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Hiraeth (Dabi x Reader Fanfic)


Hiraeth A Welsh word meaning a homesickness for a home to which you cannot return; a home which maybe never was. Nostalgia, yearning, and grief, for the lost places of your past or a sense of home. Y/N a girl who's only known tragedy since birth meets Dabi. The two get to know one another and begin to truly understand what it means to be loved. Might have a bit spicy scene's sorry not sorry Takes Place in a college setting (no quirks) First Book please don't judge too harshly and sorry for any mistakes (I am a student so I need to time to get a schedule in place) NOTICE: I do not own the characters

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Author's Note;

Hey so this is my first fanfic so please don't judge to harshly. I am a student so I don't know yet when I will update. And I am so sorry if I mess up on any spelling I will try my best to proofread and ya'll be freaky in them comment sections. I see you, because honestly same just don't be too harsh with any constructive criticism please thank you :) !

Story Details:This is a Y/N story, and this will not be a story with quirks because I felt that would be a little too complicated for my first story. The story will take place in a college setting, Y/N will be a music major. And you have two best friends whose names are Ash (Ironic I know but it was an accident, lmfao ya get it ash and Dabi's quirk in the anime is flames...i'll just shut up now) and Alisa (Ah-lee-sa, sorry if it sounds confusing) that's how her names sounds. I haven't really planned how long this story will be yet but yeah. And i'm open to any suggestions! Also i'm not sure if there will be any spicy scenes yet i'll just wait to see where it goes though I already do have an idea of how I want this story to go.

Character Description;

Ash; Silver hair, brown eyes, confident, friendly, also a music major, smart, gay, can handle his drinks, loves parties, and I feel like he has crackhead energy lmfao

Alisa; Brown hair with blonde highlights in her hair, green eyes, shy, bisexual, also a music major, loves animals, and she's kinda the mom out of the trio sometimes though she be crazy one though get her drunk enough and Hammered Alisa comes out

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