best friend and hugging her tightly, which the other returns immediately. "I missed you so much! But what are you doing here?" "I missed you too, Cheryl. I moved here. Surprise!" the girl, nicknamed Angel grins happily. Cheryl returns the smile, she's more than happy to have the girl at her side, especially at a time like this, but her eyes are starting to tear up.

Everyone in the room is silent, waiting for Cheryl to tell the still unknown girl about her brother. Nobody told the brunette about what happened yet. She doesn't know that he was found dead, shot into the forehead the week after July 4th. His killer still somewhere out there, hiding and hoping the truth won't come out and he'll never be found.

"We should go outside" Cheryl tells her in almost a whisper, talking her hand in hers as the two walk outside, sitting down at the bleachers next to the football field.

"What's wrong, Little Red?" Angel asks, seeing her best friend in destress.
"Do you remember when Jay-Jay talked about how he wanted to run away?" Nodding, the red head continues with tears in her eyes. "He asked me again and we staged an accident at Sweetwater River on July 4th. It was so silly" Cheryl begins, rolling her eyes while wiping her eyes with a handkerchief Angel hands her, "we pretended he fell over and drowned so our parents won't look for him, but something went wrong, terribly wrong" she explaining, tears glistering in the other girl's eyes as well. She can't imagine what happened, but seeing Cheryls reaction, she knows it must have been really bad.

"He didn't call and in the night of the School-dance they found him at the riverbank. He's dead, Angel. Jay-Jay is dead and it's my fault" the red haired beauty cries. Shocked Angel looks at her, she can't believe what she just got told. Her best friend dead? She can't believe it, she won't believe it! He's Jason Blossom, he can't be dead. He's a Blossom, they don't just die. They're like weed, you can't just get rid of them so easily. So what really happened to the boy she knew since they were in diapers and who was her first love?

The rest of the school day went by quickly, Angel is good at holding her emotions, better than her father, so she stopped crying as soon as the two best friends walked back into the building.

But now? She is about to burst into a waterfall of tears while driving to the one spot in Riverdale she knows will bring her a bit of the comfort she so desperately needs right now.

Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe.

The bell on top of the door rings once, announcing the girl's arrival. With a big smile the old man greets her in his white uniform with his little hat atop of his head. "Angel, it's nice to see you again. The usual?" "Hey, Pop's" she greets him back with a small smile. She's happy to see him and his diner, the only thing that never seems to change. "No, I'll just have a milkshake, please." With a last smile towards the man, the girl looks around the diner, before sitting down at a booth in front of the windows.

Silently the girl looks outside, watching the people drive past, coming and leaving.
"One double chocolate milkshake with whipped cream and two cherries on top" Pop says, putting the milkshake in front of her, a gentle smile gracing his aged face, seeing her silently crying. "Thanks, Pop. I really need it" she tells him, referring to the second cherry. She always asked for two cherries when she's sad, it started one afternoon a couple of years back and just stuck.

"I'm really sorry, Angel" he says, laying a hand atop of her shoulder, trying to calm the girl down a bit before going back to the front of the diner. He knows how important the Blossom boy was for the girl. He saw how they got together and the looks of pure love they sent each other on each and everyone of their dates at his little diner.

Eating one of the cherries, Angel stares at the table while putting the straw between her lips and taking slow sips, getting lost in her thoughts while thinking about all the happy memories she shared with the older Blossom.

"You're sitting at my table" a voice snaps her out of her thoughts. Confused she looks up, seeing a brown haired boy about her age, who seems to like the darker color scheme for his clothes more than some others in Riverdale do, here everyone tries to be the best version of themselves. A beanie which kind of resembles a crown sitting crocked on top of his head. "What?" she stutters confused and caught by surprise. "This table. I always sit here, every day" he tells her, annoyed. "Oh, then sit down, we can share it" she replies, shrugging her shoulders and going back to her milkshake. Sighing the boy sits down across from her, getting his laptop out of its case and begins typing furiously.

"I'm-" "Angel, I know" he interrupts her, still typing without even as much as a glance towards her. "But my real name is Rosella Morningstar. You didn't know that, did you?" she asked him, smirking a bit as he finally looks up at her with his green eyes. "Morningstar, like the devil in the bible?" he remarks, a small grin appearing in the corner of his lips, while she nods. "Yeah, he's my dad." Skeptically he looks at her with a raised brow, closing his laptop a bit while Pop puts some food and a milkshake down. "Lucifer Morningstar is my father, that's why I'm nicknamed Angel. You still don't believe me?" she tells him further, seeing his skeptical eyes. He raises his hands in defeat, not replying.

"And who's the person this booth belongs to?" the girl asks, taking another sip of her milkshake. "Forsythe Pendleton Jones the third, but that's too longs so everyone calls me Jughead." "Interesting name, I like it, Forsythe" she grins up at him. He normally doesn't like people calling him by his real name but he doesn't correct her, mesmerised how his name sounds rolling of her tongue with the soft, almost unnoticeable British accent of her.

With a last look at the brunette, Jughead goes back to typing, sometimes taking a bite of his burger or taking a sip of his milkshake, while the girl silently watches him, mesmerized by him as he puts all of his focus on whatever he's writing.

"So, Jughead, what are you writing?" Angel breaks the silence after a while of watching him. "A novel." "About?" Unsure he looks up to her. He was there this morning as she came into the lounge and asked about Jason, he heard her talking with Reggie and he doesn't know if he should tell her what his novel is about. She cried until he sat down an hour ago.

"Come on, tell me. I need some distraction after today" she pleads, looking at him with her big blue eyes. "I don't know if it's a good idea" he starts. "Please?" "It's about Riverdale and Jason Blossom's death" the boy finally gives in, looking for her reaction. "Oh" is all she says. "Can I read it?" "You want... Why?" he questions her, clearly not expecting this kind of reaction. "He is, was my best friend and nobody told me about it. I want to know what happened. Cheryl just said he's dead but she didn't tell me why or how" Angel explains her reasoning, playing with a napkin, tears in her eyes.

Slowly, still unsure, he turns his laptop towards her, which she thankful takes and begins reading. She reads everything the boy wrote, from the staged boat-accident to two boys finding his corpse, and how everyone reacted to everything that happened, how the town changed since his homicide.
"This is really good" she states, wiping her tears away while giving him his laptop back. "So you're, like, what, investigating? I mean, I don't think the police will give you any informations. And this is really detailed" she wants to know, pointing to the laptop. "Thank you. And yes, Betty and I are investigating."

"I want to help" she speaks up after thinking about it for a moment, causing the boy to choke on his milkshake. "You want to help?" "Yeah, like I said, Jay-Jay was my best friend and I want to know what happened. Yes, I know, he wasn't always the nicest guy but he would never hurt anybody that much that they would kill him. And which sane person would even try to kill him? If the police finds his killer, they'll have the Blossoms coming for them and they can be pretty creepy, especially Clifford. That man always sacred me" Angel explains. "And my dad helps the LAPD with murder investigations, I may have picked up one or two tricks from him" she adds. Jughead thinks about it for a moment before nodding. She probably knew Jason the best, besides Cheryl, so she could have some useful information nobody else has which could lead them to the killer. "Okay."

And that's how the two spent the rest of their evening and night. Two completely different teenagers. One from the city of angels, always a smile on her face and secrets in her eyes and one from the wrong side of the tracks, a loner with a crown-beanie which never seems to leave his head and darkness in his soul, that wants to come out.
Two individuals who seem to be too different to even glance at each other but with more things in common some might think.
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