Good Girl Gone Bad (Min Yoongi)


Everything was fine until she passed away.. Then my life turned to complete hell. I was nothing more then a human punching bag and a sorry excuse of a daughter. No one knew.. Not even my own brother. How could I tell him? He said he would kill the both of us if I did. I was weak.. I thought I would be trapped inside of that house for the rest of eternity.. That was until he came into my life.. The bad boy that no one messed with. One of the most dangerous gang leaders that everyone feared.. Min Yoongi.. He changed everything. He changed me. I guess you could call it.. Good Girl Gone Bad. Hello my lovelies! This FF contains some 18+. Read at your own risk.. I don't own any pictures, just the stories. I hope you enjoy! Thank you!❤️ (plus I love everyone in my story. No hate on anyone of them!)

Romance / Drama
Age Rating:

Chapter 1: Introduction


I wake up to the sound of my annoying ass alarm clock.

Y/N: UGHHHH! I swear, if going to school wasn't the law I would not, I repeat NOT go.

I lazily get out of my bed and go to my bathroom to take a shower.

Once I'm done, I look at my body in the mirror. My eyes grow at the sight of bruises and red marks.

Now, you're probably thinking "was this girl beaten?"

Well to answer your question. I was. By whom you may ask? Well that would be my dad.

Now before you start to ask anymore questions, let me introduce myself.

Hi, my name is Park Y/N. I'm 17 years old and a senior in high school. I'm kind of a shy girl and I don't really talk that much. My interest are dancing and... well... that's about it. I have an older brother and his name is Park Jimin. And he's kinda protective of me. But... he doesn't know about the whole "daddy issues" thing. And I'm not allowed to tell. My father would NEVER leave any marks on my body that others could see. My father is a big gang leader, by the way. He is a very rich and successful man. But he's also the owner of the biggest company in Korea. His favorite child is Jimin. He loves my brother because he works for him in his gang. And he calls me "The disappointment of the family". He's mad that he had a daughter instead of another son. So that's why I get beat. Because I'm a "disappointment". So he doesn't allow me anywhere near his work. Not because he wants to protect me and keep me safe. But he thinks that because I'm a girl I would just fuck everything up. My mother passed away when I was 7. My dad says that she was killed by another gang. Which really sucks because she was the best thing to ever happen to me.. She wouldn't let anyone dare to lay a hand on me. She was my best friend...

While I was thinking, I then came back to reality by the sound of banging on the bathroom door.

??: Y/N hurry we're gonna be late!

I look at my time and see that it is 7:30


Y/N: Okay!

I then rush down the hall into my room. I quickly put on some clothes, do my hair and makeup, then look at myself in the mirror before I walk out of my room.

As I walk into the kitchen I see my brother smiling at me.

Jimin: Good morning Y/N!

Y/N: Good morning Oppa!

Then the kitchen door opens and my smile instantly faded.

??: Good morning kids

Jimin: Good morning dad!

Y/N: morning...

His eyes meet with mine and I quickly move my sight towards the ground.

I can feel my heart beating out of my chest.

But I knew I was safe at that moment because I had Jimin right beside me.

Jimin: Well we should go to school. Bye dad.

Jimin then grabs my hand and pulls me to his car.

I get in, still quietly thinking about what happened yesterday.


I was sitting in my room doing my homework and listening to music.

I then get a text notification on my phone.


Jimin: Hey Y/N! I'm at a friends house and I'll be home in about an hour. Is there anything you need from the store when I come back?

Y/N: Hmmm.. I don't think so.

Jimin: Are you sure?🤔

Y/N: Well I mean could you possibly bring me some chocolate?😁

Jimin: Let me guess. Period?

Y/N: How did you know???

Jimin: Y/N.. I know you.😂

Y/N: So that chocolate?..😅

Jimin: I'll bring you chocolate Y/N.

Y/N: Thank you Oppa!😊❤️

Jimin: Do you need anything else? Do you have enough pads at home?

Y/N: Ummm.... could you....😅

Jimin: What kind do you need?

Y/N: (tells him the kind you need)

Jimin: Okay. I'll be home as soon as possible. Love you Y/N!❤️

Y/N: Thank you. You are the best! I love you too!!❤️

(End of texts)

I start back on my homework and then see my door get slammed open.

Oh great... it's my dad...

Dad: Y/N!!!

Y/N: Y-yes dad?

Dad: Will you explain to me why you made a B on your last exam?!?!?

Y/N: I-


He then grabs my hair and drags me down the stairs, leading me into the basement (aka his torture room).

Tears are running down my face from the pain of him pulling my hair.

