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my toxic love


spencer and y/n meet by accident at first, but then it turns into a friendship which blossoms into a ‘it’s not toxic’ relationship. the description sound so bad but i promise it’s better than i made it sound :)

Romance / Drama
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the city in the sea


i had just finished my third cup of my plain black coffee, but i was still so very exhausted.

luckily today we didn’t have any cases, we only had some paperwork to complete.

i sat at my desk going through all of the papers i had piles of in front of me.

when i got up to go refill my mug, morgan quickly got up after me and looked around before asking, "hey, do you know what's going on with hotch today? he's been acting all weird lately."

"yeah i have noticed that actually. he's been playing with his hands all day which he usually only does when something serious is on his mind. hey did you know that the average person taps their f-"

"do you know what's going on with him or not reid?"


"that was all i asked genius," he said laughing as he patted my shoulder and walked off.

i filled my mug with some more of the black coffee that sat in the pot, and a whole lot of sugar, before sitting back down at my desk to finish up with all the paperwork. it was already six and i really wanted to go home early to relax so i quickly got to work.


it was a quarter past seven and i had finally finished everything. of course i was the first one to finish up. morgan, emily, and jj were all still working. "and the genius has beat us again. who could've known?" emily said sarcastically, rolling her eyes making me smile.

"i do have an IQ of 187 and can read 20,000 words per minute so i mean, i could've known." i smiled over at her and continued collecting all the papers.

i packed my bag and threw it over my shoulder, grabbing all of the papers and plain manila folders that hugged them before heading up to hotch's office.

"come in," he replied, after i had knocked on the door twice.

"here are all the papers," i said nervously. i placed them down on his desk and he looked up at me in a questioning manner.

"why do you seem so tense reid?"

"i just um... is everything alright sir?" i start fidgeting with my own hands as i try to pry him open. all i wanted was to help him.

"why would you ask that? i'm perfectly fine."

"well not really. it's just that you've been fidgeting with your hands quite a lot which i've noticed that you only do when your mind is occupied with something pretty serious. do you want to talk about it?"

"no reid. have a nice day." he said as he looked down at his desk.

"yeah, you too hotch." i replied, a frown growing on my face. i hate that hotch was always so secretive. he's my family, i just want to help him feel okay. i would take all of his stress and pain for myself if it meant i could see him genuinely happy.

"pretty boy, take me with you!" morgan called out as i walked towards the glass doors that led to the elevators, a laugh escaping my lips.

i got in my car and decided to make a quick stop to the book store before i headed home. it’d been a while since i got myself a new book.

the book store was only a couple of minutes from my apartment. i was lucky enough to find a parking spot right in front of the store. i got out and walked in to the scent of coffee and some light cinnamon.

i browsed around the shelves and found a book that i liked. it was a book full of edgar allen poe's writing. i had a couple books similar to these but they each had a different collection of poems and fables.

this one had a new one that i'd never read before, "the city in the sea."

i was excited to read it and expand my knowledge with new quotes to use in those perfect situations. i purchased the book and walked across the street to the coffee shop to buy myself yet another coffee before i got back in my car and drove to my apartment.

it'd been a while since i checked my mailbox so i went into the mailroom first and opened up my mailbox grabbing the few envelopes that were stacked in there.

i head up to my apartment on the fifth floor of the building, unlocking the worn green door and placing my keys and coffee on the counter before falling on the sofa with both my book and my mail still in my hand.

i sat up and placed the book down on the black coffee table, opening up my mail. they were all just the usual bills except for one. i didn't even need to open it to instantly know that it was different. it was a light blue envelope with stickers all over it. i cautiously opened it afraid to find some creepy message on the inside, (a fear i've grown from working with the fbi for so long and seeing everything there was to be seen) but instead it was just a normal letter written on a loose leaf with a purple glitter pen.

dear ava,
i miss you already. i know it's only been two days but I already miss you so much. i can't wait until christmas break so you can finally come back home and visit. this feels so weird writing to you on a paper, i'm so used to just sending you text messages which technically i could do right now if i wanted to actually, i just thought this would be funner. anyways i hope this actually ends with you and not some random stranger. have fun in college! not too much fun though ;)
i love you avatar.
ps: i got a new phone number so delete the old one. i wrote the new one on a post it that should also be in the envelope somewhere.
pps: if this is actually some stranger reading this and not ava can you please mail this back to me. my address is on the front of the envelope. thank you :)

i laughed at the accuracy.

her phone number, was in fact, written on a purple post it that was in the envelope, a lighter shade of purple compared to the one used to write the letter.

i grabbed the letter and the post it note and put it into a new envelope, this one white and plain compared to the one it originally came in. i stamped it and sealed the original letter in along with a note that explained the whole situation. once it was ready to be sent with the correct address, i grabbed my keys and my coffee and headed out to the nearest post office.

i decided to walk this time and enjoy the scenery. it'd been a while since i took a peaceful walk. i also didn’t prefer driving.

the walk there had only been a couple minutes. i dropped the letter and headed back to the apartment.

i headed back up to the fifth floor and into my apartment. i tossed my coffee which i had finished while on my trip to the post office.

i sat down on the sofa and picked up my book from off the table. i opened up to the 79th page and started reading.

"lo! death has reared himself a throne..."


hello :) i hope you enjoyed the first chapter!
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