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Wendy jogged into the guild hall, with her exceed friend in toll, glad to find some warmth. Before they were even two feet in the door Happy approached them with a fresh fish to present to Charle as usual. Wendy giggled at their exchange. After being rudely rejected Happy led them to a table at the back of the hall were their friends were taking refuge beside the fire.
“Wendy you look frozen, come sit by the fire that Natsu lit. How did the job go?” Lucy asked the young dragon slayer.
“The client said Wendy did an excellent job. Her magic abilities really are improving.” Charle boasted proudly.
“That’s wonderful Wendy,” Juvia praised.
Wendy blushed, “But the best thing was that I heard rumours that its meant to snow soon.”
“Oh do you like snow Wendy?”
“Gray your clothes,” everyone sighed at once while Juvia fanned herself.
“God dammit, where’d my shirt go?”
Mirajane arrived with their drinks and a spare shirt for Gray.
“You heard its supposed to snow soon?” Mirajane asked as she passed around the glasses.
“Yes while I was on a job in small village in the mountains I heard that it should snow next week.” Wendy babbled quickly in excitement.
“Oh sweetie I don’t think you should get your hopes up too much. It snows a lot more in the mountains than in Magnolia and if it was going to snow here then it would’ve already. Sorry Wendy,” Mirajane said apologetically with her hand on her shoulder.
“It’s okay. Thanks for letting me know Mira,” the little blunette gave a weak smile and the kind barmaid gave her shoulder one last empathetic pat before leaving.
The group of friends grew quiet until Juvia broke the ice and asked, “Why were you so excited about the possibility of snow?”
“I really wanted to play in the snow with everyone,” Wendy blushed, “Growing up in Cait Shelter it very rarely snowed and when it did there wasn’t even enough to make a snowman. I’ve always wanted to have a snowball fight and make snow angels but everyone told me they were too busy to play with me or that it was too dangerous to run on the ice,” tears began to well up in Wendys eyes and Charle rested her paw on her leg in an attempt to comfort her friend.
“Well don’t worry Wendy next time it snows we promised to all play with you okay?” Natsu swore and everyone agreed.
“I look forward to it,” Wendy smiled, wiping away a tear and got up to leave with Charle close to her heels.
The group watched her walk away and felt their teammates sadness.
“Poor Wendy she was really looking forward to it,” Lucy sighed.
“Wait I think I have an idea,” Juvia grinned and whispered into Grays ear.
“I’m in,” Gray smirked and the pair shared the plan with the rest of the group.

“C’mon, c’mon,” Juvia giggled dragging a kidnapped Wendy along the path.
“Where are you bringing me?” Her captive laughed.
“You’ll see when we get there,” Gray smirked.
“You two are acting very suspicious,” Charle muttered with her hands on her hips.
“It’ll be worth it I promise you’ll love it,” Juvia skipped in excitement.
As they rounded a corner the sound of laughter grew louder and Juvia started to shake in excitement. A small area of the park was pure white. Fairy tail members were running around in the small winter wonderland.
“We should’ve known they wouldn’t be able to wait for us to start the fun,” Juvia smiled.
“How? I thought it wasn’t meant to snow?” Wendy stammered in amazement.
“Ice magic remember?” Gray smirked forming a snowball in his hand and handing it to Wendy, “You’re gonna need this,” he winked.
“But why?” Wendy’s eyes filled with tears of joy.
“We promised to play with you when it snowed, we just made it happen sooner,” Juvia hugged her.
A snowball fell out of the sky and landed on Wendy’s head.
“C’mon what are you waiting for? We did all this for you after all,” Romeo called.
Wendy looked down at the snowball that Gray had placed in her hand and gave it a half hearted throw. It hit its target and Romeo began preparing for a counter attack.
“Told you that snowball would come in handy,” Gray laughed, “now go on and enjoy yourself.”
Wendy gave Juvia and Gray a quick hug and ran into the battle.
“She’s so happy. Thank you for doing this,” Charle said before joining Wendy and Romeo in their attack on Natsu, Lucy and Happy.
“I’m really glad you thought of this Juvia,” Gray smiled down at the blunette at his side.
“We really do make a good team dont we?” Juvia linked Grays arm and they watched over their family’s fun together like proud parents.

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