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"Do you hate me, kacchan?" Bakudeku fanfic

Middle school

"Quirk less!"

They yelled, insulting him as he walked by. Izuku looked down in shame, as if it was his fault for being such a "Deku". Today was nothing new, though. He would get bullied, called names, and insulted. Today was just like the rest of the year. But it was different. Today was the last day of hell - Or as you call it, school. He smiled, just slightly at the thought of being free, with his mom to accompany him. But just like anytime, his happiness gets disrupted, as if the world wants him to suffer. "Oi! Deku!"

{Swearing ahead}

"Y-yes kacchan?" Izuku responded as he shivered in fear. His pupils shrunk and his body shaked at the sound of Katsuki's voice. Just looking him in the eye would be a nightmare. "The fuck you smiling bout?!" Bakugou yelled, as if it was a crime for Izuku to smile. He held his arm vigorously and pulled him back, turning him around to face the blood-eyes Pomeranian. Izuku trembled in worry, and his eyes trailed away from Kacchan's face. "Oh! Well I was just about to buy new all might merch after school-!" Izuku said in panic, only to have Katsuki hold his arm harder. Izuku winced in pain, but didn't dare to move his mouth. "Oh, I see, you're buying hero merch cause you'll never be one," Bakugou teased, smiling as deku looked down in shame. But he wasn't done. "But even with all that merch, you'll never be a hero, nor will your 'dreams' come true, so you should just shut the fuck up and die!" Izuku's eyes widened as he fought back tears, because he knew it would Only cause him more pain. He nod his head quietly, and walked away as Bakugou let go of his arm.

Class was quiet, with no disruptions. Everyone was calm, except for our angry pomeranian. He was blinded with anger and disobedience, being the only person to misbehave. But even the teacher didn't scold him, because his power was beyond theirs. He was the most powerful being in his school, and he believed he was the most powerful in the world. He was arrogant, selfish, smug, and cocky. But most of all alone, like he always is. And bored in the class. Everyone was chill, and no one interacted with him, giving him no reason to make fun of anyone. He could only make fun of deku with the excuse of him being Quirk less, but deku wasn't there. No one was there for him. He was always alone, and maybe that's why he wanted people to acknowledge him. For someone to understand him. But no one could. All he was to people was an obnoxious child with anger issues. These thoughts covered him until he had enough. He stormed out of the classroom with unoticable tears in his eyes and a confused heart.

Oh wow- that ending was horrid. I kinda wanted to explain baku's feelings a bit more here, and I hope a did a good job. Any punctuation, grammar, or spelling mistakes can be reported and I'll fix them straight away. Thank you for reading!
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