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Mortal & the Enchanted Empire


Prologue Rae was born in the wee hours of morning, when dawn was just about to set in. In a maternity house surrounded by small settlements. As many as fifteen infants were born on the fitful day on a cold winter in February just before the spring could set in. She came into the world beaming, where as all the others arrived crying their hearts out. She was born to a scarlet women with a colourful history. She had a hard life but that did not dampened her spirits. One day her life takes a impulsive twist and things start changing from there,as she enters the sea .She trudges towards the sea, as she is fully submerged under the water ,she see’s bubbles coming out of her ears and her eyes are not burning because of the salty water. She can effortlessly see the marine life as she moves deeper through the ocean bed,she reaches an opening of a cave which is the entrance to the enchanted Empire. On her arrival on the other side of the cave she meets Neil and his friends. She has a very close encounter with a mermaids and merman prince who is enthralled and captivated by her alluring beauty. Her journey begins into this world exploring and bewitching every moment. Will she find the life she desired and meet the love of her dreams. You would want to tread along with her to enjoy her expedition through the enchanting world of mermaids and merman ,fairies and faes, dwarfs, goblins.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 1 Rae's reaches the oceanic world

Chapter 1
“..Rae.. stop running” , Peter called out to her, as she passed him. After getting trashed by her mother for the emptienth time for no fault of hers ,Rae ran out from her house towards the sea. In a haze oblivious to her surroundings ,as she reaches the part where the sand joins the sea water. She walks as her feet carry her into the sea , as wave after wave comes crashing towards her. She loses her foot hold many a times as she moves into deep waters , but that does not deter her resolve of moving further into the sea. Peter jumps into the water after her desperately trying to get hold on her , but high tide is set in and the waves current is strong , which is drifting him towards the shore crashing along with it. After some time he is exhausted and passes out on the sand after been thrown out of the water, due to exertion.
Rae keeps moving, suddenly carried down to the ocean bed. She trudges towards the sea, as she is fully submerged under the water ,she see’s bubbles coming out of her ears and her eyes are not burning because of the salty water. She can effortlessly see the marine life as she moves deeper through the ocean bed,she reaches an opening of a cave which is hidden by sea weed and rocks , unaware that it is the entrance to the enchanted Empire. Her sight has adjusted to the sea water ,she can see the big dolphins that pass by her and try a flip over her head . She is mesmerized by the enchanting view of the ocean bed. There were big and small mountains and some had steam coming out through their aperture. There were deep trenches and steeper cliffs moving into deep Abyss’s giving it a dramatic effect. As she keeps moving deeper into the enchanted sea world, the coral forest had disappeared behind her and the sun’s ray’s had stopped penetrating till the depth of the ocean floor. She is now surrounded by darkness and myraids of different varieties of sea creatures . While moving towards a riff she spots some fish that are half humans. Curiosity takes hold of her and she keeps moving closer towards them, as they come into her view she hides behind a large rock keeping an eye on their activities. Their upper body above the waist is human, whereas their lower part has integrated into a fish tail. They were playing with a bubble ball. She was captivated by their play as they kept moving with ease in the water while chasing the bubble ball. Keeping her gaze fixed, she kept proceeding towards them navigating from one rock to another concealing herself so she could eavesdrop on their conversation. As she got closer to where they were laughing and playing, she was mesmerized and fascinated ,the males looked adonis of the sea .They had dark brunette hair that reached till their shoulder and sapphire eyes. The females looked like goddesses of the sea with long curly red locks and coffee coloured orbs.She drew closer listening to their conversation and trying to understand what they are saying, but alas they were speaking in some foreign language , which she was unable to comprehend .Her brows were drawn together adorning a confused look ,as the bubble ball suddenly lands right in front of the rock behind which she had sheilded her existence from them. All of a sudden she is suprised by the unpredictable movement around her and instantaneously she is surrounded by the half human creatures. On seeing her they forget about their bubble ball game and are intrigued by the human standing in front of them. As they start approaching her, she starts feeling nervousness creeping into her body and in panick moves backwards till her back is