He shoves me to the ground and I just lie there, covering my head while crying my heart out.

I then feel a sharp pain in my stomach. He was kicking the hell out of me. I couldn't breathe.

While he was kicking me over and over again, he kept yelling at me.

Dad: Why are you such a disappointment?!


Dad: All you're ever gonna be is a failure!


Dad: You're gonna end up just like your mother!

He was about to kick me again but before he could his phone rang.

Thank God.

Dad: Hello?

??: I'll be home in 15 minutes.

Dad: Okay son.

It was Jimin..

He hangs up the phone and looks at my body laying on the floor.

Dad: You have 15 minutes to clean yourself up. Go.

Not waiting another second. I get up and limp my way towards the door.

Dad: Oh, and Y/N.

I turn my head to look at him and he just places his finger over his lips, signaling me to keep my mouth shut.

I just turn my head and walk up to the bathroom to take a shower before Jimin gets home.

(15 minutes later)

After showering, I put on clothes that would cover my body so no one could see any marks.

I hear a knock on my door and I knew exactly who it was.

Y/N: Come in!

Jimin then walks into my room with a plastic bag and hands it to me.

Y:N: Thank you!

He smiles at me and places his hand on my head.

Jimin: Anything for my Princess. So how was your day?

Y/N: Oh ya know, just like every other day.

~End of Flashback~

Jimin: Y/N???

Y/N: Oh ummm... yes?

Jimin: Are you okay? You keep zoning out.

I force a smile.

Y/N: I'm okay Oppa.

And with that, we drive off to school.

~Jimin's POV~

It was a quiet drive to school. Y/N didn't say a word the whole way there.

Hmmm. Something is wrong with her. And I have to figure it out.

~End of Jimin's POV~

Once we arrive to school (just in time), I quickly get out of car.

Y/N: Bye Oppa!

Jimin: Bye Y/N!

I make my way to my locker and grab the books I'll need for class.

As soon as I get them, I turn around to go to my fir-

Y/N: SHIT!!!!

Autumn: Boo! Hahaha!!


Autumn: Sorry hahaha.

This is Min Autumn, aka my best friend. I've known her since freshman year. She is the complete opposite of me. And I mean that. She is very loud, and very popular. Also wild at most times. She's the type of girl that's actually has a life. Ya know, like she goes to parties and clubs. She's also dating one of the most popular guys in school. Jeon Jungkook. They are the cutest couple ever. And I like Jungkook, but not in that way. In a friend way. He's not like most of the guys here. He doesn't play with girls and then breaks their hearts. He's a really nice guy. Like literally. He's probably the nicest guy at this school. Unless you mess with him or Autumn. Then he's the complete opposite of nice. I always tease them though. It's pretty funny. Plus it always puts a smile on their faces.

And speaking of the devil. Or angel... Whatever.

Jungkook comes up behind Autumn and wraps his arms around her waist, kissing her cheek, and then placing his head on her shoulder.

Jungkook: Hey Y/N.

Y/N: Hey Jungkook, could you do me a favor?

Jungkook: Sure, what's up?

Y/N: Could you two possibly get a room?

Jungkook: Oh Y/N, I would love nothing more.

He smirks and then sinks his face into Autumn's neck.

Autumn's face becomes bright red and her eyes widen as Jungkook whispers something in her ear.

Of course I couldn't here it. But by her face I'm kinda glad I didn't.

Y/N: Okay I'm going to class before clothes start flying off.

Autumn: Y/N!!!

Jungkook and I give each other a quick high five and I walk to class, smiling my ass off.

(5 minutes later)

Class has started and I turn around to look at Autumn's and Jungkook's desks.

And of course they weren't there.

That's means they actually... ew...

Teacher: Okay class, today we have a new student.

I look towards the door and a really attractive boy walks in.

Teacher: Please introduces yourself.

BamBam: Hello everyone. It's really nice to meet all of you. My name is BamBam. Please take care of me.

Teacher: Very good. Now if you will please go and take a seat by Y/N. Y/N, please raise your hand.

I do as the teacher says and the boy walks over and sits right beside me.

I look over and the boy was staring at me, smiling.

BamBam: Hello. It's very nice to meet you Y/N.

I smile back and tell him it was nice to meet him too.

~Time skip~

Me and BamBam became closer over the few hours.


Finally the bell rang. Now it's time for lunch.

I stood up and was about to walk out of the classroom when suddenly the teacher spoke to me.

Teacher: Y/N, could you show BamBam to the cafeteria please?

Y/N: Yes sir.

BamBam then followers me to the cafeteria.

BamBam: Hey Y/N...?

