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Gray sighed and collapsed on the bed of the first inn they had found. They had travelled all day to finally reach the town of their newest client. The job request had been quite vague on what they were needed for and all they really knew was that it required ice and water magic.
Both Juvia and Gray agreed to try get some sleep before looking for somewhere they could get a decent meal. After several minutes of counting sheep, Gray figured there was no way he could possibly get to sleep before Juvia started knocking on his door. That girl had an incredible body clock that could wake her up every hour on the dot if she wanted to. Gray doubted she had ever overslept in her life. Every time they had to get up early for a mission she always had to drag him out of bed. Determined to be the first ready for once, he pulled himself up and decided to keep himself busy.
Gray had a secret hobby that he never talked to anyone about. He liked to use his ice make magic to sculpt and he was quite good at it though he’d never admit that to anyone. It would only ruin his reputation and Natsu would never let him live it down. His cover was almost blown when Erza broke down his door with a new job request and nearly destroyed his ice model of the fairy tail guild. Fortunately, after giving Gray a very painful hug and praising him for his work, she agreed to keep his secret even though it was clear that she was dying to tell someone.
He started off with some simple objects like the Fairy Guild mark but as his thoughts began to wander the ice started to form the image that has taken permanent vacancy in his mind. The sculpture grew and its details quickly became more defined like it had a life of its own. Gray looked into the smooth face staring back at him. Its hair flowed like a river half way down its back and the smile on its face could melt any heart. It still scared Gray how often his sculptures would morph into this face that he couldn’t get out of his head. “Maybe I should try distance myself a little more?” He wondered to himself, terrified of what these growing feelings could mean.
“Gray are you up?” Juvia called from the other side of the door with a knock. Gray jumped and the beautiful sculpture shattered. The model that inspired so many of his masterpieces ran into the room and stood in the remnants of the art that wore her face just moments before.
“Are you okay? What happened? I heard something shatter,” Juvia questioned, searching Gray for any injuries and frowning at the mess on the floor.
“I’m fine. I was just practicing a new ice make spell. C’mon lets get some food I’m starving,” Gray babbled quickly, grabbing Juvias arm and leading her out the door hoping she didn’t notice how red his cheeks had become.

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