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"Do you hate me, kacchan?" Bakudeku fanfic


Bakugou had been Izuku's friend all the way up to kindergarten where it had been revealed that Izuku was quirkless. Breaking his promise, he started to bully him, physically and mentally. But does that mean he hates him? The question had been lingering in Izuku's mind, and he'll ask him. "Do you hate me, Kacchan?"

Romance / Drama
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"Wow, Kacchan, your quirk is so cool!"

"I know it is, izuku."

"Kacchan, will you be my friend, even when I'm quirkless?"

"Of course, izuku! I'll be your friend forever! I promise!"

"I'm sorry, your son is quirkless"


Little Izuku sat in the corner of his classroom in disappointment. Not in himself, but in his friend. "He promised..." He mumbled, over and over again. A shadow covered his face as he cried. "Hey, stop, Deku!" Katsuki spit out, disturbing the class. "Now, now, Katsuki. He's quirkless. Don't talk to him." The teacher responded, not showing any signs of wanting to comfort the poor broccoli. He didn't mind, though. He was used to this treatment, even though he had only been diagnosed as "quirkless" just yesterday.


"Play time!" The children yelled in conjunction, except for Izuku, who didn't move an inch after the children rushed outside. The only people left in the classroom were him and silence. Him and his tears. Him and his disappointment. But he didn't know someone else was there, staring at him in pity. “Hey,” The voice said behind him. It sounded like a little girl, trying to apologize. “I’m really sorry about them...” She confessed, not daring to make eye contact - Not that she could; He was facing the corner which shadowed his face. After a few seconds of awkward silence, Izuku finally noticed her presence, and turned around, almost cautious. "I-im so sorry!" He yelled in embarrassment. The little girl laughed at his expression. "She's cute..." He mumbled. And a wave of blush engulfed his face "What am I thinking?!" She soon calmed down, and held his hand, getting into the pity face again. "I'm so sorry about him," She apologized on behalf of, he assumed, Katsuki. "It's alright...Kacchan is kacchan." He said. but he knew it wasn't the truth. Kacchan had changed, and he wasn't the friendly but stubborn child any more. He was a bully. He was someone izuku wasn't friends with. He was someone who broke promises. "Anyway, Wanna go down to play together..." The little girl suggested, realizing she didn't know his name yet. "Izuku. And sure!"

Katsuki sat alone on the bench, watching his "friends" as they played tag. He wasn't used to being so alone, but then again, he would prefer to be this way. Only he had never been so alone. There was always someone by him, and he was comfortable with that "someone". Izuku. Izuku was always by his side and always have him attention. But now he's alone, with no one by his side but himself. He wasn't used to being so gloomy. Like he missed someone. He always wanted everyone to go away, but the truth was that he wanted to be the middle of attention. He wanted everyone to acknowledge him for his quirk, and they did. But if he was friends with "Deku", he would sacrifice his fame. And so he chose Fame over Izuku. He never knew how much it would affect him. But he wasn't going to take his words back. The nickname itself suggest Izuku's useless to him. But is he really? Katsuki sat there, wondering if what he did was right for him. He might be "famous" now, but he felt incomplete. Like an important part of his life was gone from his soul. But he went right back to "himself" when a child accidentally threw a rock at him. "Oi! What're you doing?!"

Hey there! So this chapter Is a bit longer than what I'm used to, so there are probably gonna be spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes in here that I'm too lazy to correct. This is also a really bad chapter, so I'll try to make the next one better. If you could tell me where it was wrong, I would appreciate that. Anyway, I'm planning on making another chapter titled "Middle school" and then I'll make the chapters normal again. DW, bakudeku is gonna pop up soon!

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