Y/N: Yes?

BamBam: Ummm.. Could I possibly sit with you?

Y/N: Of course you can!

He smiles at me and I do the same in return.

Once we get inside the cafeteria, I see Autumn sitting at the table alone, smiling at me... this bitch.

I walk over to her and sit in front of her, BamBam then sitting beside me.

Autumn: Hello my beautiful best friend~

Y/N: Where were you?

Autumn: ....The dance studio....


Autumn: Sorry hahaha


Autumn: Sooo Y/N... Who is this?

Y/N: Well you would know if you were in class today. His name is BamBam. He's a new student and I told him he could sit with the both of us.

Your probably wondering where her boyfriend is. Well he doesn't sit with us at lunch. He sits at his groups table. My brother also sits there. Why don't we sit with them? Because that's "their time".

Autumn: Y/N!!!

Y/N: What?

Autumn: Why do you keep zoning off?

Y/N: Oh haha.. sorry.

Autumn: So Y/N, what do you wanna do for your birthday?

BamBam: Is your birthday coming up?

Y/N: Yeah.. Tomorrow..

BamBam: Oh yes. We are definitely celebrating. Hmmm. What could we do on a Friday night?

It grew quite for a minute.

Then all of a sudden Autumn and BamBam both screamed.

Autumn and BamBam: CLUB!

Their eyes both widened in shock as they said the same thing.

Then the next thing you know...

Autumn and BamBam: HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Oh my gosh they are so loud. Literally everyone is staring at my table.

But that didn't stop them. They just kept on going.

Great. Another loud friend. This is gonna be something else.

It has literally been 5 minutes later and they're still laughing their asses off.

But the atmosphere has changed.

Everyone else just went back to talking to their friends and eating their food.

I look to my right and see Jungkook sending death glares towards BamBam.

And I mean if looks could kill... He'd be gone. Long gone.

Me and Jungkook make eye contact and I mouth.

Y/N: Don't do anything.

He then mouths back.

Jungkook: Fix it before I do.

I just nod my head and try to start a conversation.

Y/N: Hey guys.. I don't know about the whole club thing.

Well that shut them up.

Autumn: What? Yes. You have too. It will be so much fun.

BamBam: Yeah. She's right. Have you ever been to a club Y/N?

I look down in embarrassment.

Y/N: no...

BamBam then pulls me into a hug and my eyes widen.

BamBam: Awww. Our poor baby doesn't have a life.

Autumn: Come on Y/N. Please~~

How could I say no to that voice.

Y/N: Fine. But BamBam..?

BamBam: Yes?

Y/N: I can't... breathe...

BamBam: OH!

He then let's go of me.

BamBam: Sorry Y/N.

Y/N: It's okay.

I turn to look back at Jungkook to see if he was satisfied with my work, but I ended up seeing Jimin also giving BamBam death looks.

Damn. He must have seen the hug.

He looks at me and I just shake my head.

He then rolls his eyes and focuses back on his group.


The bell rings and we all go back to class.

I just wanna get this day over with.

~Time skip~

It's the end of the day and all I wanna do is go home and sleep.

I walk to the parking lot and see Jimin standing there waiting for me.

Y/N: Hey Oppa!

Jimin: Hey Y/N..

Something's wrong with him.

We get into his car, and drive home.

It's was just silence. And the awkward kind.

Y/N: Umm.. Jimin?

Jimin: Hmmm?

Y/N: Are you okay?

Jimin: Who was that guy that was all over you today at lunch?

I should have known.

Y/N: Oh that was BamBam. He just transferred in today.

Jimin: Well I don't like him being all over you.

Y/N: I'm literally turning 18 tomorrow.

Jimin: So? You'll always be younger than me. I'll always be your older brother. I don't care if you're 18 or 43. Boys are bad.

I couldn't help but to smile at his words.

Y/N: Okay.

As we reach our house, we both get out of the car.

I run to the other side of the car and hugged my brother.

At first he was surprised by my actions but hugged me back almost immediately.

Y/N: Thank you for always taking care of me Oppa. I love you so much.

He kisses the top of your head and says.

Jimin: Always princess. I love you more.

A few moments later, we let go of each other and start to walk into the house.

Jimin: Tomorrow's gonna be a long day Birthday girl.

I smile and nod my head.

I was about to walk up the stairs but Jimin's voice stops me.

Jimin: Umm.. Hey Y/N?

I turn my head and looked at him, waiting for him to continue.

Jimin: Do you have anymore chocolate left?

Y/N: In my room. Come on.

He just laughs and follows me up to my room.

~To Be Continued~
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