FNaF and Fangames Oneshot Book 1


Since Wattpad made the very poor decision of removing all the nsfw stories in an attempt to make a 17+ app ‘child friendly’ A follower of mines recommended me this app. This is book number 2 on my wattpad, but book 1 here. So I’m only adding book 2’s chapters and onward

Kakashi’s Wife
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Chester x Candy

Chester POV

"Suck on my fingers." I command to Candy, he's underneath me, laying on his back. He has an erection showing, he's sexually frustrated with me. I've been teasing him all day, I won't let him cum.

"Fuck me first." He replied, crawling on his hands and knees towards my covered dick. I was wearing a police outfit, with short sleeves and a black belt. I didn't wanna wear the hat, it was really hot, and I wasn't planning on wearing the socks and shoes.

I picked Candy up, chuckling seductively, I started to roughly kiss him, since he loved when I was rough with him, if I even dared to be soft, cause Candy is smaller than me, he'd bite me with his fangs, or he wouldn't try to dominate me during BDSM where I'm the bottom and he's the top. He never fucks me during BDSM, his size is smaller, that's mainly why and I'm really heavy on him. So he edges me, uses sex toys on me, never sex.

Candy was still wearing the light blue panties I picked out for him, the front, where a clit would be had a tiny wet spot, meaning Candy came on himself a tiny bit. I hate when he wastes cum like that, he knows I hate it so he tries to do it anyways.

"Get dressed." I told him "We'll finish this up somewhere fun, I hate doing it here, the neighbors are loud, those annoying brats next door, and plus, we have to make a video~."

"A video~?" He purred, his tail wiggling

I put on the black tie that goes along with the outfit, after buttoning up my shirt of course. I made Candy give me back the belt, god he loves this belt. When it's not used on his butt, or his upper body, he bites on it because sometimes I might go a bit too rough on him.

"Daddy~ Im ready~." Candy called.

"Well, I'll be there in a minute! Call the Uber, please."

"Where's your phone at!?"

"On the dresser charging!"

In the Uber, Candy and I were sitting on opposite ends, Candy kept trying to crawl onto me giving me kisses, trying to take my belt off, and thank god no one questioned the Police Uniform. Maybe they thought we were heading to some party of some sorts, nether the less, Candy laid down on the seat, pulling his legs on my lap, god, he really was in for it now.

"What's wrong? Daddy~?" He purred at me.

"Nothing." I replied clearing my throat, my excitement came quicker then expected. I shifted my legs in the seat, the taxi driver looked at us in the rearview mirror. I remembered that I left the vibrating dildo inside Candy, and the remote was in my left front pocket.

I slowly slid my hand inside my pants, Candy looked at me sorta confused. I pulled the remote out, waving it in my hand, smirking.

"Give it to me!" Candy whisper yelled

"No~." I sang

Candy pouted, like the spoiled brat he is. He's so lucky he has me, to spoil him, even when he's in his bitchy gay mood.

I clicked on the remote 3 times, setting it to level 3... out of 5 that is. Candy held in his moan. He started to hump the chair, like we was riding me. He stuck his fingers in his mouth, sucking on them.

"Don't." I commanded, gripping his arm tightly. "You'll get caught."

Candy moaned softly, and looked at me. The driver cleared his throat, did he see it? Hopefully not.

"That'll be $20.28 boys." Candy started to take his wallet out, and I stopped him

"It's okay, I got this." I gave the man the correct change, and Candy gave me a sloppy kiss on the lips once we got the cab.

Once inside the hotel, I told Candy to sit down and wait for me, he nodded giving me another sloppy kiss as I went to the front desk. I pulled the remote out, and held it under the desk, my right hand circling around the + button.

"Hello sir, what can I do for you today? My name is Mitch"

I smiled at Mitch, I pressed the + button twice, now setting the dial on 5, the highest setting it could go to. "Can I get a room? Closer to the top for preference."

"Sure! Will the 4th work out?"

"Yes, it will."

"Alright, how many of you will be staying?"

I turned around, waving at Candy who was struggling in the seat I made him sit next to, it was by the entrance door as well, infront of 2 security guards, "2." I finally replied, stiffing a laugh.

I turned around after getting the key card, Candy was bitting his lip, he snatched the key card, grabbing my hand taking me to the elevator.

"You're dead." He told me briefly

"We'll see about that~." I chuckled lightly.

On the elevator, Candy pushed me to the wall, wrapping his arms around my sides. I leaned down, because of our height gap (I'm 6'2, Candy is 5'5) He slid his tongue in, he was ready for me.