pressed against the hard exterior of the rock , that has sharp edges and rough surface which is piercing her soft satin like skin. The creature’s could sense her dilemma on being surrounded by them,so one of them with the sapphire eyes watchfully swims closer to her. She is astounded by his Greek god like looks and is unable to tear her eyes away, the other three also cautiously move closer to where she is standing.As they get closer she notices that they all are unclothed and their torsoe is bare except for the females. The females bust is covered with sea shells attached to a glittering cloth that matches their tail .Out of four of them , two are female’s where as two are males . They are so comfortable in their skin that they are unabashed by their nudity. As their gaze meet she can feel her ears and cheeks turning beet red embellishing with a blush. The first merman that had captivated her vision slowly starts approaching her. When he reaches closer to her and raises his hand towards her cheek she flinch’s and moves her face away from his reach. He just keeps looking at her and understanding her skittish nerves giving a reassuring smile starts carassing her cheek with his knuckles and through his touch their minds were linked. He was able to speak with her as the link translated the foreign language they were speaking removing the communication barrier between them. He was intently staring at her as he asked for her name . She hesitantly answered “Rae “. His gaze travelled all over her body before it settled on her legs. He was astonished,” You look like a human but you can breathe and see like us under water from where have you come “ he asked. With out wavering her eyes she whispered “ I walked from the beach towards the ocean crossing the waves ,I was actually trying to drown myself”. “ He felt as if he has come across a evolutionalized species formed by the fusion of two worlds, human and oceanic .”You are exceptional pretty and your beauty is alluring,”he stated stupified by it. He did not understand why she wanted to drown her self . His eyes softened feeling her nervousness through the link. “You don’t need to be scared of us ,we will not cause any harm to you” he said grinning at her. On hearing him ,her face lights up with a beaming smile an understanding dawn’s into her internally. “My name is Neil and these all are my friends, Megan, Tray , Sil” he introduces his friends to her . Megan is my first cousin ,who lives in the palace along with me, we have grown together from the time of our birth ,and our birth dates fall in the same month. Tray is my best friend, we have been together for a very long time and he is also the 1st in command and leads the elite commandos’ troops. From today we all are now your friends ,you do not need to panic. She slowly turns to the other three who have by now drawn near her. They are gapping at her , taking in her charcoal black hair in contrast to their brunette and red hair, her green coloured eyes looking in pairs of sapphire and coffee coloured orbs. Her skin is pale like them just more sun kissed. Neil is now holding her hand and beckons her to follow him. She slowly starts swimming along with them under water, with their fish tails they are faster than her, but when they see her struggling to catch up with them , they reduce their speed. They touch her and mind link whenever they want to communicate with her. Together they starts going down the riffs and touching the passing fishes , coming across a lone crab hiding under the rock. It is thrilling experience to see their world through her eyes as they keep observing her changing expressions. Neil holds on to her waist and b move towards the surface and flips her dolphin style up above the water and dives back into the depth of the sea. It is a euphoric moment for her, something she is experiencing first time in her life and it is also quite liberating. “ Did you enjoy it” he asks.She gives him a heart warming smile , asking him to go for another flip and dive. Seeing her enthusiasm, Neil carries out many more flips and dives holding on to her. As the day goes by, they go for their final flip before the sunset as exhaustion is now creeping into her bones. The rest of them keep company flipping along their sides, from far anyone would think they are spinner dolphins swimming in water. As the exciting day is coming to an end ,Neil and his friends are in a new predicament as to how they were going to expose Rae to the oceanic world of theirs as she looks more like human. Neil being the prince of the oceanic world ,knew the rules of his world should be strictly abided by and no human has ever stepped into their world. But Rae was unlike any human he had come across she was an angel with innocence and he felt a strange urge of protecting her. So between them selves they device a plan to sneak Rae quietly through the palace gates by passing the guards to Neil’chamber . Neil was going to keep her identity hidden and safe till the time he could device a scheme to introduce Rae to the his world with out revealing too much information.
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