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harry potter characters x reader (one-shots)


18+ content (SMUT)

this one is about you and george!!

Y/N~ your name
Kate lover
George Weasley
Me and George had been dating for 3 months and this was the day that we were going to get down and dirty.

After all are classes we went back to my dorm and George thought we were going to do some “school work”

We walked into my dorm and while George was laying out are papers I went to the bathroom and changed into some sexy lingerie.

I came out a George looked up at me. “It’s not my birthday why are you wearing that” George said to me looking me up and down.

“I thought you and me could have some fun tonight if u want” as I said this George stood up and ran over to me picking me up off the ground and spinning me in a circle.

“I would love to but only if you really want to, I don’t want to pressure you to do anything” George said this as he placed me on the bed. “George I love you and I wouldn’t want anything more then you right now, right here.”

George glanced at me and slid me to the edge of the bed. “Your sure you want to?” George looked up at me and asked once again just to make sure I was still fine with it. I nodded at him

George slowly slide my panties over to the side and started rubbing my core. As he did this he slide two fingers in me and started slowly going in and out of me.

He found my g spot and started doing the *come here* motion.

As he did both of these at the same time it made me reach my peak really fast. “Come all over my hand baby” as George said this you released all over his hand.

George pulled his fingers out and stuck them in his mouth “You taste so good.”

“GEORGE” I said as my face turned red. “What I’m only telling the truth.” George said as I sat up to kiss him.

George roled over on the bed, i ran my hands down his stomach and stopped at his pants. He looked me in the eyes as i unbuttoned his pants taking them off. He removed his boxer and pulled off my underwear.

“Are you positive that you still want to do this?” George asked. He didn’t want to hurt me. i nodded.

“Just go slow Georgie i have never done this?” i asked. He slowly lined himself up with my entrance and pushed himself in. Pain was the only thing i could feel but i managed to hold myself together for a bit. When he was all the way inside i let out a small breath “Could you stay here for a moment” He waited until i gave him a node and then he started thrusting. After A couple of thrust i developed a sort of rhythm and the pain started to go away slowly, the pain was slowly turning into a great felling . George was moaning louder and louder as i watched his eyebrows scrunch together. I thouht it was funny that he was making faces but he looked so god damn hot right now.

george had sweat dripping down his forehead. i had my hands on his back with my nails running up and down. every time he would thrust i would dig my nails into his back a little

“fuck i dont think that im going to lat very long” he confessed and i kissed his neck. He gave a deep thrust and moaned in my ear, his mouth slightly open and his eyes closed shut. He slowly pulled out and looked at me a little embarrassed. “I’m sorry I finished so quickly” he blushed “I’ve just been wanting that for a long while”

“Thats okay we can practice more sometime if you want .”

george nodded his head up and down “I would make love to you ever night if i would and if you wanted to” george said as he kissed my forehead. he rolled over and cuddled up next to me “i love you kate”

“i love you to george”



(ok so i just read this again and it kind sounds like another story read. im trying not to copy anyone or even have nything close to any ones work so if this is simulare to anyones i will probly jut rewrite it <3)


Word count 790

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