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harry potter characters x reader (one-shots)


Very spicy storys between you and some of the harry potter characters (fred,george,lupin,sirius,harry,luna and anyone else that yall message me about) if you guess want i can make some SMUT of other characters to just send me a message! I don't own any names used in the all go to jk rowling (even tho we dont like her🤣)

Fantasy / Romance
Age Rating:

✨🌶remus lupin🌶✨

❗️18+ content (SMUT)
Remus lupin/student story

Y/h- your house
Remus lupin
Mia lovemaking or Y/N
Being a sixth year y/h was hard I mean being a sixth year was just hard for anyone.

I had learn that we got a new defense against the dark arts teacher and was kinda excited (I really hoped that they were nice and didn’t give much homework)

For the first few days that he was a teacher at Hogwarts I did not have his class, I had potion and other class, then it came to the day that I would get to meet are new teacher!

I walked in looking for him, I wanted to see if he looked nice or mean because u can really sometimes tell how a person is just by if they have a mean mug (like snape) but I could not find anyone that looked new. Then I looked over to the book case there was a tall slim man standing there.

“Please everyone take your seats” the man said, “if you have not had my class yet nice to meet you”. The man turned around and I was shocked by how... handsome he was he had the most vibrant green eyes I have ever seen, the second I looked at him we mad eye contact.

I didn’t know what to do so I just looked always. “My name is professor lupin and today we will learn about...”

Lupin started talking about whatever we were learning about I don’t remember because the hole time I was zoned out looking at him and taking in how handsome this dude was, he told us to flip to some page in are book and I was not paying attention to notice what page he said.

I was trying to look over at my friends Emma’s book to see what page she was on and I head a hand being placed on my desk “miss..” lovemaking I replied looking up into lupins eyes (tbh I was scared I had never gotten in trouble so I didn’t know how to respond)
“Miss lovemaking would you like to tell me what page we are supposed to be on” I was terrified but I was great full that he was saying all this were only I could hear it (unlike snape dose that man only yells)

Umm sir I am sorry but I have no idea, I said this to him with my hands shaking.

Lupin looked down and my snaking hand and placed his hand over mine (let me tell you this mans hand was like 14 times bigger then my hand and it was kinda... HOT.. but anyways) “why are u shaking?“,I don’t know I answered, “well will you stay after class today”

I looked up surprised because I had never had at teacher ask me to stay after class, I looked down at my book and said yes and he took his wand out and said a spell quite, my book opened and flips to a page, lupin pointed to a paragraph “start reading there” then he walked away.

At the end of class all the kids started filling out of lupins class room, I stayed at my desks until everyone was out of the room. I got up and walked over to lupins desk. Why did you want me to stay after class sir? Lupins head shot up from his book, “oh I just wanted to ask you why you were not paying attention in class, well what was distracting you?”

The secondhand said that I know my hole face went red, Umm well (oh fuck I guess I better get this over with)
Well you are a very attractive man and I was just taking in how fucking hot you are. (Omg I did not just say that out loud) “you think I’m hot” lupin said and he got up out of his chair coming to step closer to me making my ass hit his desk.

I mean yeah I guess, (I need to shut the fuck up) “well miss lovemaking dose this make u uncomfortable” and he said the he grabbed my lower back and pulled me closer to him making my the lover part of my body touch his.

No sir it doesn’t, I think it’s hot. The second I said that lupins lips crashed into mine. His lips were soft and smooth, he was a good kisser, lupin pulled away for a second and looked at me and asked if I want to go any further, I gave him a nod and he picked me up and sent me on his desk.

He slowly went down to the ground sliding his hands up my skirt and pulling my panties down
“Your so wet for me” he said as he slipped one finger in a soft mon left mouth as he started pumping faster into me, as I was starting to reach my climax he started to pump faster and faster as he did this he slowly slipped a second finger in.

I reached down and grabbed his hair working on it slightly “can you come for me”, as he said this I reached my climax and released.

Lupin pulled his fingers out and stuck them in his mouth sucking on them then sticking his head in between my legs and licking up anything that was left. “You taste so yummy” lupin said as he came back up from between my legs.

Lupin I have a class to go to, I told him. “Do you really need to go, what class is it? It potions and I don’t want snape yelling at me for the next 2 years. Lupin gave me my panties back and put them on

On my way out lupin yelled “hey” so I turn around he give me a kiss and said “same time tomorrow?” I nodded “same time tomorrow” then I gave him a kiss and went to my potions class.



Credit~ my story

Word count 1053

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