The elevator button dinged, Candy broke free of the kiss, I licked my lips, still in a trance. Candy made a follow me movement with his finger, making me grow once again.

I followed Candy with the camera, already filming it so I could sell this to Blank, her creepy ass loves watching men fuck.

"Daddy~." He cooed, giving me a strip tease of his butt

"Come here." I ordered, but he ignored me. "Don't make me use my taser, or the handcuffs." Candy giggled running up the hallway making me chase after him.

"You're such a brat." I said grabbing him from behind.

"But I'm your brat~ Yours and yours only~"

I unlocked the door, Candy ran in and jumped on the bed. He kicked his socks and shoes off, laying on his back with his hoodie unzipped showing his soft chest and his pants slightly pulled down.

"I'm all yours~." He mouthed to me.

I put our bags and stuff on the floor near the door. I unbuttoned my shirt, and took the belt off. My shoes were by the door, and I slowly crept closer to Candy, he was giggling like a school girl.

"You're been very naughty to daddy the whole way here, I think you need a spanking or two~." We made out again. Candy laid on his stomach shaking his butt infront of me. I left the belt behind me, so Candy doesn't get any ideas.

I pulled down Candy's skinny jeans a bit, I grabbed the belt from him, and he knew where this was going. I was striking fear into his eyes. He watched the belt trace the sorta red marks that were showing.

"What do you want?" I whispered, etching myself closer to his soft lips. Giving them a gentle kiss, not going too far with a simple tease.

"Y-You..." he muttered, letting a purr escape his lips.

"What was that? Speak louder for me."

"You!" He shouted arching his back ready to come. His purring grew louder with each second I teased him. Where it was me slapping my cock against his wet lubbed up hole or it being me sticking a finger in, but not going deep.

"Put it in!” He begged

"Your wish is my command." I stood Candy up against the mirror, his finger prints started to stain the glass. His dick was pressed up against the mirror, he shivered at how cold it was.

"Beg for it, Beg for my cock." I whispered teasing him by slapping it against his butt some more. I would put it in, only to take it back out.

Candy grinned his body against mines, no more teasing, no more dirty talk. It was time for me to fuck him, until he couldn’t walk.

"Please daddy, fuck me with your cock! I want it, I really want your cock! It's so big and juicy and all mines!" Candy grabbed my dick, and lined it up so I could enter with a thrust, I teased him a few more times and finally put it in.

I started to slowly fuck him, which pissed him off. Candy was looking at himself in the mirror, which maybe turned him on a bit more.

"I want you to doggie style fuck me. Panting against this mirror, or lay me down on the bed and we can do it like that panting"

"You ordering daddy around? Don't make me use the belt on you~.”

"I want to feel it inside me!” I Candy was on his knees, my dick in his hand. I was backing away, teasing him Everytime he tried to suck on me.

"Beg for it." I told him "Beg like you never begged before, and then you may receive your prize."

I pulled on the Cat collar, something kinky we got at the store last week. Luckily I remembered to take it with us. Candy followed me, back to the bed and off the floor. I sat on the bed, spreading my legs. I jerked off a bit, making Candy watch, wishing he was the one doing it.

"You want it, don't you~?" A purr escaped my throat, Candy kissed my left abs, going down my chest to my V-Line. "Yes Daddy~." I let him have it, he started to slurp on my dick, from the base to the tip. Of course, he gagged a few times, but I didn't mind it. I make Candy practice at home, on dildo's mainly.

"Faster." I moaned, thrusting inside his mouth.

Candy sped up, he was so obedient. He choked on saliva a few times, "Should we stop?" I asked "No, I want daddy's milk." Candy smiled at me, I put my fingers in his mouth, he bit on me a little bit, but it didn't hurt.

"Beg for my cum." I told him

"Please Daddy, Cum in my mouth." Candy moaned while sucking.

"Louder, I can't hear you." I shouted, my balls were slapping Candy in the face, it was kinda funny.

"CUM IN MY MOUTH, FILL IT WITH YOUR WARM JUICY MILK!!!" Candy bit down, hard on the mushroom head. I shrieked in pain as I ejaculated cum down his throat.

Candy pushed my dick out his mouth, licking his lips swallowing. Cum and Saliva were still coated around the tip, so Candy took care of that. I cut the camera off, that's enough for today-Well night?

"Want me to run you a bath?" I asked

"No, a shower would be good."

"Well, I'm gonna join you, we have dinner reservations anyways."

"Where are we going?"

"It's a surprise Hon."

Candy pouted, god he was going to be the death of me one day.

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